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Make no mistake. The mark of the beast is manifesting itself through this corona virus, but the mark is not what the mad people and the conspiracy theorist’s say it is. Understand that the the virus itself is not the mark of the beast. Also understand that this article is not suggesting that the mark is something that is to come, or will come upon us all of the sudden. The beast’s mark is something that has always been, but in these last days and in the days to come, it will be a tool the enemy uses much more often. The Revelation verses in chapter 13 are not referencing the thing that has always been, but it’s specific use during the time of the return of The King of kings.

Do not find yourself being fooled. It is IRL, but the mark itself is not a mark in one’s flesh, a computer chip, a bracelet, a tattoo of a white rabbit or any other such thing. If the mark is not something for us humans to see with our fleshly eyes, why is it called a mark? What is it’s purpose? The answer is this: the Word is good for reproof, it is good for doctrine, it is good for instruction too. In this case we are talking about instruction. That is not much different than the computer chip idea, right? If the computer chip idea were true, the instruction would be: don’t get it, and those who have it are undeniably marked
as hopeless sinners who will never be saved. Here is where the truth differs from what the common misconception is: the Word speaks to angels as much as it speaks to men if not more, for instruction. Think of the angel with the ink horn marking people before the destruction of the city in Ezekiel 9. The angel that was marking people, what thinks you of him? What was the angel marking people based upon? If you are doing the works of the world, how do you think God is going to treat you?

Let us look at this from the opposite angle now. Think of the Orthodox, with their tefillin: the leather strap around their arm and the box of scripture they tie to their foreheads. Why do they tie leather straps to their hands and foreheads while praying? We all know that they are trying to fulfill the command that says to keep these words tied to your hands and as frontlets between your eyes, right? They are failing in keeping that Don-Tefillin-Step-13command, in it’s fullness, because they are so focused on watching with their own eyes instead of their spiritual eyes: the ones that will make it into the kingdom after all have been separated as to the sheep from the goat. Similar to the way that command is fulfilled with our actions: for we will be judged based on our actions (2 Corinthians 4:5), what causes a person to take on a mark that will instruct Elohim’s holy angels will be based on that person’s behaviors too.

This article’s intention is not to dive further into popular misinformation for ratings, but to explore the truth of His Majesty for your sanctification. So what is the mark? The mark is the desires you have kept in your heart, the meditations of your mind, the words that come from the mouth you are responsible for, and ultimately the most important aspect of the mark: the work of your hands. That is not what people say it is though, is it? You better believe it’s not.


Here is another point to ponder. If the mark of the beast will divide sinners from the righteous, wouldn’t it make sense that in order to receive the mark one would have to sin, or that sinning would be necessary in receiving it? Well, today’s common understanding of the mark is that it ties in with plans being laid to allow people to more easily buy and sell things by having a micro-chip planted in their hands. Let’s reason 70241-bible-electrical-power-mans-arm-gettyimages-k.1200w.tnlogically for a moment. The new testament defines sin in 1 John 3 as being the transgression of the the law. Does the law tell us that buying and selling things is a sin? Does the law tell us that having a screw placed in one’s foot, or a titanium rod through one’s femur, or a micro-chip placed in one’s hand is a sin? “No” is the answer on both counts. Further, does God discourage or encourage His children to have the means to care for themselves and others? Does He encourage us to be able to function in society while not being of society? He encourages both, nay, He requires both of us.

Let’s look at another point worth exploring. Does Our Father encourage us to be rebellious, temper tantrum laden people when it comes to government? Absolutely not! The Savior showed us how we are to behave by speaking well of Roman authorities, healing Roman soldiers’ children and their servants, by impressing Pilot, and behaving in such a way that caused Herod to want to see Him and His miracles. In the wake of Our Savior’s trial, was there chaos and rubble for Pilot? What we read is that two of Israel’s leaders who were once enemies became friends. Friends I tell you!

Friends, If the mark of the beast is a micro-chip, and this micro-chip’s purpose is to help you buy and sell, then you have the mark of the beast already in your back pockets and purses. It is what you do with it that divides you, not that you have it.

How is the corona playing into the mark? Make no mistake, all sorts of things will manifest, just like teffilin, to acquiesce those looking for fleshly and man made marks. If those folks would like to continue believing God made the mark to let people know who


Osterlund implants a chip into a man in Stockholm. More than 4,000 Swedes have adopted the technology.

is His and who isn’t, let them continue to live thinking that way. Corona virus is a virus that started through animals. It has made it’s way to man. If man acts like an animal, he will be treated as an animal. You are not of this world, which man has been given dominion over. Seek the kingdom and all these things shall be added unto you. Shalom
my brothers and sisters. Fear Elohim.

Author: T.Griffin

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