I am seemingly as normal as they come. I enjoy sports, reading, chess, and hiking. I use to be extremely extroverted and have transformed into an introvert. I am probably a lot like you. Long train rides in the observation car and meaningful conversations with new friends hold value to me. Integrity, honor, and patience are characteristics that have proven their worth for me. I believe in going 110% to get the right jobs done, and I love thinking creatively, outside the box you know.

I have seen homelessness and I have seen unending comforts. I have saved a person from drowning, wrestled a pit bull to save my family, fallen out of a tree from more than 20 ft up and walked away, rescued a girl from a scary man harassing her by simply asking one question, I have provided short term housing for people from Kenya, Hungary, Ukraine and more. My life is filled with odd and exciting events, but that is not what I spend most of my time talking about. Yes, saving people’s lives, giving away decent amounts of money, volunteering to feed those in need, and being a person in need, all speak to the experiences The Father has placed under my care; however, it is Him and His lessons that mean the most to me. 

Since 2012 The Father has put truth inside of me. Truth that did not come from men, but directly to me from Elohim. I since learned that truth is for me to apply to my own life, not to force on others; however, some others still push me away even when I am just simply being me: living His lessons through action. This never use to happen because I use to be very skilled at being a people pleaser, and so I had lots and lots of friends wherever I went. It has come full circle though, and after keeping these truths for myself I am being called to teach them to others face-to-face and openly when it will help His people serve Him better. This blog exists to help those who learn better on their own. Here are many life changing lessons, for you to digest, on your own schedule.

If time, effort, and intention mean anything to you, my accolades should help you in trusting and understanding what you may read: more than 7 years of Bible study. I have sacrificed and disciplined myself to the end that I have dedicated several hours each week for more than 392 weeks to studying His word for the purpose of changing my character to serve Him better and more willingly. This study was not for a grade, or a deadline, but to change my character. That is more continuous hours of study than what it takes to receive a doctorate, more than double in fact. I could list the events, personal joys, relationships, and opportunities I have sacrificed. I could dive deeply into what I mean by each of the things listed in my compact, single sentence explanation of my accolades, but instead I will simply trust that The Father is guiding you to enter the bounties He is providing for you through what I have learned in much sacrifice. I trust that He is doing that perfectly.

I came from a deep and very filthy pit that I could not get out of without His help. Once out, I did not use what I had learned to turn to the things of this world, which I could have successfully achieved and been quite well-off in doing so. That temptation is there every day, however I can hardly call such a senseless decision a temptation. Instead, I continue to suffer with joy for His kingdom. This blog’s lessons and lectures are written here in hopes that those who have learned these lessons will be encouraged, and that those who do not yet know will benefit from them even when everything they have been taught seems to be recalcitrant to the wise word or the skill being laid out for the good of His children.

Scripture commands, as His servant, to expect for the fruits of your walk to manifest in the world today, and in the life to come. Just like earning a paycheck: It feeds you today, tomorrow, and in the not so distant future. You are to be the head and not the tail.

I am building a web-site where some of the resources that have been made available through me will be available.  When that is more ready it can be found at http://www.gleaningthescriptures.com. There will be Scripture audio, Bible study books, Teaching Series’, and more.

If you would like to partner with me, you can through volunteering your skills, being willing to build a new skill, or donating. Each of these avenues is very much valued in building a more meaningful community to serve. Finances and reliable volunteers are the things this ministry needs most right now.