The power of The One True God, is enormous. Gadol Elohei. I have seen it first hand. My past was awful. From a young age I was sent into a deep and very filthy pit that I could not get out of without His help. I have seen secret society abuse, psychological torture, physical abuse, gang targeting due to insisting on justice in my neighborhood, which of coarse led to governmental targeting as well (that one is becoming increasingly common in America, though). The abuse, embarrassingly, was not just from the outside, but it came from within as well. The circle I ran with and ultimately began running from consisted of many. A few of my closest “friends” ended up facing a horrific demise. My college roommate committed suicide after going insane, and at least four others overdosed, dead.

After so much torment from the outside and inside alike, He saved me. Praise The God of Heaven above He pulled me out of the pit and placed my feet on The Rock! I went through a season of solitude, much like Paul, after being saved: I had the rare and blessed opportunity to spend about three years alone with My Savior, reading His Word. Once God had victory over those forces around me, freed me from it, all of it, like it was nothing, I did not use my new found freedom to turn to the things of this world. I decided to dedicate my whole life to Him. Since, I have sacrificed daily because He has shown Himself worthy of such a precious price. I have tasted and seen that The Lord is good.

The Lord is indeed a fortress, everybody, and inside those strong, stony, gem encrusted walls Bible Study became my passion. Everything revolved, and today revolves around it. Daily, Yeshua in His awesome majesty, shows me new and exciting truths for the purpose of changing my character to serve Him better and more willingly. This studying is not motivated by receiving a grade, accommodating a deadline, for honor, or a career, but to change my character. A far cry from a drug addled college hippy, eh? Way to go God, we praise Your powerful name.

I trust that The Father is guiding you right now as you read, because I pray for you, my friend, to enter the bounties He is providing for you: the same lessons taught to different generations, for thousands of years. These lessons have been learned in the midst of much sacrifice. Without your own personal sacrifice you will find yourself quite disagreeable to what is taught around here. Even if, well truthfully, especially if today’s common religious narrative is your comfort zone. Just like the religious leaders in The Messiah’s day: their narrative was one of the many things Our Savior was saving people from. There is nothing new under the sun you see.

Be like clay. Which indeed you are. He is doing a good work in you. If you are questioning God because when the world caved in He was not there, or if you feel hopeless and helpless after years of stale relationship, I am here to help strengthen you, to help save you. He is a very real help in time of need if you will only accept His help. Hosea says that “My people perish for lack of knowledge.”

This Ministry’s lessons and lectures are written here in hopes that those who have learned these lessons will be encouraged, and that those who are willing to learn come to see wisdom as freedom, and will benefit from that freedom even when everything they have been taught seems to be recalcitrant to the wise word or the skill being laid out for the good of His children.

Scripture commands, as His servant, to expect for the fruits of your walk to manifest in the world today, and in the life to come. Just like gold, silver, and precious gems: their value feeds you today, tomorrow, and in the not so distant future. Here you will learn to divide the darkness from the light, even when the darkness seems to be the light. Take the time to read, watch, and grow with Gleaning The Scriptures and you will find, many years down the road even, that your labor was far from in vain. Be strengthened in The Lord.


Sincerely, T.Griffin, a servant of God, son of Yeshua