I have seen homelessness and I have seen unending comforts. I have saved a person from drowning, wrestled a pit bull to save my then family, fallen out of a tree from more than 20 ft up and walked away unscathed, rescued a mom from a scary man harassing her by simply asking one question, I have provided short term housing for people from Kenya, Hungary, Ukraine and more, The Lord has also used me to keep gangs from taking more territory in the town where I live when even the Police were less helpful than one would think. My life is filled with odd and exciting events, but that is not what I spend most of my time talking about. It is Him and His lessons that mean the most to me.

Since 2012 The Father has put truth inside of me. Truth that did not come from men, but directly to me from Elohim. This started happening after I began sacrificing the things that meant most to me. It was hard work. At first, I began sharing the things He showed me with everyone around me. Of course, nobody wanted to listen and largely most still are not interested. I spent three years alone in my thoughts with Yeshua without a single other soul who agreed with anything He showed me. He was renewing my mind and I have since learned that truth is for me to apply to my own life, not to force on others. I use to be very skilled at being a people-pleaser, and so I was extremely outgoing and had lots and lots of friends wherever I went. It has come full circle though, and after keeping these truths for myself I am being called to teach them when it will help His people serve Him better. This blog exists to help those who learn better on their own. Here are many life changing lessons, for you to digest, on your own schedule.

More than 7 years of Bible study is behind the lessons in this vault. I have sacrificed and disciplined myself to the end that I have dedicated several hours each week for more than 392 weeks to studying His Word. That is more continuous hours of study than what it takes to receive a doctorate, more than double in fact. Yet daily, Yeshua in His awesome majesty, shows me new and exciting truths for the purpose of changing my character to serve Him better and more willingly. This study has not been for a grade, or a deadline, or honor, or a career, but to change my character. At first I recognized that when He changed my character, my life improved, so I kept at it. As I matured He showed me that I ought to be changing my character for Him, and so now that is what I strive to do, though I fail sometimes I am victorious in this area often. He is incredibly awesome and the process of dying so He can live is truly the bees knees.

I trust that The Father is guiding you, because I pray for you reader, to enter the bounties He is providing for you through what He has taught His children: the same lessons to different generations, for thousands of years. These lessons have been learned in the midst of much sacrifice. Without your own personal sacrifice you will find yourself quite disagreeable to what is taught. Be like clay and have your Bible out. I trust that He is doing a good work in you. If you are in a difficult place, or questioning God, or feel hopeless and helpless, know that He died that you might have life and life abundantly; if only you would cry out to Him, accept Him for who He truly is and not who the world says He is, and give Him what is rightfully His: your life, all of it, to be used to serve Him and others. He will take care of you.

I came from a deep and very filthy pit that I could not get out of without His help. Secret society abuse, psychological torture, physical abuse, international gangs targeted me for goodness sake, and that is what was happening outside of me. I will not mention the awful things I was doing to myself, but as a clue, from the circle I ran with and ultimately began running from, my old roommate committed suicide after going insane, and at least four others have overdosed, dead. That is only what I have heard, there is most likely more horrific ends those poor lost souls have come to. I pray for them frequently. Once God freed me from that, all of it, like it was nothing, I did not use what I had learned to turn to the things of this world again, applying God’s skills to increase my prosperity, which I could have successfully achieved and been quite well-off in doing. That temptation is there every day, however I can hardly call such a senseless decision a temptation. Instead, I continue to suffer with joy for His kingdom, applying His skills the way He commands, the same as all true members of His majestic family whom I serve. This blog’s lessons and lectures are written here in hopes that those who have learned these lessons will be encouraged, and that those who do not yet see wisdom as freedom will benefit from them even when everything they have been taught seems to be recalcitrant to the wise word or the skill being laid out for the good of His children.

Scripture commands, as His servant, to expect for the fruits of your walk to manifest in the world today, and in the life to come. Just like gold, silver, and precious gems: their value feeds you today, tomorrow, and in the not so distant future. Let your walls be covered with His precious gems. You are to be the head and not the tail.

http://www.gleaningthescriptures.com Sincerely, T.Griffin, a servant of God, son of Yeshua