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With Unwashed Hands

Wash Your Darn Hands!

There are people out there that dodge responsibility in skillful fashion! In fact, most people spend a fraction of the money they earn during their lifetime to be taught how to gain positions of great responsibility while dodging some of the responsibilities of that position.

In the first part of Mark 7, the Pharisees were shown to have several monumental walls in the way of Yeshua’s relationship with them. He showed them where they were wrong in love and humility. The wall that was up there was marked “cleanliness” or “unwashed hands” and fell under a category of common walls among all people today: “traditions.”

The Pharisees and their modern day disciples: the Orthodox Jews, have so many rules and regulations placed on their own lives and on the lives of those around them that the freedom a true Torah keeping follower of

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Yeshua has makes them jealous and angry; causes them to point a disciplined finger (usually surreptitiously or even just mentally); and sometimes causes them to try and lord over the person with their rule(s). Dozens of the brothers and sisters who have come out of the Jewish faith have spoken about how empty it was. They poured out about how they simply did not have a relationship with Elohim, let alone one that was vibrant and growing. They talked about how hearing church goers speaking to Elohim directly, through corporate prayer, was so foreign to them that they thought it was laughable. At the same time, they admittedly recall being jealous of the relationship these people had with their Abba!

In digression: The “traditions” wall exists in today’s churches too, just dressed a little differently. Don’t think so? Check this out: since modern church goers are not walking according to the freedom found in scripture, but according to the pseudo freedom preached from the pulpit, they are deceived into believing they have full authority in Messiah. The partial authority they do have does mountains of good though, praise The Savior.

If they stopped for just a minute and counted the cost of their faith, they would find their lives are filled with drunkenness, envy, strife, gossip, poor health, lying, cheating, stealing and fighting of all kinds;the characteristics that bring on the curses spoken of in Deuteronomy 28. Please note, those curses can mark any believers life. The difference between a righteous and an unrighteous person though, is that the unrighteous believe these things

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are normal and they don’t put any effort towards bettering the flaws that bear the fruit of those curses. Because of this, some of the brothers and sisters in today’s church groups do not have full freedom. The nascent faith they had, halted there, where they took their first big step in faith; holding it’s ground but not taking more ground, leaving them divested of the freedom found in The Savior, in His ability to give them the skills needed so as not to serve fear of society and the enemy’s power through it. The rules and regulations (both written and unwritten) of society weigh heavily on them. They expect others to behave under the same set of cultural rules and have found how to take great joy at times in enforcing the rules themselves. They are under the law of man and not fully free.

But, nonetheless, crumbs fall by these walls. Time after time, blow after blow, eventually the truth of Messiah penetrates. The first part of Mark 7 discusses these things. The Pharisees were using their authority to avoid Him: They had walls bro.

Funny that, eh? Here in the first of three parts in Mark 7, the Pharisees journeyed from Jerusalem to see The Master, The Creator, The Lord Himself! Yet, when they were within arms reach of victory over death, life changing promises, and freedom from the law of man, they failed fantastically: they avoided Him while He was right there in front of them. In fact, they went on a very long journey for Him to see that their actions screamed: “Hey, we will endure great lengths just to avoid getting to know Who You truly are!”

Did Yeshua give up on them? He did not. The Pharisees were not behaving in such a way that would have allowed Him to work in their lives, so He

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chipped away at the wall that was getting in the way, telling them the truth without disguising it: Your rules are from the Torah, but they get in the way of your keeping Torah. You also try keeping others from keeping Torah as you are doing right now. Because you are a potentate and doing this, justice for you is death. If you keep this up, you will lose your temple and a great deal of the responsibilities you think you have.

Faith Is Following What You Know Is True

Not everybody He contacted had walls. A small child’s demon was divested of it’s hold on her after her mother boldly asked Yeshua for healing. An important aside and cross reference to this instance: a nobleman spent many hours journeying to come before Him. His test for the nobleman involved the nobleman’s focus, the nobleman avoiding an argument, and the nobleman’s flexibility. The nobleman was rewarded for his diligence, humility, and the faith that followed his conversation. That conversation is marked in the annals of history by great and skillful flexibility.

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When the mother was before Him, His test for her involved her confessing that her manna came to her through a table that treated her like a dog. This confession involved great introspection and painful honesty within herself. Why would Yeshua put her through that? She recognized and confessed that just the crumbs that came from their table was more than enough to accomplish the goal. When she came home, she found that her daughter was lying healthy and in her right mind on the bed.

Spreading it Freely

Yeshua’s commanding his patients to keep quiet about His healing them was frequent. Imagine how much differently His life would have been if everybody were obedient to His commands.

At the end of the chapter, a man by the sea of Galilee was both deaf and mute. What if when Yeshua gave this man his speech and hearing the man used it to serve Yeshua with? I am willing to bet that at least a few of the people who were healed were obedient. They were most certainly not living

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their lives for themselves anymore but, little by little, blow by blow, they allowed The Master to use more and more of their abilities and talents to do His work for the kingdom.

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