Bread, Bread, and More Bread, A Mark 8 Study

In Mark 8 a lot of things are discussed and brought to light. This particular Mark 8 study is to help you focus on Yeshua’s incredible foresight and leadership.

He came that we may have life more abundantly
He came that we may have life more abundantly

Through reading this study, you can also learn how Yeshua as a leader sometimes had to pick and choose who to show miracles to and who to hide them from. He sometimes had to pick and choose who could and couldn’t handle simply seeing His true character! Lastly, this study will help you notice that His people are not like stupid animals. Well, they can be at first certainly; but, after a while, He begins to trust believers with all kinds of unlikely situations. He increases our value through building character progressively.

To care for people’s needs both spiritually and physically is the nature of somebody who represents Elohim. Neither the spiritual nor physical can be left out. Seek first the kingdom of The Father, and all this shall be added to you. In Mark 8, The Savior had been followed by a great multitude for several days. They hadn’t food and it was time for Yeshua to send them back to their dwellings, yet, He knowing that their beginning the journey in the state they were in might have been catastrophic: some might not have made it home, He set them down on the grass. He fed them through a miraculous multiplying of a few fish and loaves. There was enough that there were leftovers: seven baskets of leftovers.

Decades later, Moses's arms needed lifting up in order to defeat their enemy.
There is a bit of a difference between Yeshua and us as leaders. In the loaves and fishes circumstance He rightly is glorified by the power of His Father; however, if it were one of us, we would have to fight against the thoughts and intentions of the people to lift us up instead of Elohim. Like Aaron & Moses in the wilderness.

The Pharisees a few versus later came to Yeshua after He had gotten into a boat again and came to Dalmanutha with His disciples. They came seeking a sign. Were they in the wilderness following Him faithfully with the multitude? Signs were given there and they were not present. Had they shown a willingness to be obedient to Him yet, at all, ever? What were they doing instead? Probably scheming. Who really knows. Did Yeshua acquiesces their request? He did not. His pearls stayed right where they belonged.

Only just a few versus before, in Mark 7, Yeshua learned that them there Pharisees would endure great lengths to avoid getting to know Him (see With Unwashed Hands: A Mark 7 Study). Yeshua rightly discerned that for the few of them that were possible to save, a sign was not the thing that was going to help them at the moment. As the unborn they truly were, what they needed was a good Fatherly whoopin. He is a good Father. Yeshua did not spare the rod: He told them a sign will not be given to this generation: referring to their channel of living. Like The Good Father, He knew enduring their hatred and ridicule was right around the corner: Yeshua discerned that the objective of that particular tantrum would be aimed at His disciples.

His foresight was revealed in a warning to His disciples. Before we discuss the warning, note this relatable reference due to it’s characters being without essential bodily needs and being scorned for paying heed to that instead too: Being without water is an incredibly serious situation. The longer water is gone without, the more it overtakes every thought of the parched person: until, well, death comes a’knockin’. Yet, in the wilderness when His people came to Moses saying, “Bro, we are definitely going to perish if we don’t get any water. What gives?”, Elohim was unhappy with them. Why would He be unhappy with them for being concerned that they were in the wilderness, millions of them, and without water? Seems obtuse of Him to be upset at their concern. He was making a point. Obtuse or not, there was a lot of Egypt to burn away and He was rightfully working towards an obedient and loving family worthy to ambassador His truth.

In the boat, as Yeshua and His followers were journeying, He warned them to beware of the leaven of the Pharisees. They, thinking poorly of themselves, found that they had not brought any bread; therefore, they thought His careful planning and love for them must have been manifesting through His concern for their tum tums. Seek first the kingdom of Elohim and all this shall be added to you.

During the boat ride Yeshua was unhappy with His disciples’ response, not because they did not bring bread with them, but because they were not with it. Yet, Him showing them that men’s focus on their own kingdom might bring difficult situations, it dawned on them and they recognized what He was saying to them. Notice: He did not use His power, though He certainly could have, to stop the nasty and unrighteous circumstances of the Pharisees from occurring for His disciples, but to warn them that they were on the way.

How to Bake Four Bread Loaves At Once

See the great trust, faith, and ultimately value He places on His disciples? His mission must have been completed and in order to complete it, they needed to overcome. Look now, He knows that we as His disciples are not stupid followers, completely ignorant and dumb to the schemes of the enemy; but that we have been subject to those schemes and have at times been more than acutely aware of the ways of the enemy. He knows that we have overcome the enemy’s attempts, for the purpose of continuing His kingdom.

How does He know that we have been subject to these things? Because He is the King of all. It is all happening under His authority. It is from His mercy and justice that we have endured, seen, and overcome. Under His majesty we have been subject to, both succeeded and failed, suffered and been scarred, received and receive healing, will overcome and joyfully suffer again, will see more suffering in grace, will heal our brothers, and will be love’s hands and feet through humility for Him and the greatness of His name forever and ever.

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Author: T.Griffin

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Water Into Wine, But Why?


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When we boil it right down to the fabric of the matter, a sign points to something: a place: like Albuquerque; an instruction or command: like drive about 70 mph; or what a person represents: like a politician, his party, and his message that year. When Yeshua turned water into wine it was not a monumental event but for only a few people. It was the first sign that He performed during His ministry.

Yeshua’s signs could tend on the surreptitious side of things. He called turning water into wine His first “sign,” which begs the question:Why did Yeshua turn water into wine? What was His sign pointing to? In this article we are going to answer just a fraction of the questions that may be arising within you now. With the knowledge you may gain from this article, you

can dive even deeper into this sign’s meaning and learn more about Who your Elohim truly is through study, prayer, normal everyday living and meditation on it. The following sections highlight several different lessons learned from just this one sign.

Yeshua Never Changes

Yeshua did not burst into the wedding unannounced and scream “HEY EVERYBODY, I HAVE GOT SOMETHING TO TEACH YOU.” In fact, He was invited to the wedding. Not only was He invited, but the sign was done quite surreptitiously.

Focus here on the fact that He was invited to the wedding. Why is the invitation an important piece of information? Because Yeshua’s character is solid and it was that character that was invited to the wedding. He cannot be any way except for how He is. “He will be Who He will be.” Isn’t it important for a believer to be wedded to Him? First make sure it is truly Yeshua you are trusting in and not hasatan doing a fine job at masquerading. Following that, a person must open up and invite Him in or there is simply no deal. Why must people wholeheartedly invite Him in? Because, “He will be Who He will be.”

When a person who is of the world is growing up, it is hard at times and they mature and grow and learn how to be better at being themselves whether they claim to know The Savior or not. But, ultimately, like a vessel on a beautiful day of sailing, or the sands of the desert forming dunes as the wind moves them, they will be who they will be until something comes along and changes them.

Believers also will be who they will be: once the children of God are reborn they do begin down a path of change from who they were to who they are however, the path they are on does not waver; The believer might waver, possibly, but the path itself is quite unchanging.

Once Yeshua has manumitted His members from death, believers begin to learn Who He is. Displaying purely that character is what marks His beloved’s lives more and more as time marches forward. Believers are born once and reborn once. We are reborn into the character that does not change: Yeshua’s character.

Look At What You Can Do In Obedience

When Yeshua was warned that the wine was almost gone it was the third day of the feast. He could have walked in congruence with the character most people believe is in Him, but He did not blench; Instead, He took this opportunity to surreptitiously point at a facet of His true character: The Good Father. A servant was near Him and was commanded to follow His instructions. There are three lessons learned in the obedience of the servant: following instructions requires faith, He will work miracles through you when you are obedient, and sometimes those of lowly stature know everything when the leader(s) simply do(es) not.

Following Instruction Requires Faith – Yeshua instructed His servant to fill stone water pots. Believe it or not, that was a bit of an iffy thing to ask of the servant. The nature of the vessels is the answer. The stone vessels were

for “Jewish purification,” and they were not to be used for anything except for those rites the rabbis used to lord over people with. The servant certainly could have been in trouble for that, and for breaking any number of unwritten rules that day’s society placed on people. Instead of blenching, that servant followed the instruction and filled the water pots.

He Will Work Miracles Through His Servant’s Hands – The setting: this feast had been going on for three days. The people were sauced up pretty good. The wine had run out. It was enough of a problem that Yeshua’s mother came to Him informing Him that, Yeshua, these people just ran out of wine. Next, Yeshua instructed the servant to fill a cup with the water from the Jewish purification vessels and bring the cup to the head of the feast. When the man who was in charge of the feast drank from the cup that was filled and brought to him by the servant, he found that the wine he was drinking was incredibly good, better wine than what was provided previously.

Good Servants Know A Lot More Than You May Think – Did you catch that? Yeshua, the servant (and possibly a few others) were the only people who understood how the wine in the cup came to be what it was. But, Yeshua does not go out giving information like that to just anybody. Knowledge, wisdom, skill, and power all come with responsibility. Fortunately, He is good at bringing His children and servants into being skillful and responsible handlers of His grace.

Because this event was a sign, it means The Savior was saying something. The servant’s likelihood of having a very deep understanding of what his Handler was saying to and through him was high.

Wanna Get Drunk?

Most people like to say that Yeshua would never provide drunk people with wine. Is that what His word teaches us though? Is that what reality reflects? Consider while looking at the world, coupled with the knowledge of Scripture you have earned through your own personal studies and application over the years. Handle the information responsibly and you will see that simply is not true. The very best and finest wine, marijuana, other

Too Much of a Good Thing?

terrible things, pharmaceutical pills and anything else for that matter is being used and circulated under His rule and reign. He is the King of kings. He is The Lord of lords for cryin’ out loud! He obviously does not condone or encourage the use of such atrocities, but as King, Elohim and Creator, it is Him ultimately who provides.

Is it out of character for Him to place choices in front of people and allow the atmosphere to be cultivated for sin, while providing a single sometimes difficult doorway that leads to life? Do not mistake the point, beloved. Sin is what the world encourages all around us all day everyday like it is it’s job. So much so that people believe not sinning is an impossibility and not even worth putting an effort towards. These things, need, at the very least, to be considered for those who are going to be able to gracefully and skillfully improve the lives of the people they come in contact with while displaying His character.

By turning water into wine, Yeshua meant something. Many things in fact. It was a sign, it was a living breathing piece of artistry. This artistic and poetic sign of His love points to so many things: His true character, His sovereignty over this reality, His sovereign rule over matter itself, and how to gracefully get a point across in loving ways to people who might not yet be ready to hear the truth.

The Video Version Of This Teaching

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Author: T.Griffin

Does Gleaning The Scriptures fill you in a way that is different than that of the common religious organizations you have meandered across? We hope so. Our goal is to show you truth that God is sharing with us directly. If you feel lead consider contributing. All contributions are appreciated.

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Wash Your Hands: A Mark 7 Study


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With Unwashed Hands

Wash Your Darn Hands!

There are people out there that dodge responsibility in skillful fashion! In fact, most people spend a fraction of the money they earn during their lifetime to be taught how to gain positions of great responsibility while dodging some of the responsibilities of that position.

In the first part of Mark 7, the Pharisees were shown to have several monumental walls in the way of Yeshua’s relationship with them. He showed them where they were wrong in love and humility. The wall that was up there was marked “cleanliness” or “unwashed hands” and fell under a category of common walls among all people today: “traditions.”

The Pharisees and their modern day disciples: the Orthodox Jews, have so many rules and regulations placed on their own lives and on the lives of those around them that the freedom a true Torah keeping follower of

Article: Judaism, Christianity, Islam: birds of a feather ...

Yeshua has makes them jealous and angry; causes them to point a disciplined finger (usually surreptitiously or even just mentally); and sometimes causes them to try and lord over the person with their rule(s). Dozens of the brothers and sisters who have come out of the Jewish faith have spoken about how empty it was. They poured out about how they simply did not have a relationship with Elohim, let alone one that was vibrant and growing. They talked about how hearing church goers speaking to Elohim directly, through corporate prayer, was so foreign to them that they thought it was laughable. At the same time, they admittedly recall being jealous of the relationship these people had with their Abba!

In digression: The “traditions” wall exists in today’s churches too, just dressed a little differently. Don’t think so? Check this out: since modern church goers are not walking according to the freedom found in scripture, but according to the pseudo freedom preached from the pulpit, they are deceived into believing they have full authority in Messiah. The partial authority they do have does mountains of good though, praise The Savior.

If they stopped for just a minute and counted the cost of their faith, they would find their lives are filled with drunkenness, envy, strife, gossip, poor health, lying, cheating, stealing and fighting of all kinds;the characteristics that bring on the curses spoken of in Deuteronomy 28. Please note, those curses can mark any believers life. The difference between a righteous and an unrighteous person though, is that the unrighteous believe these things

Tithing on Trial | Owlcation

are normal and they don’t put any effort towards bettering the flaws that bear the fruit of those curses. Because of this, some of the brothers and sisters in today’s church groups do not have full freedom. The nascent faith they had, halted there, where they took their first big step in faith; holding it’s ground but not taking more ground, leaving them divested of the freedom found in The Savior, in His ability to give them the skills needed so as not to serve fear of society and the enemy’s power through it. The rules and regulations (both written and unwritten) of society weigh heavily on them. They expect others to behave under the same set of cultural rules and have found how to take great joy at times in enforcing the rules themselves. They are under the law of man and not fully free.

But, nonetheless, crumbs fall by these walls. Time after time, blow after blow, eventually the truth of Messiah penetrates. The first part of Mark 7 discusses these things. The Pharisees were using their authority to avoid Him: They had walls bro.

Funny that, eh? Here in the first of three parts in Mark 7, the Pharisees journeyed from Jerusalem to see The Master, The Creator, The Lord Himself! Yet, when they were within arms reach of victory over death, life changing promises, and freedom from the law of man, they failed fantastically: they avoided Him while He was right there in front of them. In fact, they went on a very long journey for Him to see that their actions screamed: “Hey, we will endure great lengths just to avoid getting to know Who You truly are!”

Did Yeshua give up on them? He did not. The Pharisees were not behaving in such a way that would have allowed Him to work in their lives, so He

Gold & Silver Are Chipping Away At The Cartel's Wall Of ...

chipped away at the wall that was getting in the way, telling them the truth without disguising it: Your rules are from the Torah, but they get in the way of your keeping Torah. You also try keeping others from keeping Torah as you are doing right now. Because you are a potentate and doing this, justice for you is death. If you keep this up, you will lose your temple and a great deal of the responsibilities you think you have.

Faith Is Following What You Know Is True

Not everybody He contacted had walls. A small child’s demon was divested of it’s hold on her after her mother boldly asked Yeshua for healing. An important aside and cross reference to this instance: a nobleman spent many hours journeying to come before Him. His test for the nobleman involved the nobleman’s focus, the nobleman avoiding an argument, and the nobleman’s flexibility. The nobleman was rewarded for his diligence, humility, and the faith that followed his conversation. That conversation is marked in the annals of history by great and skillful flexibility.

Two boxers stock illustration. Illustration of champion ...

When the mother was before Him, His test for her involved her confessing that her manna came to her through a table that treated her like a dog. This confession involved great introspection and painful honesty within herself. Why would Yeshua put her through that? She recognized and confessed that just the crumbs that came from their table was more than enough to accomplish the goal. When she came home, she found that her daughter was lying healthy and in her right mind on the bed.

Spreading it Freely

Yeshua’s commanding his patients to keep quiet about His healing them was frequent. Imagine how much differently His life would have been if everybody were obedient to His commands.

At the end of the chapter, a man by the sea of Galilee was both deaf and mute. What if when Yeshua gave this man his speech and hearing the man used it to serve Yeshua with? I am willing to bet that at least a few of the people who were healed were obedient. They were most certainly not living

11 challenges for the Mormon introvert - Religion News Service

their lives for themselves anymore but, little by little, blow by blow, they allowed The Master to use more and more of their abilities and talents to do His work for the kingdom.

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Author: T.Griffin

Does Gleaning The Scriptures fill you in a way that is different than that of the common religious organizations you have meandered across? We hope so. Our goal is to show you truth that God is sharing with us directly. If you feel lead consider contributing. All contributions are appreciated.

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New Series Begins Soon

A new series is coming to you soon. Apologies for this pages inactivity for a while. Here is what you have to look forward to over the course of the next 13 weeks!

  • You will have teachings about Baptism, Mercy & Justice, How to “do” faith and much more available to you every other week through Youtube and here on WordPress
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This series starts on 10/30/020 and will go for thirteen weeks. Every other week will be a consecutive chapter of scripture with the even weeks bringing you conceptual free form teaching. While recording these videos early in the summer of 2020 there was a different plan in place; Therefore, the structure of the series spoken of in the videos is not accurate. The structure spoken of here is.

Please know my skills are in writing and the youtube videos are something I am working on improving and need help with. There are three styles of youtube video:

-edited, fun and enjoyable (pay attention to understand what is being said)

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Your comments and support are appreciated and your prayers are valued. If you beleive in the messages that are brought to light here at GTS we can put your skills to use. If you volunteer your time to do The Father’s work through this ministry you will find great value in it. I look forward to serving you through the skills that He has granted.

The Corona, Mark of The Beast, The Savior and Sin. The Real Truth of The Matter


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Make no mistake. The mark of the beast is manifesting itself through this corona virus, but the mark is not what the mad people and the conspiracy theorist’s say it is. Understand that the the virus itself is not the mark of the beast. Also understand that this article is not suggesting that the mark is something that is to come, or will come upon us all of the sudden. The beast’s mark is something that has always been, but in these last days and in the days to come, it will be a tool the enemy uses much more often. The Revelation verses in chapter 13 are not referencing the thing that has always been, but it’s specific use during the time of the return of The King of kings.

Do not find yourself being fooled. It is IRL, but the mark itself is not a mark in one’s flesh, a computer chip, a bracelet, a tattoo of a white rabbit or any other such thing. If the mark is not something for us humans to see with our fleshly eyes, why is it called a mark? What is it’s purpose? The answer is this: the Word is good for reproof, it is good for doctrine, it is good for instruction too. In this case we are talking about instruction. That is not much different than the computer chip idea, right? If the computer chip idea were true, the instruction would be: don’t get it, and those who have it are undeniably marked
as hopeless sinners who will never be saved. Here is where the truth differs from what the common misconception is: the Word speaks to angels as much as it speaks to men if not more, for instruction. Think of the angel with the ink horn marking people before the destruction of the city in Ezekiel 9. The angel that was marking people, what thinks you of him? What was the angel marking people based upon? If you are doing the works of the world, how do you think God is going to treat you?

Let us look at this from the opposite angle now. Think of the Orthodox, with their tefillin: the leather strap around their arm and the box of scripture they tie to their foreheads. Why do they tie leather straps to their hands and foreheads while praying? We all know that they are trying to fulfill the command that says to keep these words tied to your hands and as frontlets between your eyes, right? They are failing in keeping that Don-Tefillin-Step-13command, in it’s fullness, because they are so focused on watching with their own eyes instead of their spiritual eyes: the ones that will make it into the kingdom after all have been separated as to the sheep from the goat. Similar to the way that command is fulfilled with our actions: for we will be judged based on our actions (2 Corinthians 4:5), what causes a person to take on a mark that will instruct Elohim’s holy angels will be based on that person’s behaviors too.

This article’s intention is not to dive further into popular misinformation for ratings, but to explore the truth of His Majesty for your sanctification. So what is the mark? The mark is the desires you have kept in your heart, the meditations of your mind, the words that come from the mouth you are responsible for, and ultimately the most important aspect of the mark: the work of your hands. That is not what people say it is though, is it? You better believe it’s not.


Here is another point to ponder. If the mark of the beast will divide sinners from the righteous, wouldn’t it make sense that in order to receive the mark one would have to sin, or that sinning would be necessary in receiving it? Well, today’s common understanding of the mark is that it ties in with plans being laid to allow people to more easily buy and sell things by having a micro-chip planted in their hands. Let’s reason 70241-bible-electrical-power-mans-arm-gettyimages-k.1200w.tnlogically for a moment. The new testament defines sin in 1 John 3 as being the transgression of the the law. Does the law tell us that buying and selling things is a sin? Does the law tell us that having a screw placed in one’s foot, or a titanium rod through one’s femur, or a micro-chip placed in one’s hand is a sin? “No” is the answer on both counts. Further, does God discourage or encourage His children to have the means to care for themselves and others? Does He encourage us to be able to function in society while not being of society? He encourages both, nay, He requires both of us.

Let’s look at another point worth exploring. Does Our Father encourage us to be rebellious, temper tantrum laden people when it comes to government? Absolutely not! The Savior showed us how we are to behave by speaking well of Roman authorities, healing Roman soldiers’ children and their servants, by impressing Pilot, and behaving in such a way that caused Herod to want to see Him and His miracles. In the wake of Our Savior’s trial, was there chaos and rubble for Pilot? What we read is that two of Israel’s leaders who were once enemies became friends. Friends I tell you!

Friends, If the mark of the beast is a micro-chip, and this micro-chip’s purpose is to help you buy and sell, then you have the mark of the beast already in your back pockets and purses. It is what you do with it that divides you, not that you have it.

How is the corona playing into the mark? Make no mistake, all sorts of things will manifest, just like teffilin, to acquiesce those looking for fleshly and man made marks. If those folks would like to continue believing God made the mark to let people know who


Osterlund implants a chip into a man in Stockholm. More than 4,000 Swedes have adopted the technology.

is His and who isn’t, let them continue to live thinking that way. Corona virus is a virus that started through animals. It has made it’s way to man. If man acts like an animal, he will be treated as an animal. You are not of this world, which man has been given dominion over. Seek the kingdom and all these things shall be added unto you. Shalom
my brothers and sisters. Fear Elohim.

Author: T.Griffin

Does Gleaning The Scriptures fill you in a way that is different than that of the common religious organizations you have meandered across? We hope so. Our goal is to show you truth that God is sharing with us directly. If you feel lead consider contributing. All contributions are appreciated.

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GTS discusses this topic briefly in this video

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Book Club Invitation 03/31/020, Tuesdays @ 9EST

We will begin reading Captain Blood next week, possibly this week. Below you can purchase the book itself, or download an audio book app to listen to the amazing story of Captain Blood. Sit back, close your eyes, and let your imagination paint this story vividly in your mind.

The purpose of this book club is to cultivate stronger imaginations while seeing that Ya uses and blesses people who spread ideas that applaud and lift up charectaristics and skills that reflect His nature. We find His fingerprints, subtly hidden in most all popular media, and Captain Blood is no exception. This book, written in the 1800’s will be read by us today and we will get together once a week to discuss the setting, circumstances, and characters while linking them to Biblical themes. I also invite each of you, if an especially creative whim is in you, to find your own way of writing a short for all of us to enjoy your reading your work before the group, that points to the same Biblical theme or regular theme of a chapter we have read recently.

Once the book is complete, we will watch the movie as a group and discuss diferences. No cheating! Wait until our group movie night and do not watch this amazing books movie pre-emtively.
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Biblical Fan Fiction (Untitled) Ch. 1


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Aviv works tirelessly all day. He sometimes becomes mentally and emotionally confused. He always is physically exhausted from hard work under a hot sun, in a body whose legs will not want to walk in the morning. That is how it is generally, but now. Now, it is a body whose back cakes up from coagulated blood, making every movement preternaturally painful. Poor Aviv finds out that the reason for the multiplied discomforts and pain is because Aaron and Moses had gone to speak with Pharaoh. Pharaoh’s reaction was well, brusque.

Here now, Aviv learns that Moses and Aaron keep at it! They go before Pharaoh again. This time having a magic show contest which ends with the Egyptian water supply being turned into blood. What!? That’s not something that happens every day. Indeed, nor is even spoken of. Most preternatural, surreptitious, and now look, who knows how the Egyptians will react to that. Pigs!

Over the course of several months (possibly), as time tries to march on as it always has, there are many plagues Aviv witnesses. After the first few plagues the Egyptian magicians are unable to respond with their dark arts. The average citizen is comepletely unaware of the source of these attacks. Aviv is not just an Hebrew engineer, but a high ranking Hebrew engineer whose job entails high level security clearance to discuss and ensure the building projects go well. How much blood have the dark magicians been shedding? Aviv thinks to himself several times a day. Those thoughts use to make him feel important, now they only bring him lonleliness.

Eventually, through locusts that are so thick that they block out light; gnats so fierce they stop daily activities; something as harmless as frogs even, he thinks, in great number, halts life as he knows it; then, hail, oh my goodness that storm. Such a monumentally fierce hail storm rips through the land. The crops are destroyed. All of them. It seems Aaron and Moses had enough of their nation being enslaved. Aviv wonders what it must have been like to be there, in Pharaoh’s courts, during those meetings and what Aaron and Moses were doing to cause The Savior to bring the plagues. Finally, after the Israelite cry was heard from the heavens, he finds himself up to his eyeballs in Egyptian gold, silver, clothing, writing tablets, cooking utensils, farming equipment and traveling provisions. All of it willingly given to him, his neighbors, and even the poor beggar on the corner at the end of his block, by their Egyptian neighbors. So much treasure in fact that the excess was put on the children for fun.

With all of these fine items Aviv is next to the Red Sea, with a cloud between his Hebrew camp and the camp of the angry Egyptians. They are ready to take them back to Egypt to rebuild their nation. Then, Moses. From Aviv’s vantage point near the sea, he see’s Moses with his flowing gray hair and beard, standing stoically at the edge of the water, robes curling and flapping in the wind. His hands stretched towards the heaven with staff. Aviv notices the Red Sea begin to lose depth in front of him, for miles! The waters on either side of the shallowing path grow like the upside down daggerboards of a boat, tall and thin, and then flow back into the sea. There is a long hallway of dry ground! Holy cow. Without thinking, like lemmings Aviv and everyone around him begin the long journey across the Sea of Reeds.

Mouths agape and eyes wet with watery wonder, the army of Israelites slowly walk through the most fantastic sights anyone on earth has ever seen. While unashamedly in awe the occasional unknowing fish swims right through the wall of water and directly into the air, falling to the ground. A child picks the flopping thing up and throws it like a rugby marker back towards the wall of water. Aviv watches it swim away, he was sure he could see it swimming off with hurt pride, “Hmmff,” the fish seems to say, swimming quickly away from the embarrassing event.

The whole camp makes it across the sea only to turn around, finding that the Egyptians are now on the same path in order to overtake them and bring all of Moses and Aaron’s hard work to nothing. Then, Aviv and his assembly see Moses’ staff over the sea of Israelite heads. He is looking into the heavens and his mouth is speaking words. His expression concentrated and humble, praising The Savior with all of His strength even after a long and what should have been stressful journey. It occurs to Aviv, deep within him, the concept not quite yet having crossed the veil between his unconscious knowledge, and the small sea of thoughts that are his awareness, maybe Moses has little to do with this being saved from Egypt, maybe our whole family of Israelites have done nothing to cause this to happen. Aviv see’s his hands and arms come down and towards each other while his body folds over in a crouched stoop, all in one momentous movement miraculously and maniacally bringing the sea back into itself. The Egyptians swallowed whole. The abrupt downfall of one of the most powerful nations ever to walk the face of our beautiful blue planet. Now nothing but a memory, strong, proud and monumental. All Aviv knew is that they had reached the other side

The Complete 2020 Winter Series Compilation

GTS’s passion is providing scriptural information that will aid the followers in becoming more knowledgeable about scripture and ultimately, closer to Him.  A few times a year a six week series is posted for your viewing. We post a ten to thirty minute video every Tuesday (conceptual), and Friday (specific chapter).

The series below has ended, and the new series will begin at the end of April. To stay in touch, you can subscribe to the GTS youtube channel and hit the bell icon to be notified whenever we post a video. The notifications will be sent right to your phone like a text message, but only if you hit the bell icon for notifications. I have only just begun this video series endeavor. Enjoy.


Full Winter 2020 Series Compilation

Matthew Video Series Compiled

GTS has just finished up it’s first video series. The link below is the playlist to all the video teachings from Matthew. We dive into each chapter, together unlocking the mysteries buried within the pages. Using my 1,000+ hours of scripture study knowledge, we dive into the truth behind His ways. This knowledge is available to you, as a compliment for being a viewer and reader of the GTS pages. I am new to video teaching, but am becoming more and more skilled at bringing what I know to you.

My knowledge from several scriptures spanning from Genesis to Revelation is used to describe the what, why, when, where, and how of several of the events Matthew recorded in relation to Our Savior’s ministry.  This has been put together for your enjoyment and for your walk with Him. Enjoy.

Full Matthew Series