3,000 People In An Upper Room, Eh?


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Let me set the record straight: I am not saying that there were a bunch of evil men that Image result for tongues of firegot together and interpreted the Bible “ingeniously wrong” to lead us all astray.  I am saying that the English translations of God’s Holy word are not wholly right.  Praise God that the book has been translated that way, believe it or not.  Why?    We are creatures who thrive on hard work, both physically and mentally.  Every person loves a treasure hunt, and what better treasure to hunt for than the one that makes us more and more acceptable in His sight?

The Upper Room Error

“Oikos” means house in Greek.  The scripture in Acts ( originally Greek) reads <When the day of Pentecost arrived, they were altogether in one place.  And suddenly there came from heaven a sound like a mighty rushing wind, and it filled The entire Oikos where they were sitting.>  The Greek reads Oikos which can mean house, thus the word oikos in this sentence was translated to house.  This is wrong.  Sounds like a circle of silliness, eh?

Let me explain using a timeline. First, in the previous chapter, The apostles had just seen Jesus ascend with the clouds and <when they had entered, they went up to the upper room.>  Then, some intimate, inner circle, upper room things occurred. Next, we pick up the verse just before the verse containing Oikos which states <When the day of Pentecost arrived, they were altogether in one place.>  Lastly, we learn that <suddenly their came from heaven a sound like a mighty rushing wind…>  You see, the translators were in the maelstrom of thought that the upper room was in a house (oikos) where the intimate relationships of the apostles were being played out, which is true; However, what the translators failed to see is that the outpouring of the Spirit of Holiness was not in the intimate setting of the upper room or even in the house where the upper room is, even though the upper room events happened at about the same time as The Oikos event.

“The Oikos” has been uppercased in this article like it is the title of a place.  That’s because The Holy Spirit’s outpouring happened, not just at any ol’ oikos, but at “The Image result for tongues of fireOikos.”  If you go to Jerusalem and get into a cab and ask them in Hebrew to take you to “The House” they will take you to The Temple.  People call The Temple “The House.”  In Hebrew it is “HaBeit”: The House.  The Outpouring happened at The Temple, not the upper room.

When a Greek speaking person comes to a town where they speak Hebrew and Greek  as a secondary language, they would call The Temple The Oikos if speaking in Greek for the sake of the Greek speaking person.  Further, the outpouring of The Holy Spirit happened not just on any day.  It happened on Pentecost or Shavuot.  Shavuot is about The Lord giving His children The Law on Mount Sinai.  We celebrate this day, throughout our generations forever by, (a) not working, (b) assembling together, and (c) bringing God gifts of our best flour, grain, sheaf, and lamb. God is Our Abba.  He told everyone to gather on Shavuot, and those devout people were gathered at The Temple.  What they received for being obedient that day was the outpouring. Being obedient most likely was not a burden.  It’s not like He asked His children to do anything crazy: get together and have a party in His honor.  Since the event at The House so many years ago, the giving of the law seems less important to folks nowadays, and the focus of this feast tends to be on the outpouring.

It makes more sense that The Lord was spreading this gift in the public setting of the temple. The Temple where people were supposed to be according to His instructions (gathering). It is His instructions and the putting of the word on people’s hearts that lead people from all cultures to be in the Hebrew Temple that day. For having that kind of faith they were rewarded with an event that would forever solidify their faith, causing the brotherhood’s growth to defiantly work against the enemies plans for them.


Jesus Signs His Death Sentence


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Speech is an extremely powerful thing.  We can trust that when God tells us that our speech directs our life’s path that He is telling us out of love.  Take some of the words from James’ letter in the third chapter:

  • <The tongue …  sets on fire the course of nature; and it is set on the fire of hell.>
  • <Behold also the ships, which though are so great, and driven by fierce winds, yet they turn about with a very small rudder… Even so the tongue is a little member, and boasts great things. Behold, how great a matter a little fire kindleth!>

The Lord also uses the tongues power to drive us toward Him, for when we trust Him Image result for Let His blood be on us and our childrenwith the bridling of our tongues we find that we will love our life and Him that much more. <For he that will love life, and see good days, let him refrain his tongue from evil, and his lips that they speak no guile>

By the seventh chapter in John’s gospel, the Jews were good and angry with Jesus.  They wanted to kill Him!  Did you know that the authorities came to arrest Jesus before the Garden of Gethsemane and failed?  He did not flee.  He did not fight.  He simply had a conversation with the arresting officers, sent by the religious authorities and they walked away.  When they came to arrest Him, Jesus said to the them, <“I will be with you a little while longer, then I go to Him Who Sent Me.  You will seek Me, but will not find Me; and where I am going you can’t come.”>

This is what we are focusing on <“and where I am going you cannot come.”>  Jesus lived His life in such a way that caused Jesus to see and hear what The Father was doing at all times.  He had been very patient and loving with the High Priests and rulers of the temple.  Reading the gospels you may see He was constantly trying to bring the High Priests to repent and come to understand the truth.  Most of them did not accept this offer and therefore were given over to a reprobate mind, just like any person would be.  None of us can escape that axiom.  If the religious rulers were allowed to see and understand their own actions (being where Jesus is) they would have recognized enough to worship Jesus.

Their crucifying Jesus shows that their focus was pigeon holed.  Image result for meme tongue power of YeshuaThey were so focused on the political work that needed to be done to kill Him that they did not see anything else.  They were slaves to their hearts desires.  Because of their constant denial of God’s outstretched hand, He gave them over to evil desires.  He used their evil desires against them.  Their crucifying Jesus gives the whole world a foothold to believe on The Lamb Who Was Slain Before The Foundation Of The World through which any who believes has the power to overcome any evil.  We are saved by His blood and His blood alone.  He had to really go out of His way to get crucified.  It would not have taken much to get Pilate to let Him go, yet as the Jews spoke their final crushing blow that sent Him to the cross, they also spoke the words that save those who love Him:  “Let His blood be on us and on our children.”

Actual Hebrew Calender


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When you begin searching for a Hebrew calendar, you will find a lot of Gregorian calendars with teeny tiny Hebrew dates.   This calendar is a Hebrew calendar, period.  It has some teeny tiny Gregorian dates to help keep track with what the world is up to.

  • This is a link to the calendar
  • Days begin and end at even instead of midnight
  • High Holy Days are in brackets according to Torah
  • The First Month on this calendar is Adar 5778  and does not begin 5779 until Nisan/Abib: the first month of the Hebrew year.  It ends with either Nisan or Iyar 5780 because I am not sure if 5779 is one of the years with an extra month in it.  Let me know in the comments if you know how the changeover from 5779 to 5780 will go.


If you have any trouble downloading, printing or utilizing this calendar let me know by emailing me at Surfmission3@gmail.com or commenting near the end of this page.  If there are any errors, please tell me.  Are you interested in spending what time you have to help bring the message to the world?  Drop Gleaning The Scriptures an email letting us know you would like to help.

Above all things,

Gleaning The Scriptures

52 Week Reading Portion (Parashah)


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Below is a list being compiled of the 52 week reading cycle that was derived from the Israelites (mostly the Jews) way back when.  It was part of the second temple and many Jews, Jews for Jesus, and Messianics still use this cycle and others like it during Yaweh’s weekly Sabbath ceremonies.

Each portion has the Torah portion for each week, The HafTorah portion for each week and some words from the BritHadasha as well.  The Torah portion comes from the Penteteuch. The Haftorah (writings) comes from one or more of the prophetic booksImage result for Torah Portion. The BritHadahsa (New Testament) comes from the gospels and the books written after The Gospels were written. For those of you who are new to this idea, you might be more familiar with the Catholic 3 year cycle of reading.

The weekly Torah portion is much like the Catholic cycle; However, it has been in practice Image result for Torah Portion picturefor much longer.  It is important to study these scriptures for yourself, never taking another’s word for it.  That is why these audio compilations of the weekly Torah portions are being made available to you through Gleaning The Scriptures. Create a online youtube playlist and put the playlist on repeat to listen during your day. Enjoy in faith, long-suffering, joy, and steadfastness.  Be of a sound mind, a growing spirit and a soft heart towards Yeshua.




This list starts with the first Torah Portion and then skips to the first portion we made after that.  The last reading link available in this list is this week’s portion. The same portion many believers are reading around the world now!  If the last link is not this week’s it is the previous week’s and this week’s will be up soon.

February 12th – February 18th, 2018

Shevat 24th 5778 – Adar 1, 5779

This Week’s Portion: Heave Offering


Compiling Full List

This Week’s Torah Portion Audio





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If you are a true follower you do not need me to tell you that you are doing it right.  The scripture you read, the experiences you have, and the hatred, ridicule, and less than favorable circumstances you experience are all signs that you are doing it right.

When Christ comes and every body else is fleeing because their conscious’ have been defiled, you will stand firm knowing your work and God’s work are one in the same.  If the work was not from Him, you would not be able to stand before Him.  Own the work God has given for you to do and suffer for it.  You are a soldier and courageous are you in Yeshua HaMashiak.

Once a person is Christ’s they begin to openly consider what The Bible is actually saying.  They then let Him wash their minds by letting the Bible stack up against itself.  Using Image result for heartThe Scriptures to interpret life is what Paul was talking about in Romans chapter 8.  It is the process of the fleshly truths (lies that the populous believes to be true) being found out and the spiritual truths being stood upon in their place.

A lot of people who are completely sold out for Jesus are sometimes weird, standoffish, and are not gentle or polite all the time.  They sometimes treat the whole world, young and old, like they are disobedient children who need to be fathered.  Elijah did a good job of this when in front of that days leaders.  When a person accepts the truth, whole heartedly, slowly, over time, the light of the gospel really starts to sink in.  This light, in the mind of that person, is canonized above any other thing they know.

Here is the problem with living like a true follower:  People tend to view true followers as hateful and uncaring; Childish and unlearned; Unwise and haphazard. The truth is they are that way, when judged of man.  In contrast to the gospel, the world’s ways should be hated.  They should be treated with discipline.  They should be discouraged.  It is unattractive though when a man of God becomes profligate with the relationships Yaweh has honored him with due to the knowledge of the gospel of Yeshua Ha-Mashiak.  Even though a follower is filled with the light of life, because the world views discipline as unloving sometimes followers are twisted into seeming evil when in fact, they are being a true friend.  {No man can judge the heart}

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English Audio Bible with Hebrew Name of God — (Powerful in Spiritual Warfare)


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Free! Audio Bible resource for you from Gleaning The Scriptures.  It’s a lot like the other Bibles you have heard and read except this one is using Our Savior’s real Hebrew name.


Unedited Audio KJV

There are plenty of audio versions of the KJ Version of Scripture out there.  This version is still being compiled, and you can tune in to watch it grow!  Be part of the community. Also, the reader’s voice is soft and low, making this resource perfect as an atmosphere maker while you go about daily life.

KJV playlist starting with Ruth

Edited Audio Bible

This next resource we are making available to you is edited. This resource also is under construction, but this one has options: Chapter by chapter, or full books at a time.  This resource is a combination of The ESV, NKJ, KJV, AMP, NASB and a few others.  The reader has taken hold of what God has taught him and uses different versions in different situations, plus this version has God’s sacred name as well.

Chapter by chapter

Full Books

These audio versions are geared towards those Christians who have been striving in the truth, found obedience to be key and are getting closer to Our Savior day by day through studying His hebrew culture, gleaning from Hebrew Roots, Messainic Jews, Messainic believers, The Torah, and most importantly, Yaweh Himself.  Enjoy, tell your friends, and like the videos, subscribe to the Gleaning The Scriptures youtube channel.  You’ll be glad you did.

A Fresh Perspective


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A fresh perspective on the book of James.  Now these are not cold hard facts.  They are probabilities based on lots of research.  Not my research, but others’ research.

Image result for old scroll of James

There are a few James’ that this book could have been authored by, but the evidence supports that it was most likely written by James, the brother of Jesus.  That’s right, the “brother” of Jesus,  As in they shared a parent and were raised by the same parents.  Jesus had many brothers and sisters, as told by Mark 6: 3 <Is not this The Carpenter, The Son of Mary, The Brother of James, and Joses, and of Juda, and Simon? and are not His sisters here with us? And they were offended at Him.>

If it was written by James, the brother of Jesus it means that the author of this letter was also the head of The Counsel at Jerusalem.  This may seem like a small side note,  however this information ties the meaning of the book together.  He, as head of the Counsel at Jeruselem,  acted as head of the church (not the Roman or Jewish church, but the church Christ formed for His purposes) at Jerusalem.

Why is this important?  Because after Stephen was martyred the church at Jeruselem was scattered.  That being said, what was written has not only carried weight through history because of it’s infallible truth and Holy Spirit’s breath but, it also was written to encourage the people of the scattered church.  His people had to run and hide and were most likely treated poorly by most people wherever they went.  As Leviticus reads <I am strangers and sojourners with you>.  God is a foreigner here on earth remember? (The Lord Flees in His Own Land)

James 1:1 reads <James, a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ, To the twelve tribes in the dispersion: greetings.>  The 1st chapter then goes on to encourage a people who were once united.  His message to them was that even though they were on the run, separated from their daily routines and comforts, foreigners to new towns and new people, James wanted to ensure they held fast to The Lord, understood that He chastens His people because He loves them, and to never let any form of trial to cause them to stray or doubt their faith in Jesus.

On the youtube, there are a few audio versions of The Book of James.  Hearing His message, knowing the situation God had put James in when writing his letter to the 12 tribes scattered, is just fun and encouraging.  Click the link below and listen with your fresh perspective. James Audio



Faith is Similar To . . .

Have you had a recent “Faith is Like Moment?” What is a “Faith is Like Moment?” Hear a “Faith is Like” moment I had:

Faith is like walking a dog through the suburbs without a leash.

How is faith like walking a dog leashless?  Have you ever had a good Dad, or a good boss? When they have to chasten us they end up looking like a virulent and unloving leader, when in fact the good boss or dad is a fantastic and loving leader, who was just circumstantially made to look bad.   It seems that the unfaithful have a view of God that paints Him as being angry and abusive.  Truth is, He is… towards our bad qualities.

When I was walking my dog leash-less a while ago, we were in a hurry and had to keep a good canter to accomplish a goal. Every time we got close to an intersection and my dog was not near to me I had to put on my “man voice” and sternly warn him to catch up so we could cross the intersection together instead of my dog crossing an intersection alone, chasing me, after tearing himself from whatever corner he was sniffing.  I did not want him chasing me down and running across an intersection by himself, but because he is an obedient pup he gets to go on walks with the freedom of no leash.

There was a person about half a block behind me, walking at my pace.  To the person following me I maybe sounded like an angry, aggressive and unloving dog owner.  He probably thought things like “He should have that pup on a leash”  and “Listen to the way he yells at his dog!”  and “That guy deserves to be tarred and feathered, he has no business in decent society.”  Ok, maybe those were not his exact thoughts, could be that I was being paranoid.  Nevertheless.

When my dog came near to me after I called him I would praise him, quietly.  Why quietly? My dog was was right there next to me. The person pacing me did not ever hear the praise. No need to yell a praise, it would have been weird and might have even scared my dog.  If he was 30 yards away and caught a frisbee, then I would yell a praise.

Yeshua is my owner and I am His leash-less dog.  I care that people see My Father as unloving but I know He loves me and when they are ready to love Him, they will see that He is in fact loving me too. Because I experience both sides of a relationship with The Creator, I know this.  He keeps me on the right path using both chastening and praising.



If you can tell us what your “Faith is Like Moment” is, describing it in a few sentences, that would be appreciated!  Thanks for visiting.

Be patient, you will have it and when it happens, post your “Faith is Like” moment in the comments on this article.  This post isn’t going anywhere and we cannot wait to hear about your “Faith is Like Moment!”  This article will be here and waiting for you.  Do not worry no one here is going to judge you, as a “Faith is Like Moment” is equivocal.

Prairie Girl’s “Faith is Like Moment”

To me, faith is like watching a person performing an amazing derring-do, like walking a tightrope, only to have the camera pan out to see that they’re actually only a foot off the ground and were safe all along.

As I grow in learning what it means that God has covered all the things I thought it was my job to worry about, I find I can embark on hopes and dreams without the fears that use to hold me back. I’m safe to be me in the world, and it turns out I was always safe.

Belle Unruh

Faith is like knowing my husband will always come home to me every day. It never occurs to me that he won’t.

Wisdom Drops

To me, faith is like “knowing that something is going to happen or get done and l really do not know how it is going to happen; l am just waiting on it to happen any day, at any time; more less like take me by surprise because l know it is going to happen, but l just do not know when.”

 Nancy Ruegg

Each of these faith analogies above offer insight into its mystic qualities. I cannot do better than Martin Luther King, Jr: “Faith is like taking the first step even if you don’t see the whole staircase.”


Jessica May Moore

Faith is like being blind all of your life. Suddenly the veil falls from your eyes and you are amazed at what you see.

Faith is like you were deaf all of your life and God opens your ears to His voice and you are amazed at all the things He has to say to you.

Faith is like you can not smell all of your life and suddenly you smell lilacs.

Faith is like you can’t feel a thing all of your life and suddenly He touches you and from that moment on you are never the same.


Faith is like jumping into a swimming pool for the first time each summer. I see others in there having fun. I stick my toe in the water and it feels too cold. Someone yells to me, “It’ll be fine once you jump in.” I always hesitate and struggle, then I just jump and it turns out to be great!

Faith is walking through any door in Alice and Wonderland fearlessly (unlike Alice) because God is your Heavenly Father and is bigger than anything on the other side of the door and loves me very much. 🙂❤



Faith is trusting God in your circumstances whatever it may be knowing that his plans are always good for you. Believing in the unseen!




Faith is like taking a breath – the air we breathe provides us with life, we cannot see it (except for exhaling on a cold day), but we are completely reliant on it to survive. When breath stops so does life. Faith is remarkably similar – it is the life-blood of your spiritual life and existence, it cannot be seen but the fruits can be witnessed, and when it is lost death almost certainly follows it.



These “Faith is like” moments were in the comments and were transferred into the post.  I encourage you to click on the links next to their pictures to visit their blogs and learn more about Him through them.

The Language Jesus Lived in, Spoke and Teaches With


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Have you ever been interested in learning a new language?  Did you know that God has told the world that His children will speak in tongues?  Would you like to learn a new tongue?

Learning a new tongue all starts with the alphabet.  Do you know where the alphabet got it’s name?  From the Hebrew language, that’s where. Mhmm, the origin of the word alphabet is nestled right in the Hebrew alphabet.  Alef is the first letter in Hebrew, and Beit (pronounced “Bet”) is the second.  That is why their languages alphabet is called the ” Alef Beit.”  Pretty neat.  See, you are already learning.

The Hebrew language is very complicated, and unlike English and many other languages, every letter has it’s own number value and it’s very own meaning.  Take the letter Fey (pronounced “fay”) for instance. Fey is the seventeenth letter in the Alef Bet, It’s Gamatria value is 80, and it means “mouth”.  With Fey meaning mouth it can also easily inference things like vocalization, speech, greetings and more.

In Hebrew, scholars use the letters that make up a word to understand the deepest definitions of a word by picking through each letter individually and putting those meanings together like a puzzle. Image result for hebrew alef bet

Jesus made scripture originally in Hebrew and the New Testament scriptures, although many are known to be in Greek, were written solely by Hebrews.

You will find a lesson plan just a bit down the page.  This list is still being compiled, but what is available so far will be in blue for you to click on and watch.  I suggest getting yourself a notebook and flashcards.  That’s how many people learn.  I suggest writing what you want to remember a few times before bed for a few days in a row, study the flash cards a few times a day, and then forget about it for a month or two and do something else.  If you come back to your studies, do the same thing.  After three cycles of this you will be very familiar with what you have studied and it will have taken only a total of a few hours.  Plus, most of these videos are  about 15 minutes long.

Freely I have been given so freely I give.  That is why you are getting free Hebrew lessons today.

Hebrew Lesson 1  (The Lessons in blue are made, The lessons not yet in blue are still in process)

1.0 Consonents (Introduction)

1.1 Sofits

1.2 Cursive

1.3 Similar Letters and Dagesh Marks

Hebrew Lesson 2

2.0 Vowels

2.1 Memorizing Your Hebrew Letters Part 1

2.2 Memorizing Your Hebrew Letters Part 2

2.3 Memorizing Your Hebrew Letters Part 3

2.4 The Vav and Other Letters Like The Vav

Hebrew Lesson 3

3.0 Sounding Out Words

3.1 5 Hebrew Words to Memorize

3.2 Conjugation of Words

3.3 5 More Hebrew Words to Memorize

Hebrew Lesson 4

4.0 Gematria

4.1 A Good Prayer in Hebrew

4.2 Pictographs

Hebrew Lesson 5

5.0 Pictographs Part 1

5.1 Pictograghs Part 2

5.2 Pictographs Part 3