Faith is Similar To . . .

Have you had a recent “Faith is Like?”  What is a “Faith is Like Moment?  Be patient, do not force it, and when it happens, post your “Faith is Like” moment in the comments on this article.  This post isn’t going anywhere and we cannot wait to hear your “Faith is Like Moment!”  This article is right here and waiting for you to tell us about your moment with God   Do not worry, no one here is going to judge you, as a “Faith is Like Moment” is equivocal.

Hear a “Faith is Like” moment I had!

Faith is like walking a dog through the suburbs without a leash.

How is faith like this?  Have you ever had a good Dad, or a good boss who is good to you most of the time, but then when he or she must scold you the circumstances are always such that the scolding ends up being a public thing that makes him look like a Virulent and unloving leader, when in fact He is a fantastic and loving leader, who was just circumstantially made to look bad.   It seems that the unfaithful have a view of God that paints Him as being angry and abussive.

When I was walking my dog leash-less today, every time I got close to an intersection and my dog was not near to me I had to put on my “man voice” and sternly warn him to catch up so we could cross the intersection together, instead of my dog crossing an intersection alone.

To the person following me a few paces back I sounded like an angry, aggressive and unloving dog owner.

When my dog came near to me (he is extremely obedient) I would praise him.  The person pacing me did not ever hear that.  God is my owner and I am His leash-less dog.  I do not care that people see My Father as unloving, I know that He loves me because I experience both sides of a relationship with The Creator.  He keeps me on the right path using both chastening and praising.



If you can tell us what your “Faith is Like Moment” is, describing it in a few sentences, that would be appreciated!  Thanks for visiting.

Can We Judge The Heart?


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We can never know if a person’s actions are coming from a righteous place.  We all know that the pharisees were evil.  We know this now, but did they know it back then?  Jesus spent a great deal of time explaining to people that they should not be like the pharisees, and that the pharisees were evil.  I do not think He would have spent so much time teaching this if people already were fully aware of the pharisee’s “dead dry bones”

This applies to today as well.  Many of the church leaders today are being fooled into thinking that they are holy.  How can this be?  How can such tender and loving people be fooled into thinking that they are holy?  Because nobody can judge the heart.  Satan has adjusted the way he does things over the last few thousand years.

The Word tells us that {The heart is deceitful above all things, who can know it?}

Look at this:

  • The three wise men were seeking Jesus
  • Jesus’ parents were seeking Jesus when He taught in the temple as a boy
  • Thousands of people left their daily grind and followed Jesus when He was in ministry
  • The believing ill were healed after seeking Jesus
  • The disciples left their jobs, families and their whole lives to follow Yeshua
  • Today there are a few people who truly seek Jesus and are finding God, the keys to life, and an abundance of it.
  • The pharisees were seeking Jesus with all they had
  • Timothy, James, and Paul used the majority of their resources to follow Jesus.

Just like on sesame street all of these things have something in common, but one of these things just does not belong here.  Every above example is serving the purpose of finding Jesus.  Some of the folks in these examples might have more self serving reasons than others, but the one that truly does not belong is the pharisees, you got it!  They not only are the most self serving, but their intention was to kill Jesus.  You know how that goes, they saw the power of God, were threatened by it and needed to wrestle it into submission, call it out, destroy it, make it their own so that they could serve the people! Right!?  Ha ha, no no no, their intention was to serve themselves at every turn, even when they appeared to be serving others.  You see, the pharisees were so far gone, that they must have at some level been aware of their evil intentions.

The problem in our generation is that Satan has tricked most of our preachers in such a way that they are not aware that what they are doing is actually hindering god’s vine (the various denominations) from being grafted to the True Vine (not a church, but God Himself).  Most of us are being deceived into acting in self serving ways through seemingly innocent acts of service.  The Pharisees, though, they were not deceived.  They knew they were bad people.  Especially after Jesus explained it to them.  Nicodemus recognized this and came to Him.  If Nicodemus was acting genuinely (not as a spy) then He is to be treated with utmost respect.  He risked EVERYTHING to do what was right.


This is the main point of this message: the tree was the same for each group of people.  If you caught any of them in the street and asked them what they were doing they would have said the same thing “I am looking for Jesus.”  The root and the fruit are both very different for the Pharisees.  The root for most of the other groups are a need for help.  The fruit for most others is/was thankfulness and gratitude.  Not for those bad boys the Pharisees.  Their root was a need to stay in power.  The fruit, once finding Jesus was mind games and nasty tricks.  Did anybody else, except for those in control play mind games and do nasty tricks to Jesus?

Let’s Get Real For A Moment

Why do you do what you do?   Why do you want what you want?  Your wants and intentions (your heart) controls what you do.  Where do you get these wants and desires?  Even if your wants and intentions are serving your church, ask yourself “How many times have I ran people out of the church based on what I judged to be good or bad?”  I want to ask you a serious and difficult question, please.  Could Satan be using you to keep your church from moving closer to the kingdom of God?  Tough question I know.  Do not avoid it.  Instead, face it head on in prayer and you will be pleasantly surprised with what happens next.

If God has sent a servant to your church, and you were part of the pack that ran that servant out, you will be held responsible for that.  The shame you are trying to avoid right now will become unbearable.  It will cause you to hide and to run away from Your Father, just as it is now.  {The heart is deceitful above all things, who can know it?}

There is Some One who can know the heart.  He can know your heart.  He can adjust it and make it nearer to His own.  He is much more likely to do this if you ask Him to.  Yeshua (Jesus) is capable of shaping your intentions and wants and needs to meet goals that will leave you with a great inheritance in heaven.  Make it a daily practice to give Jesus your heart.

Then when you must stand before The King of Kings to answer for your daily habits and the ripples you left behind based on your habits, you will be able to come before Him with fear and trembling, but boldly.  You will stand before Him knowing for certain that your actions did not come from you, but that they came from Him.  You will stand before Him because you will have proven to be a part of Him instead of a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  Faith without works is dead.  If your works are not His works, even if performed within the setting of a church, you are dead brothers and sisters.  Shalom and go with Him.










Exodus: In An Angel’s Bosom


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In the last three months she had developed a clairaudiance.  Dodging, bobbing and weaving so to speak, in an effort to keep her son from the guards; From the soldiers; from the wise men; and the sorcerers.  It had served her well.  Now, though, came the time for her to put the babe in the hands of The Lord in a tough way.

Yeshua had motivated her to do some peculiar things, especially as of recent.  Never misleading her, she had learned to trust Him.  This though was not an easy step.  Some weren’t.  It seemed to be murder.  Nevertheless, the voice of God would not abate.  It was clear that she must place her son in the river.

The rain was warm on the Levite woman’s brow.  There was an easy mist forming in pockets as she was lead to the river’s edge.  Her motivation was that of any mother’s.  The idea of allowing the Egyptians to take her newborn son’s life was not an option.  Was she the only one striving to keep hers?

She walked briskly, holding the babe under her garments.  Drawing closer and closer to the Nile, she was nearing the place where people might see her.  The Levite woman’s clothes were damp, yet they still hung over her with ease.  The Levite woman looked for a good place where she could place the child.  Hearing footsteps, slow and meticulously placed in the wet sand and mud: squish, drain, pop, another pop and a long squish, “Oh no” she thought. She needed a place to hide and a distraction so her movements weren’t heard.  She tossed a small cobble into the air.  It arced up and over the path and into the sage brush on the other side.  She made a jump for a small hill next to her, not nearly enough for shelter but she landed and rolled flat with the baby in her arms at the same time that the cobble brushed through the foliage and plopped into the mud.  She hugged the ground and her energy was kept low.  The baby didn’t make a sound, the Egyptian passed, spooked and without a glance in her direction.

The desert was a land full of superstitions.  Over the generations these superstitions had woven themselves into the very nature of the Egyptian.  This, she had found was right in front of her all the time.  Once she could see it was so plain.  It worked to her advantage remarkably.

She was not even on alert at moments like this anymore.  Her energy was very balanced.  If she had been caught the Egyptians would have dealt with her in a most licentious way.  God had her heart and mind.  It was not easy to walk so close to Him.  She was derided by the leaders, both religious and non.  She was in constant warfare with herself. Against the wiles of her carnal mind:  it telling her how childish this God stuff was;  Yet, He prevailed when she was with Him in mind, and even when she wasn’t.

The basket she had made the day before was still there, waiting for to take it’s place in history.  What was His name?  She placed him in the basket.  She took a moment and just sat.  This was another step in her personal journey with The Creator.  There was a chorus happening all around her.  The falling drops on the water, in the vegetation, on the land, and over her son’s golden brown skin.

The river tugged him in as she shed her motherly tears.

A small, condensed ray raced toward the earth from the sky.  The water caught in it was, for a moment, a swirl of of beautiful bright colors.

“What have I done” The Levite woman wailed.  Her guts and better judgement immediately lashed out at her for being such a fool.  She prayed that she be given the strength to understand and abide in God’s will.   But alas it is written <For, I think, God has exhibited us apostles last of all, as men condemned to death; because we have become a spectacle to the world, both to angels and to men.  We are fools for Christ’s sake.>

And goes the journey of the faithful.  She then remembered the situation at hand and that her options were slim to none.  She remembered the construction of trust that had developed between Her husband, YHVH, and herself.  She chose to allow her mind to be put at ease and she continued to morn the loss of her son.

The Unseen


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Hi Lo, reader.  How are we today?  Let’s say a prayer that Yeshua really lords over our lives for the remainder of this week.  That He brings us into deep fellowship with the church through His word.  He is king and loves us and we thank Him for that.  Change is what we seek, we want our knowledge of who He is to grace our minds and to bring us into a deeply intertwined communion with the Holy Spirit.

Genesis 1:

 {In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.  And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.  And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.  And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness.  And God called the light day, and the darkness he called night. And the evening and the morning were the first day.}

Please, before reading ,watch this beautiful video that will aid us in this study.  If you don’t care to watch the whole thing just skip to four minutes and fifty seconds: Reuben Margolin: Motion Sculptor.

That is an artists perspective on this natural occurrence.  Here is another perspective from the scope of people who study God’s creation and all its behavior’s (most of them miss this point: that if God created such awe inspiring things than He must be eons greater than His own creation, and more complicated too!).  The only difference for this video that we might suggest is that at four minutes and twenty five seconds Dr. Quantum says “the electron decided to act differently”.  As we believers know, the electron was created, by Yahova, to act whichever way it acts in a given situation.  Check this out!: Double Slit Experiment.

If you are anything like me, you skipped over the verse above thinking I already have read that.  Tens of times.  Let’s concentrate on something: <And the earth was without form, and void>  Wow, that is deep.  Is scripture meaning to tell us that the world was created, yet had not come into tangible existence yet?  Let’s look at the earthly definitions of formless and then of voidFormless: without a clear or definite shape or structure (adj).  According to that definition it seems so.  An idea is formless, right?  Unwritten and written rules and laws are formless, yet they govern everything we do.  Lastly, There are a lot of things in the world of spirituality that are formless.

Now lets look at Void: A completely empty space (adj).  The earth, on the first day, was without a clear or definite shape or structure and was completely empty space.  We can then conclude that the earth existed before it existed.  Much like a bench that a carpenter makes exists, in his mind, before it exists.  Not really like that, it was more like it had existence yet was not . . . how do we say, matter.  That’s all, it wasn’t quite matter yet.  It was well on it’s way to becoming matter.

In studying these first few words of the Bible lets think that God is inviting us to understand the reality that we easily exist within, full of form and very tangible, is patterned after something that may not be quite like that.

Acts 17: 6

< And when they found them not, they drew Jason and certain brethren unto the rulers of the city, crying, These that have turned the world upside down are come hither also;>

The way that things ordinarily function tend to change when disciples are around.  The people in control don’t care much for that.  hehe.  Now we are slightly straying from the point so let us get back on target.

Let us look at numbers.  The book itself probably attests for this idea in a great many ways however, we are going to look at a different numbers.  Spiritual things are not matter, but they have representations of themselves all around us.   We cannot buy 4 (the number).  We cannot hold 12.  We are not capable of creating 7.  We can though, hold 3 apples and the number three does a real fine job at pinning down the idea that is 3.  The closest we can get to holding 5 would be to make something into the shape of a 5 and then hold it.  In that case we are holding the representation of five.  Another way to hold the representation of five would be to hold 5 things.

If it were cameras some one might say “what’s with the cameras?” missing the whole five thing completely.  If you were holding something that were in the shape of a five someone might say “whats with the five?”  This idea of it being a representation is close to the point.

As we go further into the first few verses of scripture we learn that {darkness was upon the face of the deep.}  This was before there was any form yet.  There was yet to be an amount of matter to settle into a something to create a tangible deep.  So what can we take from this?  Lets take the representation of what deep is.  When we have a heady experience in conversation or God places something intense like an epiphany into a believer’s mind a man may think or say “man, that was deep” .  Darkness was on the face of that; and on the face of a group of liquids that have settled together into a something that holds enough of it for God to consider it deep.  Now we know that probably everything known to man is simply a representation of something spiritual.

Water is definitely a representation of something very powerful: it has polarity, is life sustaining, cleansing, dense, viscous, see through, dependable, and tangibly carries waves.  It says that The Spirit of God moved on the face of that.  What does it mean by “the face”?  I can bet that it means something close to “what the surface of something shows, or what can be gathered at first glance.”  <And the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.>  Beyond that we read that there was light and a separation of it being good from the darkness.  The first day.

What we know light to be is photons that come in packets.  So aside from those little photon packets in the first day God didn’t create anything our human bodies would be able to exist in.  It is quite possible that those photons weren’t yet poking into the reality that had not yet been stretched out yet.  Who knows?  All we know is that it is some really cool stuff to think about.

We are so incredibly privileged to live in a world where we can come into direct relationship with Yeshua, Our God, who pokes through into our world presently in the form of acts of Fatherly advice and rearing, kindness, oppression and opportunity, Love and the need to change.  God we love You and thank You for Your patience with us as we try and make changes that are suitable to You.  Sanctify us for Your work.  You are everything, we lift up Your name and ask You to make it our will to properly sing Your praises.  JOY!

Who is your God? Church or God?

Today I had a really great conversation with a Muslim.  He was about my age, and we had a lot in common.  We both agreed to disagree on many topics, but to tell you the truth I learned from that boy, and he admitted, whether he wanted to or not, to have learned from me too.

He, on his own accord, without me doing any mental work at all, consistently brought up points that I was prepared for and was knowledgeable about.  Some of them I had literally studied just hours before.  The confidence this brought was key.

I believe because of some things God showed the muslim boy today through me that it will be easier, more sensible even for him to join the good guys.  One of the points brought up in this conversation is this:  What happened at the crucifixion seemingly causes us Christians to feel as if we are not responsible for our actions.

It is easy to fall into a Muslim’s trap when they bring up anything.  They have studied themselves approved in a much greater way than the average Christian.  They tend to spin a yarn that makes us look like irresponsible children and our doctrine like an unrealistic fairy tale.  Once this point is made by a Muslim (and they will make that point, trust me) it is important to recognize that any Christian who has given their life to a church, a denomination or to any representation of Christ will be obliterated by the Muslim in that argument and rightly so.  Why? Because those Christians have not yet experienced how God actually handles sin.  To those Christians, the gospel more or less is a fairy tale.  Forgive me for putting it that plainly.  I have been on both sides of this and I understand how you feel.

The Bible very subtly warns us of the difference between copy catting others who have given their lives to Christ and actually giving up one’s life for Him.  In Genesis we learn of Abraham walking with God.  When he is in the maelstrom that was Egypt during a famine, he withholds information from his enemies in order to both save himself, his wife, and his obedience to God.  He tells everybody that Sarah is his sister and moves forward trusting God will do the rest.  God does, and in magnificent fashion.  Abraham does it again when in the land of king Abimelech and the outcome is exactly the same.

Fast forwarding a few chapters we find Abraham’s son, Isaac in the same situation, with the same king even.  Isaac’s wife is on the line because she also is beautiful like his mother, Sarah.  Isaac probably thought quickly this worked for my dad and he tells the king “She is my sister.”

Uh oh.  Isaac’s copy catting does not quite work, spiritually, as Abraham’s did.  Withholding information and speaking something that is untrue are not the same thing.  A copy catter might do well verse for verse defending their beliefs against another’s beliefs.  Here is the problem with that though:  If we have not truly given our lives to Yeshua, we will leave that conversation worried about some of the points the Muslim had.  That will show through, subtly in our body language, the Muslim will pick up on it, and the Muslim will walk away with more faith in their religion because they noticed that they got to another Christian.

Please forgive me if that point was sort of rough.  Rectifying it is between you and God.  If you have had a lengthy and good relationship with Him (not your church, but Him) you understand what it feels like to no longer deal with guilt or shame. If you are not yet on that boat you can easily search your heart to avoid the worse of two outcomes for an unavoidable event: meeting Him.  Is church your God, or is Jesus your God?

That was point A.  Point B is more of a sword for your arsenal than an abrasive questioning of where you stand with God.  Please forgive me.  Muslims have taken our patriarch Abraham and twisted it to seem like He is their Father instead of ours.   The father of their faith even.  They are fighting for what Ishmael never had so many years ago.  There are a lot of similarities in the Muslim and Christian faiths.  There is a reason for this.  Abraham is the father of many children.  Isaac is the child that God instructed Abraham (even against Abraham’s will at points: Genesis 21:8-14) to favor.  Ishmael is Abraham’s firstborn son.  Ishmael is the root of the nation of Islam (Genesis 21:13 & Genesis 25:12-18).  The Torah tells us that the sons and daughters of the slave women were not treated the same as Isaac.  The servant women’s children were given gifts  but were driven out of their home with Abraham while Abraham was alive.  On the other hand, Isaac was given the inheritance (what Islam is fighting for). (all of this information can be found in Genesis Chapters 12- 26)

Christianity comes from this line: Abraham to Isaac to Jacob (called Israel).  Keep in mind that most of the sons and daughters of this tribe are disobedient children of God, but children from Abraham’s inheritance none-the-less.  On the other hand, Islam comes from Ishmael.  Why not Abraham to Ishmael?  Because there is a division between Abraham and Ishmael.  The difference in the parting Ishmael took from Abraham and the parting Isaac took from Abraham is this: Ishmael was:

  • Driven away
  • Given gifts
  • No inheritance.

There is a nation that comes from Ishmael (Genesis 21:13): Islam.  The nation of Israel and the sons and daughters of God comes from Abraham: Genesis 12:7 combined with Genesis 15:1-6 and is contextually accurate.


****Correction (2/28/017)***** Today I read Genesis 35, where God speaks to Israel describing to him that a nation will come from him as well.  The only difference then, between the sons of Ishmael and the sons of Israel are that God intended to bless Israel with the inheritance, whereas God intended to make a nation out of both of them giving only gifts but no inheritance to Ishmael. *********


Muslims are still fighting to take over the inheritance that is not theirs.  They have the option to come to faith in Yeshua, bringing them (in a roundabout way) into the inheritance that they are fighting for.

I do not think you will adequately defend the faith after reading this article.  Adequately defending the faith would be more well done through prayer and reading the scripture from this angle, knowing that Muslims like to say “Islam comes from the faith of Abraham”  or is “The Abrahamic faith.”  They berate Christians by telling them a bunch of stuff (mostly true stuff) the Christians haven’t heard before, intending on converting them.  By the time that a converted Christian finds out that the basis of their conversion was sprinkled with a lie or two, they are deeply entwined socially with Muslims and have seen how much less hypocrisy is in that church than their own and sometimes end up staying on a path that leads to destruction. Do not let them fool you!

My Lord said to His Lord

Yeshua (Jesus) is God.  Not only do most agree with this but most preach it to others too.  Do you really completely understand it?  I do not, but I can understand a little more deeply thanks to a lot of what is written in The Old Testament.

Nobody can see The Father and live <Ref. Ex 33:20>.  How can this be true?  The Old Testament is wrought with examples of men seeing God.  In this article, we will explore why.

The reason that some men have seen God, even though no man can see God, is because God is a multifaceted being.  God The Father passed by Moses and Moses saw His trail, like a comet’s.  This “passing by” caused Moses’ presence to terrify the Israelites.  Hear this: The presence of a man who caught the tail end of God’s glory passing by him caused a whole nation of people to be terrified at that man.  We aren’t seeing YHVH.  We are just seeing a person who caught a glimpse of YHVH out of the corner of their eye!  One time!

This is the closest any man has come to seeing God The Father in The Bible.  Moses was a man, but it was Yeshua who was living inside of him that caused him to live the way He did.  How can we know that Yeshua was existent before Yeshua was born?  Because no man can see God and live.  Yeshua is and has been active in the lives of men since the very very beginning.  Him being born and dying was not the beginning of Yeshua. {He was chosen before the creation of the world, but was revealed in these last times for your sake. 1 Peter 1:20}

  1. Yeshua appeared before Joshua prior to the battle of Jericho.
  2. Yeshua appeared to Isaiah while the seraphim shook the doorposts and His train filled the temple.  They sang of His glory.
  3. Yeshua commanded the angel that fed John a scroll that tasted like honey but became bitter in his belly.
  4. Yeshua gave us The Torah through Moses.
  5. When Moses was in the habit of meeting with God face-to-face, outside of the tent of meeting while the people watched, it was Yeshua He met with and spoke to “as one friend speaks to another”. (50/50 chance here that it was Yeshua or The Holy Spirit) (Or could be YHVH within the cloud, but not seen, only heard.  Yeshua’s Father’s voice could destroy anything, so maybe not as likely.)
  6. Yeshua is God
  7. When David was writing a Psalm and He wrote {My Lord said to His Lord}, I think that He was saying {Yeshua said to Yaweh.}

The first verse of Psalm 110 reads:

{The Lord says to My Lord:

“Sit at my right hand until I make your enemies a footstool for your feet.”}

Do you see that?  It is one of those things that makes life full of everything good:   {YHVH says to Yeshua.}  After understanding how “GOD” Yeshua actually is, go back and read all of that Psalm.  It is as neat as the book shelves at a library. (Psalms 110)

The entire Bible is undeniable truth; Further, The Bible supports itself, never correcting itself.  There is a scripture that tells us that no man can see God and live yet here are the scriptures that describe each and every event of man seeing God and living:

Revelation 10:10

{And I took the little book out of the angel’s hand, and ate it up; and it was in my mouth sweet as honey: and as soon as I had eaten it, my belly was bitter.} (Bitter Sweet)

Isaiah 6

{In the year that king Uzziah died I saw also The Lord sitting upon a throne, high and lifted up, and His train filled the temple.}


Joshua 5

{And it came to pass, when Joshua was by Jericho, that he lifted up his eyes and looked, and, behold, there stood A Man over against him with His sword drawn in His hand: and Joshua went unto Him, and said unto Him, “Art Thou for us, or for our adversaries?”

And He said, “Nay; but as Captain Of The Host Of The Lord am I now come.” And Joshua fell on his face to the earth, and did worship, and said unto Him, What saith My Lord unto His servant?

And The Captain of The Lord‘s Host said unto Joshua, “Loose thy shoe from off thy foot; for the place whereon thou standest is holy. And Joshua did so.”} (Feet and the Gospel)

The Captain Of The Lord’s Army is Yeshua.  Here are some clues that lead us to that conclusion:  Anytime you here about angels showing up in scripture, men tend to fall out, poop in their pants, puke up their guts, and they end up flat on their faces.  When that happens the angels always immediately look left to right, shifting uncomfortably to ensure God isn’t watching before they pick the man up, instructing the person to get on their feet and never to bow to them or their like again.  Then they say, “Do not fear” (I know I am awesome and scary because you are so vile, and my goodness makes you uncomfortable, but contain yourself for goodness sake) followed by Their message.  Contrary to this, you never hear God tell a man not to worship Him.  Also, God rightly accepts our worship as opposed to shunning it.

In the instance of Yeshua before Joshua, he is not instructed to get up.  The worship is welcomed.  Thus, it is not an angel.  I’m sure God can take the form of an angel if He wishes, but in this case He took the form of a man, and when He was worshiped Yeshua did not stop Him.  Yeshua is God.  He has been around from the beginning.

Deuteronomy 11:18

{Therefore shall ye lay up these My words in your heart and in your soul, and bind them for a sign upon your hand, that they may be as frontlets between your eyes.}

Yeshua had told Moses to tell the people to bind His words into their hearts.  The idea here is that those words in the brackets are words Moses wrote, but he wrote them after Yeshua told them to him.

Jeremiah 32:39
{And I (YHVH) will give them one heart and one way, that they may fear Me (YHVH) always, for their own good and for the good of their children after them.}

In this case I believe that the “I” and “Me” are The Father, because He is speaking of The Way that He will give them.  The Way is Yeshua.  In the spirit of their separateness  this describes The Father speaking of His Son’s purpose.

2 John 1:6

{And this is love, that we walk according to His commandments (Yeshua’s).  This is the commandment, just as you have heard from the beginning, that you should walk in it.}

Hebrews 1

{He has spoken to us by His Son, Whom He appointed Heir Of All Things, and through Whom also He made the universe.}

Read that last one again:  {through Whom also He made the universe.}

Here it is again with the Whom is Whom.

{(YHVH) has spoken unto us by (Yeshua), Whom (YHVH) appointed Heir Of All Things , and through (Yeshua), (YHVH) made the universe.}

{In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.}

Yeshua created the universe under God’s command!  It is Yeshua’s hands that did the creating.  Yeshua created man and woman, all the stars, the seas and land and all that is in them!  Because of Him everything exists, by Him everything is held together, and for Him everything in existence is in existence.  He has been around from the beginning.  Yeshua created the universe.

Saturday Sabbath is for Weird People


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In Genesis 2:1 we learn that when God created a week, He placed a gift at the end of the week.  On the seventh day, God rested, and He sanctified and blessed that day for us.  He made a day where the very nature of the day is to help us rest.

That is why it is important to practice not just a day of rest, but to line up our day of rest with “the day of rest.”

Can We Trust This?  What about The New Covenant?

Now that we understand why we rest on a specific day, here is proof that He loves us:  in Exodus 20:8 He commands us to practice the day of rest.  Why is this love?  It took from Genesis 2 until Exodus 8 for it to go from an optional gift to grasp to a necessary gift to grasp.  We never have to ask, “Does God actually want me to take part in this blessing?” because there is no question: His intentions are clear when He makes a day for rest and then commands us to utilize it.

God does not build a hot tub to be looked at, but to be utilized.  If you miss the hot tub and end up in the snow next to it, that is your own fault.

But Sunday Is So Popular

Constantine’s Edict of Milan and the events following the Battle of the Milvian Bridge (4th century) caused some serious misconceptions about Christianity to grasp the world we live in today.  Sunday is just the start of it, no pun intended (It is a pun because Sunday is the first day of the week.  The start of the week. . . Oh man.  I crack myself up).

Prior to The Battle of the Milvian Bridge, it is written in history that Constantine had a dream, as told by Eusubius his bishop friend and mentor, where Constantine was told to use the symbols from the Greek alphabet Chi and Rho in order to win in battle.  He placed these symbols, transposed, on the shields of his warriors who won at the bridge of Milvian against Maxentius.  This battle made him much more powerful than he was previous to the battle.

The nature of the world that we live in is this:  The Lord sows seed, and then Satan tries to steal, kill, and or destroy the seed.  If you have had a God moment, you can bet your assets that Satan will be there shortly if you are not on your guard and in Yeshua (Jesus’ Hebrew Name).  God made Constantine a promise, and right before He was about to make good on that promise, Satan comes in and tries to tamper with the credit: A second vision occurred, not while Constantine was sleeping, but in broad daylight where he and his entire army (Chi Rho on their shields as per God’s advice), on the way to the battle saw a lighted cross in the sky with an inscription under it: “by this symbol conquer”.

WHOA WHOA WHOA.  Hold the bacon.  Constantine was instructed to use a symbol to win in battle.  Now, while on the way to a battle he sees another vision telling him to use a new sign.  In the confusion, Constantine pressed on and won.  I believe the first sign is from God, and the second sign was from Satan.  Here is why: The scriptures tell us to use the name of Our Savior when we are in trouble.   The scriptures tell us to make no graven images.  God would have instructed a man to use the first two letters of the name “Savior.”  Satan would have instructed a man to be disobedient.

Prior to Constantine’s battle, which he won as his first vision promised, he was a Mithraith (sun worhsipper).  Sun worshipers had a holy day: the first day of the week.  Post-victory it seemed Constantine was taking Christianity seriously.  He converted, and declared that everyone that worked in his army and within his governing body must become christian as well.

Now we have a bunch of obdurate pagans running around forced to say that they are Christian.  That maelstrom must not have been much fun for the true Christians, and I bet the Pagans weren’t happy about it either. On the bright side, all the money and property that Constantine’s dad, the previous Roman emperor, confiscated years earlier was given back to the true Christians.  Plus, it was made legally known that all Christians may practice their religion as they saw fit (Edict of Milan, 313 AD).  It was about 8 years after this Edict of Milan that a law was passed stating that the national and lawful day of rest is Sunday.

With the help of the Catholics, this law was enforced, not only by the government, but by the church.  Now we have sun worshippers, whose special day is the first day, forced to be shoulder to shoulder with God worshippers who were encouraged to break covenant from Saturday and worship with the Pagans.  I do not have any idea how this lasted, but Satan made it work somehow.  He won that battle.

At that point and now, we have exactly what God had basically ordered the disobedient to do: practicing the commands of men as if they are scriptural doctrine.

They worship me in vain, teaching as doctrine the commandments of men is what the scripture goes like in Matthew 15:9.


Why is this important if you are a Christian?  Because you have a choice:

Obedience to God


Obedience to Man.




Destroy or Build?

In the story you are about to read, Jesus (Yeshua) was very plain about what was about to begin happening within the ranks of the high priests.  Could this have been the straw that broke the camels back for Nicodemus?

Before healing the sick man’s hand on Sabbath, Jesus said, “Is it lawful to restore life on Sabbath or to destroy it?” Jesus then restored life by healing the man’s hand.  The Pharisees then destroyed life by laboring in this way: {But the Pharisees went out and plotted how they might kill Jesus.}

Jesus: Resting in God’s work.  Jesus was building the kingdom, one obedient action at a time.

Pharisees: Toiling with Satan

Who kept the Sabbath that day?

Nicodemus was mighty and courageous for risking his life for what he knew was right.  He must have seen that the Sabbath was kept by Yeshua, and broken by his own people, even when Yeshua warned them not to.  It must have been as plain as the nose on His face.

Shoeless Leadership

In China it is a sign of respect to take one’s shoes off upon entering a household. All around the world, I am sure there are folks who must produce charismatic phlegm in order to endure a friend tromping through their home with shoes on.

Why though? Why is this the case?

Here are two instances in The Bible where God commands a man to take off their sandals in His presence.


Exodus 3:5: Moses

<Then He said, “Do not come near; take your sandals off your feet, for the place on which you are standing is holy ground.”>

Joshua 5:15: Joshua

<And The Captain of the LORD’S host said unto Joshua, “Loose thy shoe from off thy foot; for the place whereon thou standest is holy.” And Joshua did so.>

I am absolutely positive that the reason God requires such intense respect is not simply for formality. It is not because Our God turns up His nose snobbishly saying “I, sir, am so much better than you, that you must bow down and worship Me.”

No, no, no, that is not God.  You see, man seeks to be worshiped for his own benefit. Usually. Why? Because Satan has twisted the reasons for worship from selfless to selfish.  

We all know the human body is covered in absorbent material called the skin. I want you to take a guess at what the most absorbent part of the skin is. That is right, it is the sole of one’s foot.

Maybe, this is why God so lovingly commands a man standing before Him – on holy ground – to please, for your sake, soak it in. The rest of your skin has glands that produce sebum. Sebum is an oil that protects the skin from absorbing things too quickly. Not only are there no sebaceous glands on your feet’s souls, but there are no hair follicles either. Within 20 minutes of a material being placed on your foot’s bottom, traces of that material (if absorbent) can be found throughout the entire body. The bloodstream soaks it up almost immediately. In the case of our forefathers in faith, it is holy ground that is being soaked into the bloodstream and dispersing throughout all the organs, including the brain and the heart.




I doubt this guy is Christian; However, it is unclean birds that brought Elijah meat. Simon begins lying when he talks about evolution but the idea expressed in his video is still mostly right.  God is using Simon to teach people to fall better into the track of what leadership is truly about.  Why are things like respect and bare feet important information to good leaders?  If to you it seems unrelated, pray about it and God may very well take you on a journey that will turn you into a better employee, boss, or friend than you already are.