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What do the Disciples and Yeshua have in common when it comes to how they handled storms? Big storms. Not only will this article answer that question, but you will also read a few of the various lessons learned when drawing connections across the landscape of The Gospels. Specifically, when referencing the two largest storms from the Gospels: one physical and one spiritual.

In that evening’s end, Yeshua saw the twilight’s breaking the night, giving way to a beautiful day. He was alone, in the shalom and tranquility of prayer. The light glittered across the sky and the sea it blanketed with diamonds and rays of gregarious color. He had spent the entire day previous healing His fellow Israelites, hadn’t eaten a thing but was recharged under the blanket of His Father’s wings. Yeshua was ready to spend the day in front of Him now with the same work as yesterday’s. By lunch time, the crowds grew yet still. Hundred’s were healed. The people wanted more. He decided it was time to get into a boat and head to the other side. My popularity can be dangerous. It needs to be kept under control, He thought, popularity is the goal, but I must handle these circumstances with the maturity, patience and the faith of My Father.

When Yeshua was crossing that sea, He was tired. My friend, He fell asleep. On a pillow (Mark 4:38). Now, in this circumstance there was a physical storm on the way that the Disciples could see. Nothing to fear, they were seasoned fisherman, well acquainted with their home sea of Galilee (Matthew 4:18). Unexpectedly, just a few short minutes later, the boat was filling with the waves and those same seasoned fisherman were certain that they were about to die: and Yeshua was asleep on a pillow!? (Matthew 8:23-27; Mark 4:38). Let’s get one thing straight, my friend: this was no Coast Guard cutter, but a fishing boat, handmade, rough cut, and built around twenty-three-hundred years ago (this article written Gregorian 2023 or Hebrew 5783). He was asleep on a pillow none-the-less.

His Disciples awoke Him, He calmed the storm, and they were saved. Any religious person knows and loves this story. It shows Yeshua’s power and authority. It shows Him as the potentate that He truly is, and the way He wields that great power in manumitting His people from unnecessary harm. We all see and agree with this story’s wonder in that regard. (Matthew 8:23-27). Are you ready to take a deeper look into the inexhaustible Word of God? Let’s learn more, together.

Once safe on the other side of Galilee, Yeshua had more work to do, but first He must have recognized how odd it was that He was asleep during that violent, preternatural storm. Father, why was I sleeping during a storm that almost killed My Disciples and I? Yeshua had likely stored this information in His heart for pondering later.

Let’s fast forward in the Gospel narrative to a time when Yeshua was not faced with a physical storm that His eyes were closed to like on the sea that fateful day, but a spiritual storm that His Disciples’ eyes were closed to. The stars were shinning through the interspersed clouds on a warm Jerusalem evening. The ground was still moist with that winter’s thaw of it’s light, late and unorthodox dusting of snow. The smell of sheep and goats swept up the Valley of The Kings just near the Temple Mount, within sight of the groups’ location at the Garden of Gethsemene. The smell of the sheep made Yeshua uneasy, the wind was blowing in just the right way to enhance that generally subtle smell. It was disagreeable to His nostrils. He knew what was on the horizon.

“Pray, lest you not enter into temptation”, He told His Disciples before He went to pray on His own again. He could see the storm approaching. This storm was going to be as fierce as there ever would be. It’s target? He and His Disciples. They must hold their own weight in prayer this night. The battle approacheth. Yeshua walked on, thinking to Himself, while His feet found solid footing under the gnarled trees of the garden. Finding a suitable, private place to connect in that evening’s prayers He thought again, in what was coming dangerously close to disdain, I have comforted them for more than several seasons, trained them, shown them the way, I have poured out My life for them. I have taught them well haven’t I? Yeshua was about to die and hopelessness was snarling at His heels. Blood was coming from His pours like sweat. What in God’s name is happeing? I knew this would be challenging, but all this? His head kept trying to spin and He had to fight to stay sober minded and connected to The Father. If He had failed to teach them well, the time had run out. After a spell in prayer, in His private place, He came back to find them asleep yet still. Another enormous disappointment to add to all that was happening that evening.

“You are sleeping? You must pray!” He said, winking the sting of a drop of blood out of His eye. They did not notice. The Disciples’ sleepy eyes had gotten the better of them three times in total. Yeshua was in the most desperately difficult duration any man had ever been in. He was about to go the way of all the earth. His Disciples were not helping Him. Nor were they helping themselves. One of them was responsible for betraying Him, and was on the way soon. It was a mess and it seemed that all was about to unravel completely.

Right about then is when something that was hidden in Yeshua’s heart was brought to light. No more pondering necessary. There was an certain event He recalled. A preternatural storm that He slept through which had threatened to kill those sleeping Disciples. He was the one who had to be woken up that day. Now, it was Him waking them up. You see, Yeshua, although Deity, was fully man. The beggarly elements had their go at having sway over Him. Without His relationship to God, He would have fallen pray to sins and weaknesses like the rest of us. This circumstance was no different. He is The Lamb Who Was Slain From The Foundation Of The Earth: spotless and whole.

Unforgiveness is neither spotless nor whole. As the laudable Savior that He is, the image of God that He is, even clearly seeing their inability to care for Him when He needed their care most, and their lack of maturity to care for themselves when they needed to be standing on their own two feet: when seeing the stark contrast, His forgiveness was instant. The team that is The Father and The Son claimed victory, once again. He could go to the cross spotless and whole to be sacrificed that we might be saved, even in the face of the god of the world’s best hatched plans: that wicked serpent of old. The rest is HIStory.

How are you doing in this department my friend? Have you found the humility to have faith in the Great Team in The Sky like our Patriarch, Lord and Great Example did so many years ago? Have you found it in your heart to be patient and wait for the answers at the perfect time, allowing The Creator to thread one needle after another in your life, weaving the thread of your life into the great tapestry that is The children of Israel, The Kingdom of God, The Great Cloud of Witnesses? Are you trusting that even though His very character is more than the fleshly mind is able to comprehend, that He is loving you from beyond that veil of human comprehension? If you have found this freedom, congratulations, GOD is your God and how wonderful a Lord He is. How rewarding. If not, consider this another invitation. Those invitations are numbered, my friend. Take courage and be strong in The One True God. There is none like Him and the time is short. You Are able, and worth both salvation and continuing into His strength. Your victory and the team of people who have found it themselves be blessed.

By: T.Griffin ben Yeshua Messiah

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