Why did Yeshua choose sand as the wicked man’s foundation? You may find that the metaphor goes deeper than just sand’s tenancy to shift with the winds. How is the parable of the wise and wicked builders connected to Yeshua’s time in the desert? How is it connected to the Israelite time in the desert during the Exodus event? This article will explore the answers to these questions.

In Matthew Ch. 7 Yeshua uses simile, instead of metaphor to teach the parable of the wise and wicked builders. He described one man as having built his house on The Rock. The wise man dug deep in order to put the foundation of his home there. Do you know who The Rock is metaphorically speaking of? Yeshua HaMashiach, that’s right.

Once the wise builder found that solid ground to place the foundation of his home upon, he could build, and build, and build some more without having to worry if his life’s work was pleasing to The Master or not. So long as the upward momentum of the man’s house continued to agree with the foundation he had lain with God alongside, he was good to go. So good to go in fact, that a hair raising (and water raising) storm came and passed and the home stood. (Matthew 7:25)

Our wise builder is righteous, set in his ways, and strong. He is in company with The Master all day and all evening. On the other hand we have a a wicked man. Yeshua went on to teach that the wicked man built his house on the sand. The same storm that plagued our wise builder destroyed the home of the wicked man. (Matthew 7:27) Here is where we will digress, going on a bit of a Rabbi trail. Enjoy.

When the Israelites experienced the first fold of Yeshua’s mission for them: salvation, it manifested itself as a literal manumission from slavery in Egypt. (Exodus 14) Once that was complete they began their journey through the second fold of Yeshua’s mission statement for His people: strengthening. Whether they wanted strength or not, Yeshua’s mission was unfolding in their lives. Very few made it through the second fold. Yeshua’s discerning and loving eye only found two worthy of continuing their journey of finding God’s strength in their lives: Joshua and Caleb. (Joshua 4:1) The rest of them wandered in the desert for 40 years. It might be said that they built their homes on the sand.

When Yeshua made Himself subject to the beggarly elements, He spent the first part of His life in the desert of Egypt (Matthew 2:13-14) and was called from there to come back home. The cycle repeats itself again when Yeshua was baptized. After being symbolically born again Yeshua went into the wilderness, the desert for 40 days and 40 nights to be tempted by Satan. (Matthew 3:13 – 4:1) It was during this time that Yeshua was given the strength and fortitude from The Father that He needed to begin His mission. Victoriously, Yeshua did not build His house on the sand. All of the solutions to the problems Yeshua was working towards solving were presented to Him at the end of His time in the desert: from the most personal to the most universal: so long as he would give into temptation, or allow Himself to be beguiled, or to proclaim Satan as being in His Father’s place as Lord, King, Elohim. (Matthew 4:1-11)

Yeshua resisted. He did not take the easy route and He battled the giants at the end of His wilderness journey with wisdom, strength and courage. He never once backed down. Yeshua had lain the foundation for His Kingdom on The Rock! “Away with you Satan!”

The same storm pummeled both our wise and wicked builders homes, but only one home stood. When you get what you want from The Lord: salvation, are you going to be found a wise or wicked builder? Have you been through your wilderness or are you still in it, refusing to be strengthened? Do you smell that moisture in the air? Do you see that color in the sky? I think a storm is brewing. Shalom, my friend. I truly value your taking the time to fellowship today. The Father’s blessing overtake you and keep you. His face shine upon you and be gracious to you. May He give you shalom.

By: T.Griffin ben Yeshua Messiah

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