Good morning, you.  Let us ask for God’s blessing in our lives while we put on the breastplate of righteousness, the helmet of salvation, belt of truth, and allow Yeshua to shod our feet with the gospel as we hold the sword of truth in our hearts.  Like children playing make believe we put on the shield of faith.  We know how powerful imagination is and as we envision ourselves wearing the full armor of God we will go through tests and trials and triumph as our enemies turn around and are made into our spiritual leaders with The Holy Spirit’s intervention and courage to walk in the light of truth. The Spirit’s armor is not imaginary though, it is action. When the world tries to corner you into being deceitful and you choose the path of truth you have not lost your belt: the mouth is a tool and it’s first job is to be used to speak truth, not lie with purpose and reason. When you have to choose between knitting a blanket with Yeshua’s name on it, helping a poor person with a meal, and learning what God has to teach you through studying His Word, and you stop for a second, ask God what He wants, then sacrifice your desires and overcome your fears to be obedient to Him, your breastplate has been securely fastened.

It tells us that the kingdom of God is written inside each and every one of us.  We live in a world that Our Father has handed over to evil however, and the angels of the fall have enough power to affect the truths of heaven in the hearts of men, warping and twisting them in order that we may believe the subtle lies satan and his armies have written into the code of life all around us that our senses use to function every day.

Because of this we must use our imaginations.  This sounds immature and opens us up to persecution, however it’s the truth. God equipped (not burdened) us with imagination and creativity  We must take the solid foundation of the written Word as it is written no cherry picking, and imagine it applied to our lives every day.  Old Testament behavior was based on learning what Yeshua did for us through obedience as He hadn’t made a public show of it yet, He is The Lamb Slain Before The Foundation of The World. Today our behavior is based on figuring out the full magnitude of what He did through obedience to Our Father’s will while the whole world knows what He did, and they all think they fully understand it.  Start by applying what you know as love today to your relationship with Yeshua.  He will guide you and I thank Him for the things you have courageously done today for His kingdom. When is the last time you did a Yeshua thing, for Yeshua? He died for you, die for Him today and take up your full armor because the world ain’t messin around now-a-days.