Prayer:  Lord, please take our minds and our hearts as we open them to you for safe keeping. Strengthen us in your understanding as our idea of safety is challenged.

Post:  Through constant prayer and meditation we can learn so much from the first chapter of our Word.  I call it our Word because God created each and every one of us with His kingdom existing within us.

Messiah Yeshua came to give us life in abundance (as John 10:10 teaches).  

Satan was given authority over life on earth, over “l   i   f   e” ON EARTH.  In order for evil to have authority over earth, evil must have control of a portion of that which is life, both natural and preternatural. Life, meaning the force that makes us live. “Makes” and not “lets” because entropy shows that it is not natural for the materials in the material world to live, but to slowly die until life no longer suffers to give life to flesh and bone. Evil is the force that makes things die, yet in His wisdom, He for a time has given some of life’s authority to the author of death.

Within day one, God, in the majesty that is He

created darkness among many things that will wither and tatter.

the third day was the land made underfoot with grass green

And with water’s force that makes His nature to gather

The purpose of the stars is to tell us the difference between the night and the day

To mark the seasons.  This includes the sun and the moon.

Ever wonder about the stars when the sun is seemingly hidden?

When the day is bright do you wonder about the night​?

And when the darkness gathers, how much does the light matter?

God created creation in such a way that magnifies His glory in the ever unfolding symphony of fear and beautiful comfort of His womb.  Our God’s power is likened unto the light that shines from the sun. Contrast this with the light the stars and moon show.  The carnal cannot understand these thoughts.

We are born into the experience of evil.  Believing that evil is limited to extreme evil.  Be aware and ready to courageously accept truth regardless of it’s ramifications for you on earth.  The consequences of accepting that, I hope, are worth it.  God’s faith in me knows it’s worth it.  The test I endure on earth continues as I strive for it, only hoping, at times, in this life.  The shreds of evidence that, like the ebb and flow of the ocean and my existence residing on the highest of the tide lines, washes over me in such reassurance that turning back would be only a foolish acceptance of a dowie existence, entropy laden, deceived, comfortable in death’s embrace.  A life filled with friends and enemies to reassure me that it is anything but that.