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In part one of Facets of Faith we learned of a very important way to look at Scripture. If you have not read that post, here it is for your enjoyment (it will open in a new tab for ya). In this second part we will dive into the question word “how”, as promised. Asking “how’ is a very powerful tool in the tool belt of the faith His soldiers carry.

Look at the way the prophets spoke and the way the Bible is written. <I will open My mouth in a parable; I will utter dark sayings of old>, and <I speak with him face-to-face, even plainly, and not in dark sayings>. The Father rarely comes right out with a thing; instead, The Word has several or so main focuses that it drives home from dozens of different angles. Further, all of it boils down to one single main focus. For <It is the glory of God to conceal a matter and the honor of kings to seek it out.> At the same time, it plainly lays out the simple truths of how to function in this world in an easy to understand way. Don’t lie: but do people lie? Don’t steal: do they steal? Love others: do people love eachother? Serve the needy: Do folks go out of their way to serve the needy? If people do the simple truths that are plainly spelled out, then more will be given to them. The Spirit guides what people overlook and what people focus on based on what they are ready to handle with skill, responsibility, compassion, wisdom, and maturity of spirit.

The nuts and bolts of the “how” concept is a bit tangential, as you can see. So, if you stay focused you will see it like The Lord showed it to me. It might help, if you get a bit lost, to re-read the post a couple times and plan on coming back to it later, after the mind has had time to digest it. These words are not Scripture, but point you there. The Bible is not a fairy tale and no part of it is to be overlooked. It is easy for people to overlook certain parts of the Bible that seem fantastical. That is a tool the enemy uses in order to keep folks from Yeshua. By design, it is a tool that The Savior uses to keep the faithless away from life giving truth until they are ready to handle it responsibly. It sounds a bit brusque, I know. The Father and His ways are extremely deep and the key to unlocking them is compassion, sacrifice, and maturity of spirit. One could spend a lifetime on the right path and still not exhaust the depths of His wisdom and compassion.

Here is where the question word “how’s” power can start to show itself a little bit. I will do my best to explain this with the aid of The Ruach HaChodesh. I will warn you, there is loving correction and stubbornness for truth in what is about to be said. When people read about The Savior performing certain miracles such as not eating or drinking for forty days, they believe it on the surface: the part of a person that talks about what it is they believe in. When people read about Jonah in the belly of the whale, deep down most think really? that’s not possible. By deep down I do not mean what one thinks, but does not express: I mean what one expresses with words, but deeper within the believing part of the mind, the part that causes action to line up with words, that part does not believe. Most have that veil thrown over the deepest part of the nefesh (H:soul, or being) that needs to be on board to make decisions and act based on what is expressed. The enemy uses what people do not realize about the depths of themselves to his advantage on an almost choice-by-choice basis. It is the reason why He chastens those that He loves. It is necessary to go through fiery trials and the valley of decision to access that part of one’s being and correct unbelief. People are responsible for the things they say and do in faithlessness. Don’t let the modern world lie to you for the purpose of stealing what has already been won for you.

This Bible, especially the New Covenant, is all about how The Mighty One handles situations; the wisdom He holds; the friends He has and the council He keeps; people can read Him like a book, because He is The Book. The things He did and wants all to know about are in a Book for those who love Him to study. Study so that His people can know who He is. <Study yourself approved> is the command from on high. Nobody can love another deeply if they think they know a person. In order to truly love another you must take the time to get to know them and cater to their needs. Same goes for The Almighty: you must truly know Him to love Him with depth. He deserves love coming from an understanding and skilled heart, mind, and spirit. He will give faith to those who seek such. David understood this when He blessed Yeshua saying <“But who am I, and who are my people, that we should be able to offer so willingly as this? For all things come from You, And of Your own we have given You.”>

The fantastical and seemingly impossible things in the Bible take faith to believe in, defend, and act upon. Fasting for forty days and nights takes faith. Why? Because the human body is not designed to handle that kind of stress. How is it possible then? Simple answer, difficult application: <I am the Bread of Life.> and, <Man does not live on bread alone.> Asking “how” takes illogical, seemingly fantastical things such as long fasts, and helps their logic to be revealed. Lets explore together: it is completely logical that if a child of God is fasting for the right reason, that The Father will sustain him where the world cannot. It is completely logical that a human relying on the world for life will be off kilter on some things, is it not? Acting upon faith, believing that The Father sustains: in that valley, thought processes and preconceived notions will be corrected and will line things up in this life with the life in the world to come, right? Putting the body through faith gives a spiritual mind of life and peace where a once carnal mind that cannot be subject to the laws of God was once hosted in the body. That thought process seems quite logical, hey? Are we together there? If we are or are not, put your thoughts in the comment section. I am interested in seeing it from your current or new perspective, and I bet a few others are too. Maybe you’ll meet a new friend who shares your passions!

Twice, Moses went to Mount Sinai to receive the very guide book on how to handle a relationship with God and fellow men of all types. Both times Moses was fasting. Lets, together, follow the logic The Father has set before us. The Lord’s Word is sharper than any two edged sword cutting bone and marrow, even soul and spirit. His Word does not return unto Him void. And we know that The Lord is always working. Moses was on the mountain in the presence of an ever working God, hearing His Word. Thus, monumental changes were being made every one of those 80 days. Fasting was a big part of the overall experience Moses had, bringing him into a closer relationship with his Creator. Both times Moses came down the mountain a different Moses than before, drastically changed and better suited to fulfill his purposes for God’s sake. Moses let go of a lot of plans, defense mechanisms, personality traits, and defining things in his life to make room for God’s desires for him. He had to rely on God and not food for life. In doing so Moses received an abundance of life. The man got to a point where he spoke face-to-face with The Captain of Heaven’s Armies regularly!

Let the mentorship The Lord has provided through Moses’ example assuage your shortcomings. The Father shares His plans with those He calls friends. A friend is defined as one who will lay down their life to serve another. See things through His logic and faithfully serve His purpose. Learn through both our patriarch’s mistakes and their victories. Make yourself a living sacrifice at the altar built without human hands. Just like Moses did.

Sit down for twenty minutes and say a prayer that is appropriate to your true relationship with Yeshua. What I am saying is be honest with Him, even if you harbor some anger and doubt. This is an altar call that is not meant to show others where you stand with God. This altar call is meant to give you private time to give God your life from a much deeper, much more mature place. His mercies are new everyday to help you daily sacrifice yourself so that He can live through you abundantly. Show Him the respect and honor He deserves by trusting that He can handle your true feelings towards Him responsibly. The feelings that no one knows about (maybe not even you), no matter how deep into a relationship you may seem to be to other folks. Every person has, or has had a facet of relationship that their heart has been hiding from their mind. Take a minute with God before continuing if it is right for you to do so. I pray He is present and powerfully so.

You see that gargantuan and severely knotted up problems can be moved by standing on the right Rock, stubbornly and without shaking. In the face of your death His will can move in and sustain you with life giving bread and rivers of living water. Those who partake of it will not thirst again. Looking at an unbelievable event and asking “how” from a place of sacrifice will let logic move in. Logic’s work moves truth from the fantasy part of the brain into the reality part of the brain. This movement from fantasy to reality is the birth canal of faith: behaving based on the structure of beliefs you hold. Why is this so important? Simple: when something works logically, a person is more likely to follow through by acting on it. Faith is a substance, a tangible thing, an action being performed that alters the way the world around that faith functions. You are a warrior, shielded by faith and girdled by truth. Deepen your understanding of His truth and change your destiny. It is extremely challenging. The world was designed for the very purpose of strengthening faith. The heavier your faith becomes, the more skill you possess in acting on logical, mature, grown up faith, the easier difficulties will become.

Consider this: Monty Judah once pointed out what a miracle truly is. The world that we live in functions on half lies and adulterated truths. The world exercises faith in it’s version of truth daily. The Kingdom of Heaven operates on a different set of values, laws, morals, goals and logic than that of the world. The Kingdom of Heaven invests more long term, loves more deeply, sacrifices more heavily, behaves itself selflessly for more selfless reasons, has deeper understandings that do more work, more gracefully handles mysterious things, and suffers longer for just and appropriate reasons. A miracle cannot occur in heaven. That sounds absurd does it not? Well, the truth of the matter is that a miracle is The Lord’s Kingdom operating in the world temporarily to make a lasting, unchangeable difference occur. At the end of every how question, the answer is simply that: things operating the way The Kingdom operates without satan’s worldly non sense lording over it. A miracle is The Kingdom of heaven, here on earth, as it is in heaven. That is the how, boiled down, every time.

This life is a trial by fire. Even when everything tells Messiah’s not to function like citizens of Heaven, they won’t make excuses and they will operate the way they were intended. Faith is action. Without action, faith is just fairy tales in the mind and on the lips that do not line up with the true character of a man. Without action, faith is worthless. Without action, faith is dead. Death is not life. What is your life’s energy being poured out as? What are you doing with your life? Are you relying so heavily on mercy that you are the perfect candidate to ensure God’s work does not actually get done?

The focus of this post is to help buffer and strengthen your faith. You are learning how to make sense, logical sense, of Kingdom activity on earth through asking the word how. Asking “how” will help any believer to have a deep and solid rock faith that cannot be shaken, even in the face of adversity, threats, and death of loved ones or self. If you are not quite there yet, well, take faith! His intention is to change you into a person who has that kind of strength and self worth. Did you catch that part about “His intention” loved one? It is powerful to know that The Creator of all things desires for you to be that way and the only thing that can get in the way is your choices, if you will allow your choices to reflect faithlessness. Have faith. In fact, the next and final post in Facets of Faith dives into just that. So, if you are not already following or do not have yourself on the email list, join us and you will learn how important it is to use Scripture to point the finger inwardly, opening up the door to a better functioning, more valuable, stronger, steadfast, longsuffering, courageous, graceful and integrity driven you. The world’s walls against it’s people are monumental in this generation, but YHVH has, does, and will move miraculously. HalleluYah!

Remember, most precious and deeply loved of God, once you are able to see the logical channels of how faith works, you my friend will have a deeper understanding of God’s character and will be able to love Him and those around you more skillfully. Love and faith are action words and the deeper you understand why you do what you do, the more skilled you will become at being in relationship with an ever working God.

If this post has struck a chord in you or has helped you in anyway, please share it with a friend, an enemy in need of love, a family member who is strong in the faith. Your shares, likes, and comments go a long way in encouraging this ministry to continue. Even taking the time to simply say “thanks” or “God bless” means a lot to me. If you see comments there from others that give you a warm fuzzy, say “hi” to that person and let them know you care and are thankful for them. A lot of little things add up to make a big difference. Thanks again for reading, and The Savior battle for you such that you are able to do His awesome work in a world recalcitrant. It needs His love, through you, like woah. GTS is growing into a vibrant community because of your support. Keep up the good work!