Let us clear our minds for a moment. Take a few deep breaths, and let whatever is on your mind go to God. Release your issues, responsibilities, tasks and trust that God will help you pick up right where you left off, but with better circumstances. Take a few deep breaths and relax.

Now that the mind is clear, let us imagine a point. This point or dot is a representation of an action. From this point we can draw, lets say, five lines radiating in all different directions.  These lines are representations of the different thoughts and desires that led to that action. One of those lines represents righteousness, the others represent paths that are not leading to life. This drawing looks a lot like a little hub, with spokes, but no wheel.

The point or dot is visible to the world around us as it is the action, but we are about to learn why we are in no position to judge another’s actions without the guidance of The Holy Spirit.  Surprising as it is, especially the good actions.  It is because many different motives and goals may share the same outcome.

It says in Genesis that the human heart is evil.  That being known, understand that we can only do good when Messiah acts through us.  Funny story: after this being revealed to me I began fully investing in hearing and doing only Messiah Yeshua’s plans for my life, through my life. I have been able to accomplish this more often than not by doing exactly what the Bible teaches: nothing more or less.  His crucifixion is the key for me.  I could be wrong, but knowing that He takes away the sin that use to plague my life helps me to not be held captive by sin’s guilt and shame.  It is His life now and I am a vessel, experiencing the outcomes of His direction, instruction, guidelines, and commands.

Driving down a rail yard I noticed some graffiti.  It was so beautiful.  It said “I love virgins.”  I couldn’t help but laugh.  I had been taking pictures of rail yard graffiti for quite some time as I planned on making a picture book of it, connecting all the pictures in such a way that is glorifying to Elohim.

I love virgins, in writing, is an outward expression of what is going on inside. It is a point or a dot. There are two clear lines (thoughts and motivations) leading to this point. One line is righteous. Why? Because God loves virgins!

That’s why I laughed. I looked, took a picture, and reflected on how funny it was that the horny graffiti artist, driven most likely by lust, wrote something that could easily be in Scripture somewhere.  God’s motivations would be, well, somewhat different. God’s motivation would be driven by His desire to lavish His love on those who have stayed pure in an impure world. “Blessed are the virgins, to whom I love, for they shall inherit cunning conversation.”  It would read something like that (that is not found in any Bible). There are, indeed, several instances when God showed a particular partiality to virgins while hating all others within that people group. He picks who He lavishes His love on with purpose.

Let’s look at another point or dot with several lines leading to it. See if you can guess how The Father views each of the different lines. Remember, our deeds are as filthy rags, and faith without works is dead. If you are looking to spread the gospel through your works, you may find yourself walking an old lady across the street.  If you are trying to impress a hot woman sitting at a coffee shop on the corner, you, serving lust, may find yourself walking an old lady across the street.  If you are upholding a reputation through showing the community you are of a certain caliber of people, you very well may find yourself walking an old lady across the street. If helping others just plain makes you feel good, well, you know the drill. Each of those scenarios has the same outward expression.  Each of them could be you working for the evil one though.  Sounds wrong, but let’s hear this idea out.  The only way that it could be you working for the Kingdom of Heaven is if your motivation is a fruit of an instruction from God, and His righteous path led you to actively participating in faith: living faith.

I want to build a Christian surf hostel in each of the four corners of the world.  One day, while showering, I was sitting and imagining the building, complete with a church.  I imagined a girl from my high school, who lived in Costa Rica at the time, showing up and saying ”Wow this is amazing, look at all that you have built, Tom”  I answered with exactly what I knew to be the Christ like thing to say at that moment. This is where God showed me a fault in me that I did not know was there.  I said “It was Christ who built all of this through me.”  No fault there, right? Wrong. Major, monumental fault! Those words were an outward expression of what?  Let all those with ears to hear understand.  The intention of those words were me trying to glorify me. 

I knew those words would find her ears well.  My goal was to get her to respect me.  My goal is supposed to be to get her to see the glory, and marvel at Yeshua. I must decrease and He must increase. I did not even know that my motivation was impure. That is the part that scared me. The fact that my own body (my heart, my lips, my mind) was deceiving me. Our Father took the time to stop my imagination at exactly the right moment, reveal to me a part of myself I did not understand yet, and allowed me to make my own decision based on what He showed me. The outcome was a tall glass of water and a breath of fresh air. It rocked me to my core, and broke me. This realization changed my life. Those who The Helper is with, let it change their life too. Be humble and do not harden your heart. His light is a precious thing to waste. Let His love and understanding find fertile ground in a soft and humble heart.