Good day to you, everyone. Today should be beautiful and filled with experiences that will sanctify (to make ready, to tool up, to set apart) us for Yeshua’s work.  Also, you see what I did with the title their? A “voiding” sin? I hope that gives you a chuckle.


Yeshua, let us be workers of righteousness and ambassadors of your light, grace, and truth.  Help us to be bold in the face of lies, gently administering truth to those ready to let pride subside that their beliefs of You may change and grow towards what Your Word teaches us about who You are.  We want to know more about You Lord Yeshua and we are ready to be soft hearted in Scripture and hard hearted against the lies the world teaches us about You.  The more truth we know about You, the better sanctified we are, so as to properly worship You and do Your work.  We come to You as little children accepting truths that men aren’t meant to understand. We know, Father, that sin separates us from You, so help us unlearn the lie that sin is a necessity for life. We know that Your word is contrary to that teaching. Help us to know that logically and in practice, not just intellectually. Halleluia


In the Tenach, or the Writings before The Gospel of Matthew, there were ceremonies for dealing with sin (to be fair, these ceremonies were still being done from the Gospel of Matthew forward as well).  God commanded Moses who commanded the Levitical priests in ways of sacrifice.  If I were a traveling sheep herder I would have my family and my belongings. . . that’s about it.  My belongings would not consist of much.  Sacrificing the best of my flock would be a big deal. They did not have I-phones and TV’s and entertainment as we know it.  If we had to give up our favorite thing because of a single sin or a couple of sins, that small repercussion alone would put a major hindrance in the way of sin for us. That sacrificing the unblemished and healthy of the flock was expected in that culture: try telling them you have to sin! They wouldn’t have it.

If I were to have to give up my mode of transportation, my phone, or the earnings from my best day that month because of a sin, then I would be seeing sin from miles away and steering clear of it completely. It is hard to stop a bad thing without the appropriate repercussions. and it is hard for a bad thing to gain traction when the appropriate repercussions are in place.

Today, when a man sins, he holds onto the shame and the guilt that are fruits of sin.  He then lives with that shame and guilt.  Those things enslave him.  Look at the way a thief acts when people start talking about steeling.  Look at the way a debtor who can’t pay acts when credit is brought up.  If a man has cheated on his spouse, look at the way he feels when cheating is brought up.  Heck, look at the way anybody who still has a conscience feels when anything sexual is brought up as if it is a nonchalant thing. Guilt and shame makes humans feel filthy. They make men unstable like an addict when he is high.

If a man is continuing to harbor guilt and shame, and he says with his mouth that he believes in Yeshua, he is on the right track if he thinks he means it. His belief has not saved him yet, though. Let me explain. Yeshua took the shame and guilt, the sin itself even, onto Himself, purchasing us with His life.  Believing is a pregnant word and means much more than acknowledging the existence of.  History accounts of Yeshua’s life, and His death on a cross: the human populous agrees on that as historical fact whether they believe on Yeshua or not.  Believing on Yeshua entails trusting that sins are, in reality, sent to Him on the cross as an inherent truth.  It does not make sense and is not meant to be understood right away. It sounds like magic. It is not magic it is miracle. 

We are built to want to say in our hearts “No way, that is fairy tale stuff,” while we tell people, and ourselves that we believe. This inner, recalcitrant, surreptitious battle is occurring because men truly think they believe but only in their minds. Their darkened hearts do not believe yet, and may never end up believing. Who can know the heart? We are to be as little children: Our Father In Heaven tells us that is what happens?  “Okay, I trust you Father.”

The sacrificial system was built to artistically sing of exactly the character of the sacrifice. Sometimes art is brutal. Sometimes art is honest. Man does not fully understand the depth of the amazing work He did for His beloved that day. It is so much deeper than most know. It literally is the hinge that holds all of existence to it’s ability to exist and the work’s main and first purpose is to separate His beloved from their sins as soon as possible. That is His will for His loved ones.

Guilt and shame will stream to Yeshua: Isaiah 2:2 <And it shall come to pass in the last days, that the mountain of YHVH’s house shall be established in the top of the mountains, and shall be exalted above the hills; and all nations shall flow unto it.> This verse accurately describes many things, as much of Scripture does. It accurately describes the nature of this writing’s subject.

There is much to look forward to through the fight: guilt and shame are no longer controlling relationships, the people you befriend, the places you go, the things you do, the respect or disrespect you dish out. In short, death will no longer be your handler. There is a reason that it says that If we believe on Him we are saved.  <For God so loved the world, that He gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.> All actions, thoughts, words, fall properly into place. The righteouss become the handlers of death as is their right.  Believing on Yeshua saves, right here, right now, not just in the future. If saving occurs today, it certainly will occur in the Kingdom we strive for. He is a root that will always be watered with everlasting life.  Why?  Because that is the way things have been made. Be strong and courageous. Very courageous.

Please pray that we all are humble in our actions thoughts and words so that Yeshua may continue to live within us comfortably.