<Again,The Kingdom of Heaven is like a merchant looking for fine pearls.  When he found one of great value, he went away and sold everything he had and bought it> can be found in the latter part of Matthew 13.  Ask for The Holy Spirit to both guard and give wisdom and guidance through this study for you.

The Savior was telling His disciples, just a few verses previous, how the kingdom of heaven is demonstrable however few will see or hear it, when it is all around them, quietly whispering to them from within their being. How near, yet how far it truly is from man.

What can be deduced of this parable from the characteristics of a pearl?

  • pearls are made in an oyster (an unclean food)
  • they start off as a grain of sand
  • the sand is an irritant to the oyster
  • they are a treasure

Helper, with this knowledge help Your disciples to connect how the kingdom of Elohim is likened unto a pearl that a merchant found, then selling all he owned, received it. Praise Yeshua, halleluia, Amen.

Again, the disciples were told they would become fishers of men.  We use this metaphor all the time in our lives.  When men are dating they show their partner how great they are for a time.  After men become emotionally involved with a mate and strings are attached, men begin to let their not so attractive side show. The world has hooks: the world is full of hooks in all shapes and sizes, colors and materials, forged in a variety of ways. Beware of the world’s hooks. You cannot win an oyster with a hook.

The disciples rarely if ever used hooks when they were fishing.  They cast nets, also.  Metaphorically, we see that they did not stand in front of crowds and tell them all the great things of The Kingdom while leaving out the parts about what it takes to get there: persecution and longsuffering, change, and a sacrificing of your desires, every morning and every evening. In fact, as a whole, The Word leads with the sufferings when presenting itself: the reason most will not find it. It does tend wear on His beloved though, miraculously. Elohim is not like man that He should lie. The just cast The Creator’s nets onto all creation. The reason that a few might be saved from the entropical kingdom of man is that it is sensible to invest this life for the one to come, no matter how quiet the call is. He is Elohim.

The just may hide the truth that is ever on their tongue while the wicked learn the ways of deceit.