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Copyright, January 15th 2021

Some bury themselves giving others the benefit of the doubt. If any of them were paying attention on January 6th, 2021 even those folks should have lost all faith in politicians period, whether right or left leaning. You see, “violence is never the answer” was crammed down everybody’s throats that day. Let us take a minute, look at the big picture, and examine the climate and people from which that statement was being said from: the evidence of the laws broken during the election process is overwhelming. What do you do when people break laws? You prosecute them in court. What do you do when not one single court will hear the case? That is a problem. The question needs to be asked: why are regular citizens who partook in the crimes leading up to January 6th 2021, being given amnesty both lawfully and socially, like a body of dictatorship generally unlawfully receives amnesty? The root cause comes from within, not outside. It is justice and judgment that should be considered when deciding if a person’s actions are above the law.

One of the reasons America is free is because of the the people in it. Our power comes not from our freedom of speech: that was taken from us long ago. Funny that. We have been taught to defend a largely non-existent right. We had more of it than others, but currently it is a media crime to speak the truth in a way that makes a difference, as this short paper will be doing.

The little bit of power Americans did have stemmed from a few things: Serving The Almighty with all our strengths, a little bit of free speech; the ability to choose our occupation and make a living because having finances in order and learning and growing through honest free enterprise does solve a lot of problems; and lastly, our ability to choose our leadership through fair elections was a right to power.

The weapons we had, listed above, to defend freedom were threatened. Our government made it illegal to practice business for a lot of people. Our right to honest elections was blatantly skewed. Anybody who used the free media outlets available to get a message out was constantly being threatened with censorship. Laws were broken and society was so focused on who the next President was gong to be that we failed to recognize that we skipped a hugely important step in the justice process. We busted our shins while taking the leap.


“Observe mercy and judgment”

is a command given to us by The Almighty. Were we given the listed powers for selfish gain? Was it China, or the government, or the deep state that took our individual powers from us? Yes, but quit focusing on that. The Almighty used them to take from us what we were using irresponsibly. We have not been observing mercy and justice, but have let ourselves become lawless.

Notice He uses the word “observe,” and not administer. Using the word “observe” conveniently covers everybody from the administrators to the observers. You see, whether you are administering justice or supporting it from the outside, justice is everybody’s responsibility. It is our job as a country who was built using His name to be obedient to His command to observe judgment. judgment starts with you, the individual. The answer comes from within. Society was focused on the courts judging whether or not the laws broken were broken or not. We, as a society, then skipped a step: we were expecting the hearings to end in deciding the election result. No sir, that is not the proper order of things. The next step after finding if laws were broken is to find the the individual that broke the law.

Remember, this short paper is laying the ax to the root. Brace yourself, because it may not feel good right now but please, I implore you, do not deny and laugh at what is being said. We in this country have a problem with being judged by God, and God for the most part will not force His judgment on us. The court cases not being heard is a reflection of your internal issues. You will not hear God’s case against you. Most people laugh at The Almighty’s existence. How can they hear His case against them?

Find the people who broke the law, hear the case, prosecute. That is how the election laws that were broken should have been handled. They were not handled that way. That is however, how the situation at the Capitol was handled. Our leaders failed. Most are believing the lie that the people who risked their lives that day are criminals. The fact is this: They forcefully entered a building where corruption was taking place in order to make it known they did not agree with the corruption. That action does not stop corruption. The police outside clearly opened gates and let the crowds move forward. Cowards from within that place shot and killed heroes. Cowardly leaders are protecting themselves by relying on your slave mentality to cause you to scream “Crucify Him, Crucify Him” to the wrong people.

Four of the potential heroes were killed is my understanding. And for what? To let it be known that they do not agree with corruption? One of them, a 35 year old female who served in the Air Force was shot in the head! Ashli Babbit.

The answer comes from within. How could it be that people gave their lives to accomplish a goal? Hear that. People gave their lives and the goal accomplished nothing. The goal was to let people know that corruption is not agreeable. The goal should have been to stop the corruption. The Almighty allowed good people to die to show us that we need to learn to exercise hope in ourselves. Their mistake was accepting that if they made it known that corruption is not agreeable that somebody else would stop it. If Rudy Giuliani did his job correctly he would have sent cases to the courts that did not have to be dismissed. Did he do that on purpose? I believe not. You cannot hear a case if there is not a person to place the crime on: a single defendant. When a group of people work together, the process of observing judgment involves investigating every individual and placing a judgment that is congruent with each individual’s specific crimes. Each individual who broke the law needs to be individually brought to court. How can something so base, so fundamental, so obvious be looked over by all of us?


Society has become so docile and afraid to lose face (a very Chinese communist party value) that the idea of fighting with violence is very far from what we would do. Because we would never fight with violence as it is a “never do under any circumstance” value our country holds, it is our comfort level to place judgment on the violent ones. We do not care if the violence is just or not, we have all been trained to simply believe that no matter what, violence is not allowed. Ask yourself: who does that value protect? Who is it protecting right now? Is it right to do nothing when everything else has failed?

The actual heroes in this circumstance are no longer the people sitting around talking about it. The heroes are no longer the ones going to protest peacefully, but are the ones doing the things that make a difference. Violence is a last ditch answer. We are in the last ditch, my friends. Non-violence is the answer until it is not. What if both the right and the left were lying to us? What if the whole 2 months leading up to January 6th with the court hearings that never got heard and all of it was a charade to make the people who would have done something about it, not do something about it. That would be a very elaborate and well planned system of events. Highly unlikely.


There would have to be a motive if that plan is the reality of what happened. But who in the world would that motive come from? Let us explore that for a moment. Last time communism tried to take over, it did so through all out war. Hitler’s Nazis made one major mistake that time, though: America comes to the rescue of any country who cries out for help, and America rarely loses. That is a lot of responsibility in the hands of us Americans, who have allowed our country to slip further and further away from The Almighty over the last 70 years. Chinese communism today is working toward taking over the world, but in a much smarter, much more sly, much more patient, and much more well planned way. Put yourself in their shoes: They say “We want to take over the world. Where do we start?” “Well if we were smart we would start with the hero, and then go from there.” “Bind Superman, and the city is ours!”

Look at that for a moment. If they did not start with the hero they would only be wasting their resources, wouldn’t they? If they started with the other world powers, then eventually somebody would cry out for help and all their work would become a moot point as America would thwart their efforts. So, here is the answer to their hurdle: They plan like this, “We take a risk and start with America, if we win, we keep going. If we lose, we would have lost anyway and wasted all of our time, resources, and reputations.”

How is that motive being played out? Through the weaknesses of America. In other countries you can not just go to the country and buy land or start a business. The government will not let you do those things if you are not a citizen, loyal to the country. The idea is ludicrous in other parts of the world. It worked for America while we were heavily relying on The Almighty decades ago, but now that is all unraveling and anybody is comfortable coming to America to lie cheat and steal their way to the American dream: the same as most Americans. It was not about your race, but about your values that made you American. Our values have been lost and the country is following suit. Observe mercy and judgment. Honor our ancestors. We would like to be that way, but are unable because The Almighty has rightfully blinded our nation as we have perverted mercy and judgment, have allowed our values to slip. Being tolerant of race and class is a minimum! That tolerance has found it’s way into our morals and values, though. You are lawless. Lawlessness is the root of the problem. And judgment is the answer to the problem.

The Almighty has allowed America to be for sale and China has been buying. For several decades members of the Chinese communist party have been purchasing real estate, other resources, and businesses in America. They have put their people in powerful positions within big companies. They are so smart too. They are much older than we are. They have been around for thousands of years and America is not even 300: babies in the grand scheme of things; yet, we truly believe we are all that and a bag of chips with sour cream and onion dip. How typical of children. Honestly, I would rather not be the country full of half whits who think so highly of ourselves that we refuse to see the faults that are allowing our enemies to obliterate us from the inside. They have control over not just the thoughts and fears of our young ones, but adults too.

The very people who risked their lives to do something about our being lied to, cheated, and stolen from are the people who get pinned with the phrase “should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.” The people who broke laws are being protected. Lawlessness. That shall not stand. Look at all the horrible crimes that were committed leading up to January 6th. But stupidly, it is the heroes we have all decided need to go to prison? Stop protecting evil and stand up for what is right, even if you stand alone.


The real criminals are being protected. Lawlessness. In this circumstance most of the real criminals are everyday people who decided to be poll workers to do something about what they believed threatened their way of life. Who is protecting them? Not just the leaders, but society. You and me. We are responsible for protecting them. It is the people who have the power, remember? Our forefathers did not decide that is the way it ought to be. They saw that it is simply the way reality operates and decided to build a government that reflects reality. It is the people who are responsible for what is going on in our country. It is the people who need to change? How could that be? Life is that way because The Almighty lets the beating heart of society stand before the mirror our leaders operate within. People often do not take to this. They truly believe they are not the problem, that they are not guilty of the same root issues the leaders are guilty of. The heart is deceitful above all things, who can know it?

We are a nation full of narcissistic people. Narcissism is an actual mental health disorder that causes the victim to justify breaking laws and rules for their own selfish authoritative needs. The mental health issue is that they are not purposefully deceiving others in justifying their law breaking. They themselves truly believe that they are not breaking laws, or that it is of no negative repercussion for them to be breaking laws . As a people we avoid judgment and embrace mercy because that is the way the church has raised up it’s leaders. The church has built America. If it were politicians that built America we would be communist.

We as the set apart ones are still in the wilderness, our journey is not over, there is much deception the enemy still has in us. We are not embracing proper judgment, instead those who are doing wrong are being honored and those who are doing right are being treated as criminals. Has history not taught to look out for that circumstance? History is repeating itself right now by honoring those who have done wrong and criminalizing those who are fighting for what is just in the eyes of The Father. Yeshua was criminalized because the people’s overlords stirred them up:

“Crucify Him, crucify Him” they all yelled.

“This man is innocent, I will let Him go.”

“Crucify Him, crucify Him” they all yelled louder.

“I wash the blood of this righteous man from my hands” Pilot, who could see clearly, said.

“Let His blood be on us and on our children” were the last words the ultimate hero of all heroes heard from His people before He went to be crucified. Those very words, the people’s words, sent Him to the cross. Grow a backbone. Come before Yahweh and ask not for His mercy, but for His judgment. Honor His request to do this. He will heal our land, and give us hope.


Sounds scary doesn’t it? It can be, but most people do not actually know what Yahweh’s judgment in this life is really all about. Let scripture, not the world teach you. The world teaches that mercy is love and compassion, and that judgment is this big scary thing you are probably cringing at and running away from like a coward. It could not be more opposite than that. The Romans scroll teaches the truth that hope, which is what we need, comes not from some outside source like a government or a leader, or group of people who will take care of us for us like Ashli Babbit and the other protesters were counting on. Hope comes from within. Communism is 100% hinged on the people, as a whole, believing that we cannot function at the level we are supposed to function at. Not measuring up is a deep fear that has the real potential to mature and blossom inside of every person who has ever lived. Instead, communism wants us to rely on the government to function properly for us so that we can be taken care of when we fail or hit hard times. This in turn though, puts us in a position where we have to work for the government, instead of for ourselves, and in the end we are forced to function at the level we are supposed to be functioning at anyway. The only difference is that it is them who reaps the benefits, not us. Most of us understand this: hurdle overtaken. The part most are failing to see is that taking individual responsibility for each individual habitual sin is a key in showing Yahweh that we deserve the right to the responsibilities that our nation has. We must see our individual list of sins we commit on a daily basis as an enemy that can be defeated. But how? First, clearly define sin. Once a particular sin becomes clearly defined: Do not lie to eachother, you now have become empowered to begin keeping yourself from it. The tough terrain here is this: taking responsibility for your past actions in regard to this one sin, coming before Yahweh, asking for His judgment right now, today and being forgiven of it.

Taking responsibility for our actions and coming before Yahweh, asking for His judgment right now, today, is crucial. Hope is what we need. Real, solid hope, that comes from within is cultivated from character. Character does not come without perseverance. And perseverance can only be found in you through tribulation. The need to persevere is coming, guaranteed. The only power we have now is whether or not we choose to persevere through circumstances forced on us from outside, or through the judgment we ask Yahweh to place on us, right now today, without delay. Do not store up tribulation for yourself, pay your debt and move forward in freedom.

Now as scary as that sounds, I promise it is not that bad. Plus, after you experience it once, it gets easier and you begin to look forward to it! The reason most people are scared of judgment is for two reasons. The first reason is generally found in people who are leaders and have administered their adulterated form of judgment: vengeance. If this is you, it is OK, forgive yourself, strong leaders are made strong through being open to correction, being corrected and moving forward as better people. We need strong leaders like woah. The adulterated thing the world calls judgment is not judgment at all. It turns out that it is simply vengeance. Vengeance has not a purpose in this circumstance. Vengeance is without forgiveness. Vengeance is an evil thing if administered improperly, whereas Yahweh’s judgment is full of purpose and love. The other side of this coin is found in the people who are afraid of judgment because they have experienced vengeance and they think Yahweh’s judgment on them will be the same way. It is not. His judgment, as hinted at in Romans 2, comes in two forms. A judgment that is overflowing with wrath and pushes you away from His presence is one form, indeed. This paper’s entire purpose is to do one thing, to instruct you in this one key element: stop avoiding judgment and go to Him begging for it. When you do that, the good form of judgment is found. A judgment that can be likened unto words like “the riches of His goodness.” That is exactly how it feels when you decide to come to Him on your own, in maturity of spirit, asking Him from a right heart, and for selfless reasons to judge you. Why in the world would you do that? You are a good son or daughter and you know, deep within yourself, that both you and He will benefit from His judgment when you humbly give Him your life as a knife that needs to be shined up, sharpened, sanded, or forged even still, depending on where you are in the process of becoming mature (the Greek word “teleios” which us English speaking folk translate to “perfect.” It is more accurately translated “mature” and rightly defined in a tree’s fruit blossoming being a sign of it’s maturity).

Wrapping this up, I planned on making this a book, but my skill in the art of fluff is not welcome here, and I am not educated enough to fill in enough pages with historical facts, current events, and more Biblical knowledge to make this paper a book in time. Maybe some out there are knowledgeable enough and we can work together to co-author this book and support these ideas enough to get these life and nation saving instructions Yahweh has put in me to the sensible public. Or maybe nobody will listen and Hope will be silenced and pushed aside like it sometimes can be by the majority when The Almighty reveals the actual stuff that needs to happen for a difference to be made. Who knows. Just open your eyes and see the truth.

The leaders that put the words in people’s mouths against people who truly could have been heroes: “violence is never the answer” are the same people that start war and/or do the actual work of supporting war: heinous and ongoing daily violence with actual weapons of mass destruction involved. The people who forcefully entered a public building, or what should be a public building, that day should have been armed, some were. They should have been violent, but they simply entered a building using force. They were wrong to enter unorganized. The attack got nothing done, but could have. It is part of The Almighty’s plan. Left wing activists were found with military assault rifles and vests filled with various weapons. They did not know what Michael Pence was going to do that day, but they were prepared to make a difference if it did not go their way. We need to be more like our left wing brothers and sisters. Violence was inappropriate at one time. If we are not at the very least prepared to verbally support those who fight for us, gee wiz man.

Support for justice is what is needed first. That starts within. Support for judgment. Organized, faithful, Yahweh centered observance of judgment and mercy is the answer. If justice can be observed non-violently, that is a win for humanity; but what a loss if violence becomes necessary in order to properly observe justice and good people do nothing or less than what is needed to accomplish the responsibilities Yahweh has placed before us.

The right’s telling us conflicting stories in the beginning of January showed poor leadership. They were tossed like ships on the ocean without a rudder. Relying so heavily on leadership has proven fruitless. Yeshua did not save Israel by doing it for them, but by equipping them to be able to commune with and serve The One For Israel, Your Father. That is what HOPE has just placed before you. Communists can’t live without their leaders, their society would crumble. We should get creative and rely heavily on faith. Our current largest enemy is our running away from The Almighty’s judgment and staunchly following that antinomian fantasy is believing that under no circumstance is violence allowed.

Love came knocking on the door of corrupt leadership in the form of judgment during the last four years. They are storing up debt to The Creator. Society is just as guilty for dodging judgment at all costs. The question now is this: Are you personally responsible for storing up debt to Yahweh in anyway, through your daily actions and the way you do things? You making a change in your life will make a difference in the world around you.

Tribulation produces perseverance, and perseverance produces character, and character, hope. Leadership is a direct reflection of the people they lead. Don’t stop pointing the finger, but turn the finger inwardly, take responsibility, and produce hope within yourself for Yahweh.

Servant of Yeshua HaMahiach,

high and lifted up is the name of Yahweh

who guides the wise and protects the fatherless