In Mark 8 a lot of things are discussed and brought to light. This particular Mark 8 study is to help you focus on Yeshua’s incredible foresight and leadership.

He came that we may have life more abundantly
He came that we may have life more abundantly

Through reading this study, you can also learn how Yeshua as a leader sometimes had to pick and choose who to show miracles to and who to hide them from. He sometimes had to pick and choose who could and couldn’t handle simply seeing His true character! Lastly, this study will help you notice that His people are not like stupid animals. Well, they can be at first certainly; but, after a while, He begins to trust believers with all kinds of unlikely situations. He increases our value through building character progressively.

To care for people’s needs both spiritually and physically is the nature of somebody who represents Elohim. Neither the spiritual nor physical can be left out. Seek first the kingdom of The Father, and all this shall be added to you. In Mark 8, The Savior had been followed by a great multitude for several days. They hadn’t food and it was time for Yeshua to send them back to their dwellings, yet, He knowing that their beginning the journey in the state they were in might have been catastrophic: some might not have made it home, He set them down on the grass. He fed them through a miraculous multiplying of a few fish and loaves. There was enough that there were leftovers: seven baskets of leftovers.

Decades later, Moses's arms needed lifting up in order to defeat their enemy.
There is a bit of a difference between Yeshua and us as leaders. In the loaves and fishes circumstance He rightly is glorified by the power of His Father; however, if it were one of us, we would have to fight against the thoughts and intentions of the people to lift us up instead of Elohim. Like Aaron & Moses in the wilderness.

The Pharisees a few versus later came to Yeshua after He had gotten into a boat again and came to Dalmanutha with His disciples. They came seeking a sign. Were they in the wilderness following Him faithfully with the multitude? Signs were given there and they were not present. Had they shown a willingness to be obedient to Him yet, at all, ever? What were they doing instead? Probably scheming. Who really knows. Did Yeshua acquiesces their request? He did not. His pearls stayed right where they belonged.

Only just a few versus before, in Mark 7, Yeshua learned that them there Pharisees would endure great lengths to avoid getting to know Him (see With Unwashed Hands: A Mark 7 Study). Yeshua rightly discerned that for the few of them that were possible to save, a sign was not the thing that was going to help them at the moment. As the unborn they truly were, what they needed was a good Fatherly whoopin. He is a good Father. Yeshua did not spare the rod: He told them a sign will not be given to this generation: referring to their channel of living. Like The Good Father, He knew enduring their hatred and ridicule was right around the corner: Yeshua discerned that the objective of that particular tantrum would be aimed at His disciples.

His foresight was revealed in a warning to His disciples. Before we discuss the warning, note this relatable reference due to it’s characters being without essential bodily needs and being scorned for paying heed to that instead too: Being without water is an incredibly serious situation. The longer water is gone without, the more it overtakes every thought of the parched person: until, well, death comes a’knockin’. Yet, in the wilderness when His people came to Moses saying, “Bro, we are definitely going to perish if we don’t get any water. What gives?”, Elohim was unhappy with them. Why would He be unhappy with them for being concerned that they were in the wilderness, millions of them, and without water? Seems obtuse of Him to be upset at their concern. He was making a point. Obtuse or not, there was a lot of Egypt to burn away and He was rightfully working towards an obedient and loving family worthy to ambassador His truth.

In the boat, as Yeshua and His followers were journeying, He warned them to beware of the leaven of the Pharisees. They, thinking poorly of themselves, found that they had not brought any bread; therefore, they thought His careful planning and love for them must have been manifesting through His concern for their tum tums. Seek first the kingdom of Elohim and all this shall be added to you.

During the boat ride Yeshua was unhappy with His disciples’ response, not because they did not bring bread with them, but because they were not with it. Yet, Him showing them that men’s focus on their own kingdom might bring difficult situations, it dawned on them and they recognized what He was saying to them. Notice: He did not use His power, though He certainly could have, to stop the nasty and unrighteous circumstances of the Pharisees from occurring for His disciples, but to warn them that they were on the way.

How to Bake Four Bread Loaves At Once

See the great trust, faith, and ultimately value He places on His disciples? His mission must have been completed and in order to complete it, they needed to overcome. Look now, He knows that we as His disciples are not stupid followers, completely ignorant and dumb to the schemes of the enemy; but that we have been subject to those schemes and have at times been more than acutely aware of the ways of the enemy. He knows that we have overcome the enemy’s attempts, for the purpose of continuing His kingdom.

How does He know that we have been subject to these things? Because He is the King of all. It is all happening under His authority. It is from His mercy and justice that we have endured, seen, and overcome. Under His majesty we have been subject to, both succeeded and failed, suffered and been scarred, received and receive healing, will overcome and joyfully suffer again, will see more suffering in grace, will heal our brothers, and will be love’s hands and feet through humility for Him and the greatness of His name forever and ever.

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Author: T.Griffin

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