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When we boil it right down to the fabric of the matter, a sign points to something: a place: like Albuquerque; an instruction or command: like drive about 70 mph; or what a person represents: like a politician, his party, and his message that year. When Yeshua turned water into wine it was not a monumental event but for only a few people. It was the first sign that He performed during His ministry.

Yeshua’s signs could tend on the surreptitious side of things. He called turning water into wine His first “sign,” which begs the question:Why did Yeshua turn water into wine? What was His sign pointing to? In this article we are going to answer just a fraction of the questions that may be arising within you now. With the knowledge you may gain from this article, you

can dive even deeper into this sign’s meaning and learn more about Who your Elohim truly is through study, prayer, normal everyday living and meditation on it. The following sections highlight several different lessons learned from just this one sign.

Yeshua Never Changes

Yeshua did not burst into the wedding unannounced and scream “HEY EVERYBODY, I HAVE GOT SOMETHING TO TEACH YOU.” In fact, He was invited to the wedding. Not only was He invited, but the sign was done quite surreptitiously.

Focus here on the fact that He was invited to the wedding. Why is the invitation an important piece of information? Because Yeshua’s character is solid and it was that character that was invited to the wedding. He cannot be any way except for how He is. “He will be Who He will be.” Isn’t it important for a believer to be wedded to Him? First make sure it is truly Yeshua you are trusting in and not hasatan doing a fine job at masquerading. Following that, a person must open up and invite Him in or there is simply no deal. Why must people wholeheartedly invite Him in? Because, “He will be Who He will be.”

When a person who is of the world is growing up, it is hard at times and they mature and grow and learn how to be better at being themselves whether they claim to know The Savior or not. But, ultimately, like a vessel on a beautiful day of sailing, or the sands of the desert forming dunes as the wind moves them, they will be who they will be until something comes along and changes them.

Believers also will be who they will be: once the children of God are reborn they do begin down a path of change from who they were to who they are however, the path they are on does not waver; The believer might waver, possibly, but the path itself is quite unchanging.

Once Yeshua has manumitted His members from death, believers begin to learn Who He is. Displaying purely that character is what marks His beloved’s lives more and more as time marches forward. Believers are born once and reborn once. We are reborn into the character that does not change: Yeshua’s character.

Look At What You Can Do In Obedience

When Yeshua was warned that the wine was almost gone it was the third day of the feast. He could have walked in congruence with the character most people believe is in Him, but He did not blench; Instead, He took this opportunity to surreptitiously point at a facet of His true character: The Good Father. A servant was near Him and was commanded to follow His instructions. There are three lessons learned in the obedience of the servant: following instructions requires faith, He will work miracles through you when you are obedient, and sometimes those of lowly stature know everything when the leader(s) simply do(es) not.

Following Instruction Requires Faith – Yeshua instructed His servant to fill stone water pots. Believe it or not, that was a bit of an iffy thing to ask of the servant. The nature of the vessels is the answer. The stone vessels were

for “Jewish purification,” and they were not to be used for anything except for those rites the rabbis used to lord over people with. The servant certainly could have been in trouble for that, and for breaking any number of unwritten rules that day’s society placed on people. Instead of blenching, that servant followed the instruction and filled the water pots.

He Will Work Miracles Through His Servant’s Hands – The setting: this feast had been going on for three days. The people were sauced up pretty good. The wine had run out. It was enough of a problem that Yeshua’s mother came to Him informing Him that, Yeshua, these people just ran out of wine. Next, Yeshua instructed the servant to fill a cup with the water from the Jewish purification vessels and bring the cup to the head of the feast. When the man who was in charge of the feast drank from the cup that was filled and brought to him by the servant, he found that the wine he was drinking was incredibly good, better wine than what was provided previously.

Good Servants Know A Lot More Than You May Think – Did you catch that? Yeshua, the servant (and possibly a few others) were the only people who understood how the wine in the cup came to be what it was. But, Yeshua does not go out giving information like that to just anybody. Knowledge, wisdom, skill, and power all come with responsibility. Fortunately, He is good at bringing His children and servants into being skillful and responsible handlers of His grace.

Because this event was a sign, it means The Savior was saying something. The servant’s likelihood of having a very deep understanding of what his Handler was saying to and through him was high.

Wanna Get Drunk?

Most people like to say that Yeshua would never provide drunk people with wine. Is that what His word teaches us though? Is that what reality reflects? Consider while looking at the world, coupled with the knowledge of Scripture you have earned through your own personal studies and application over the years. Handle the information responsibly and you will see that simply is not true. The very best and finest wine, marijuana, other

Too Much of a Good Thing?

terrible things, pharmaceutical pills and anything else for that matter is being used and circulated under His rule and reign. He is the King of kings. He is The Lord of lords for cryin’ out loud! He obviously does not condone or encourage the use of such atrocities, but as King, Elohim and Creator, it is Him ultimately who provides.

Is it out of character for Him to place choices in front of people and allow the atmosphere to be cultivated for sin, while providing a single sometimes difficult doorway that leads to life? Do not mistake the point, beloved. Sin is what the world encourages all around us all day everyday like it is it’s job. So much so that people believe not sinning is an impossibility and not even worth putting an effort towards. These things, need, at the very least, to be considered for those who are going to be able to gracefully and skillfully improve the lives of the people they come in contact with while displaying His character.

By turning water into wine, Yeshua meant something. Many things in fact. It was a sign, it was a living breathing piece of artistry. This artistic and poetic sign of His love points to so many things: His true character, His sovereignty over this reality, His sovereign rule over matter itself, and how to gracefully get a point across in loving ways to people who might not yet be ready to hear the truth.

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