A new series is coming to you soon. Apologies for this pages inactivity for a while. Here is what you have to look forward to over the course of the next 13 weeks!

  • You will have teachings about Baptism, Mercy & Justice, How to “do” faith and much more available to you every other week through Youtube and here on WordPress
  • You will receive six teachings starting in Mark Seven and ending in Mark Twelve. These teachings will be a chapter by chapter analysis of the concepts The Savior is teaching not just through story telling, but through living. These also will be available as both articles and videos on Youtube, WordPress, and Facebook

This series starts on 10/30/020 and will go for thirteen weeks. Every other week will be a consecutive chapter of scripture with the even weeks bringing you conceptual free form teaching. While recording these videos early in the summer of 2020 there was a different plan in place; Therefore, the structure of the series spoken of in the videos is not accurate. The structure spoken of here is.

Please know my skills are in writing and the youtube videos are something I am working on improving and need help with. There are three styles of youtube video:

-edited, fun and enjoyable (pay attention to understand what is being said)

-vlog style (be part of a journey that is coupled with Biblical lessons)

-from the office (hear the word taught and read line-by-line)

Your comments and support are appreciated and your prayers are valued. If you beleive in the messages that are brought to light here at GTS we can put your skills to use. If you volunteer your time to do The Father’s work through this ministry you will find great value in it. I look forward to serving you through the skills that He has granted.