Our Father uses trees and vegetation all the time as a metaphor to help us along in the way. Sometimes I am sure that He created tree’s exactly the way He created them knowing that they would be a tool for Him to guide us closer to Him.

Let’s look at baptism. Baptism’s meaning can be found in the Hebrew word “micvah,” which means to immerse. If baptism were a tree how would it be comprised? How can we use that living word picture The Savior has given us as a tool to manumit our minds from the bondage points of Babylon? Let’s take a look together.Image result for roots in water

Our Elohim is a consuming fire. He describes Himself as such in the beginning of Deuteronomy. A fire changes things chemically. The actual building blocks of charred materials have been manipulated by the flames into completely different compounds.

Seed and Roots

God does not give people baptisms in fire. Well, not literally usually. He uses water when symbolically describing a spiritual baptism through physical reality. In exploring baptism, more specifically what it represents and what spiritually it truly is, let’s refer back to a tree. The seed of baptism is The Savior’s creation of a world where baptism is an option. Baptism exists. It is a seed nestled into the life of every person. The roots and sprouts of baptism can be found in a man studying the Living Word. The trunk is shown when a person repents (H: teshuva, to turn away from) and decides to start making plans towards baptism.


The branches can be seen in all the thoughts and actions that are poured into a man through studying scripture and learning Who He truly is vs. what the world has deceivingly taught. To truly love can sometimes be exceedingly difficult. A Very Wise Man once said, “He who knows My commands and keeps them, the same it is that loves Me, and he will be loved of My Father, and I will reveal Myself to him.”

What could be a greater gift than to have The Savior reveal Himself? Could this mean that most people do not actually know Who He is but are being deceived into believing that He is something He is not, thus making the revelation of The Savior something really truly special? It can be inferenced that to receive such an exceedingly great reward as finding out not who people say He is, but Who He truly is, must be something worthy of rejoicing and being consumed by. When a man learns Who The Savior is, then he can better reflect Who He is to the fellowship community that man is part of, to those he works and plays with, to people he rubs shoulders with at the store and in the park, and he can shine a better, more refined light of truth in a world who’s light is darkness. He can also better identify if he is being consumed by The Savior, or an impersonator of The Savior. Knowing Who He truly is is paramount in reflecting Him and spreading the gospel. If you do not know Who He actually is, you are left wide open to deceive others as you are being deceived, even though your intention is to be doing good.


Knowing is half the battle. Studying scripture and actively believing are leaves: leaves are the solar panels of the tree and without photosynthesis the tree will die. We are called to be servants. A good servant is obedient to his master even in the face of difficulty and strife. Even if Image result for sun and leavesit means being kicked out, hated, ridiculed, and given the cold shoulder by those who have not yet been honored with vesseling the truth of Who He is.

Without acting on the works a man is called to do, active belief is dead. The believers that are placed into our lives that support us as, and sharpen us as we do the same for them are also part of our network of leaves.


Now, what is the chief reason for the seed, the roots, the trunk, the branches, the leaves? Fruit begins to blossom when a person’s action shows that he has truly been immersed in the Living Water that flows from The King’s throne. A man’s schedule intertwines with and propitiates the idea of what baptism is. The fruit of that man, whether left to fall or taken up for nourishment by others, is used for the good of something. Allowing The Savior’s baptism to take hold willImage result for little girl eating pear cause a man to make changes. Surroundings will change, friends will change, dreams will change, bad will be changed to good, and The Savior’s glory will become part of everyday reality. Habits are formed and His goodness pours in like the rising of the sun.

All in all if a man will allow The Savior to begin the life-long process in him of killing the old man, replacing that fool (I pitty da foo’) with a new, wise, long-suffering, and joyful child of The King, then you know what it means to be baptized and for all that death to melt away revealing walls and gates of precious gemstones that no battlement can prosper against.

Author: T.Griffin

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