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The Savior was a good leader. He was not forcing people into coming to Him. He suffered for people, had patience and kindness with people, even when there was not enough time in the day for everyone. He would stay up all night with them and then when the work was done, He would go find a quiet place and spend personal time with Father God. Some would find Him, be healed and go on about their lives with fond memories and a fear of Him. Some would find Him and strive with Him for days, some weeks or even months, dropping their lives to follow Him.

The Jewish people have a special place in Satan’s world. He has made a very complicated matrices of thought patterns, ancestral detritus, habits, and beliefs that make it nearly impossible for a Jew to believe that The Son is Lord, and that Father God raised Him from the dead. None the less, somehow God has made them such that they carry the words of truth, the oracles of God, and live by certain moral standards that cause them to reflect important aspects of Who God is. The Savior overcame these things, personally, for Himself. He was a Jew born of Jewish parents.

The Savior, being the bread of life, the propitiation of perfection, made to take all sins, would also make Him a Jew who was not only well acquainted with the commands, but kept them perfectly. Not just for His sake, but to please Our Abba YHVH too. In those commands there is a scripture that says <I am strangers and sojourners with you.>  The Savior without a doubt knew that part of Scripture.

What incredible faith He has. The Long suffering He is willing to endure to save His people. The kindness He harbors is perfect. The great determination and perseverance He has is fantastic. The Jewish people were being oppressed in a very harsh way. Their own cousins, uncles, and brothers were in leadership positions and were kahooting with the Roman oppression. Both their enemies and their cousins, uncles, and grandfathers were laying heavy and oppressive burdens upon their shoulders.

After a certain sermon on a mountain, the people’s love for Their Mashiach erupted and they began to push to make Him king.  They were ready to be saved!  And He could have changed everything for them. Think of that. He had the chance to be made king (palace, concubines, riches, glory, fame, the whole nine and a half yards baby). Not only did He have the chance, but He had both the social swing, eloquence, and grace to pull it off. To pull it off well, even. Instead, He went into hiding so as to keep Himself from being made king by force.  He is strangers and sojourner’s with us ya’ll.  And The land will not be bought and sold forever.Image result for tzitzit

You see, God’s way is mysterious. He tells us to give a man our coat if he steals a shirt. In that very same way when Adam and Eve were stolen, He gave Satan much more than what was stolen. We learn in various chapters and many verses that Satan is the ruler of the world. Satan has lordship over the principalities of the world, he is indeed even god of the world and YHVH gave him that authority. Fearing and trembling, we are made in hopes that we will find our way out from under that oppression and into the arms of The Savior. Satan is indeed powerful beyond imagination, but not to fear, just as in life we have to suffer evil for a season, that good might prevail in the end, the same holds true for The Savior’s kingdom, even the part of His kingdom that is currently Satan’s: for <The land will not be bought and sold forever, for He is stranger’s and sojourner’s with us.>

Father’s Son, The Commander of The Lord’s Army, is returning, and indeed has already won the war. The question is, (W)whom is it that you serve? Have you chosen The Savior, or are you being beguiled into believing that you are not serving Satan?

Author: T.Griffin

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