Jesus’ first coming accomplished more than we can wrap our carnal minds around.  One of those goals, though, was to show us that the carnal world that we live within is divest of it’s power when placed against the The Holy Spirit.  The Ruach usurps any other authority.

Jesus came not to glorify the carnal flesh but to show He has been delivered from it!  From before the earth was even created!  Jesus is not only God in the flesh but somehow, miraculously was fully man as well.  This means that we, as men, have an example to follow.  Jesus was a man as we are and therefore our goal can be achieved.

There are many things Jesus did.  One of them was connecting with His Father.  Jesus was absolutely desperate for that connection.  If it were a ring or a goblet He would have done absolutely anything and everything in His power to ensure that the trinket was always with Him.  It wasn’t a trinket though, it was Him showing His Father that their relationship was at the top of His to-do list at every moment.

Our Goal

To spread the gospel.  Satan has put a veil over the gospel.  Our carnal minds cannot understand the gospel in it’s fullness <Because the carnal mind is enmity against God: for it is not subject to the law of God, neither indeed can be.>

We can recite the words of the gospel without believing them.  The veil I am talking about is that many who have been reciting the gospel for years even believe that they believe it. It tells us two things about what has to happen in order for a person to be saved:

<If you confess with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that YawehImage result for raised from the dead yeshua raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. >

Most all people in churches have the confession with the mouth part down and pat like there is no tomorrow.  The second part… well, uh.  Most people’s hearts are deceitful above all things, remember?  <The heart is deceitful above all things, Who can know it?>  When was the last time that a desire or goal of yours tricked you into doing things you did not sign up for, something you have learned to regret?

Unfortunately, man’s very own lips are lying to him every time he or she says “I believe that Jesus was raised from the dead.” If we did some serious spiritual battle and got down to the brass taxes of what we are living for, we will find that we must admit that the idea of Jesus being raised from the dead is not a deeply held truth for many of us.  If it was, we would not be sinning and doing nothing about it.  Most of us don’t even know how to Biblically define sin, let alone wage war against it.

Many are being deceived by the carnal mind into thinking that they are living for Christ when in fact they are just really happy that Christ lives for them.  If Christ were to tell many of us “how to” love Him, we would simply skim over that part and focus on how awesome He is for loving us.  My love for people would like to post that with “and that’s ok,” but it is not ok.  It will do, but it is not “OK.”

Without HaMashiach we are incapable of planting the seeds of the gospel into the hearts and minds of carnal men.  We cannot water them, prune them or protect them.  We cannot do those things on our own accords.  Even though we carry all the right words we lack the right … something that can pierce through Satan’s veil over our hearts, that we may have the truth revealed.  We are desperate for Jesus to be with us.

Thanks so much to Anne of  She is a big reason why this post was originally written, and after some brushing up here and there, it is a wonderful honor to publish this.  There is a reason that The Scripture says to <Believe in your heart that Yaweh raised Him from the dead.>  Be joyful, thankful and allow humility to till your hearts my friends.  Our Father has more than earned dominion over your life and the lives of everybody around us.

Author: T.Griffin

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