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Hiya reader and master of English.  Have you ever read the book of Nahum? The Book of Nahum is a super quick read. It describes a battle God is waging against Nineveh to bring them to congruence with Him.  Nahum (the author and protagonist alongside Jesus) describes the vision of God in an exceedingly powerful and poetic style only made capable through grace.

Plenty of beautiful language here such as: <The Lord hath His way in the whirlwind and in the storm, and the clouds are the dust of his feet. . . The mountains quake at Him and Image result for chaotic whirlwindthe hills melt and the earth is burned at His presence . . . Draw thee waters for the siege, fortify thy strongholds, go into clay and tread the mortar, make strong the brick-kiln.>

When reading Nahum we can imagine our bodies as the battle ground. You see, God is waging war on His enemies within us.  The time is right!  Clean a space for The Holy Spirit, The Word, Jehovah-Jireh, Elohim. Viewing ourselves as temples that need cleaning can change the thought process significantly for us when reading such acerbic language against the foes of Yeshua that lie within.  <“For while they be folden together as thorns, and while they are drunken as drunkards, they shall be devoured as stubble fully dry.”>  What happens after a field’s dry stubble is removed?  The field is bare.  It is time to plant the seeds of righteousness in our hearts, in our minds, weaving The Word throughout our very flesh and bone.

This theme is all over the place in scripture. The Theme is allegorical. The hard to describe process a person goes through if he or she chooses to heed their calling day in and day out for many months can more easily be described through such allegory.  Here it is again in Jeremiah:  In the first chapter, Jeremiah recalls what it was like when God came Image result for fresh dirtto him in a dream and placed His anointing on Jeremiah: <Behold I have put My words in your mouth.  See, I have set you this day over nations and over kingdoms…>

Once the anointing was placed the question of what to do with the anointing remained. <To pluck up and break down, to destroy and to overthrow …>  Why would The Father want to do so much destruction?  <to build and to plant.>

Nahum is nothing but death and destruction against the enemy.  You’ll have to go to another book to read about what happens after man’s whoring is destroyed.

Author: T.Griffin

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