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How many times have you walked into a church to find it filled with a lot of professionals: lawyers, chiropractors, accountants, office personnel and the like?  Most everyone understands what it’s like to be in the professional world.  Most everyone understands what is expected of the average employee and what is expected of the star performers.

Then, among all the professionals, you find that one young man or woman who sees professionals and working in such a bad light that they decide that professionalism, the job market, heck the economy as a whole is just plain evil.  Those particular young people balk at the idea of becoming successful. They kick at the goads in most every situation where they are presented with an avenue that could make them a more efficiently functioning member of society.  They turn down the very difficult road of becoming a Christian who has truly Godly values and is responsible for wealth. We all know those people.  The thing is: those people are right in a lot of cases.

Many of us choose to sacrifice certain Biblical principals in order to support ourselves and our families.  Every once in a while we might tell a lie, especially if everybody knows a lie is expected.  Have you ever wondered why certain lies are necessary to tell in order to keep society running smoothly?

Unless a pathway is laid out in front of us where dishonesty, cheating, and other understood rule breaking is not necessary, we tend to go with the flow, BUT: <…the fruit of The Spirit is love, joy, peace.., temperance: against such there is no law.> Their is such a path for those who have taken hold of the truth and are applying it to their lives, their words, their minds … their hearts.


Take Responsibility:

The Lord prepares people to do His will.  It almost never ends up that somebody wakes up one morning and the skills are in them “all of the sudden.”  Then again, it is possible that Noah had never built a boat before the ark and it survived 8 souls while the whole world perished. Righteous people most likely earned their skills days or months prior to His will being placed before them.  God uses everyday tasks to prepare His potential people to take steps closer to Him.  In Acts Ch. 2 the leaders of the brotherhood (we are talking true leaders of the brethren) were given preternatural responsibilities.  Remember in this chapter what was happening:  The Lord was multiplying His people greatly and they were bringing all their wealth to give to the leaders of the brotherhood.

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Let The Lord Teach You How To Steward His Things:

You see, there are ungodly ways to handle wealth and Godly ways to handle wealth. Both accumulative.  Just like looking at Mr. Professional vs. the Righteous Workplace Warrior is not enough to tell weather or not one or the other is evil in their core, nobody can judge weather a wealthy man became wealthy by being obedient to God or through being selfish and very surreptitious about it.  This all comes to light eventually, though. <every good tree bears good fruit but a bad tree bears bad fruit>

One major fear many people hold against giving their lives to God is becoming homeless and destitute.  For some, that is what happens.  Let’s look at the Bible, though, to see what the truth of the matter is.  One example is in Acts 2: many leaders in the brotherhood lived in a dedicated way and they were far from destitute:  They owned EVERYBODY’S stuff!  

A lot of our patriarch’s: Abraham, Moses, David, Elijah and more were very wealthy.  They had their trials but were given great responsibility for their obedience.  Elijah is a hard patriarch to see this in just by reading the word without doing some historical research:Image result for wealth A lot of Elijah’s appearances in the Bible were of him either traveling and/or doing The Lord’s work away from home.  It is possibly a historical fact that Elijah was a very wealthy and powerful man at home who often gave up his comforts to work for God.  Hence his honorable place in History.

Then we have the prophets.  The following rule of thumb is not blanket, but for the most part rings true.  Look at Jonah:  He ran away from Yaweh and God wrestled him into submission.  Only after being wrestled into submission did he do what God commanded, and as a result he really didn’t have a place to call home in his Bible appearance.  A lot of the other prophets stories’ are similar:  kicking against God, God wrestling that man into submission, that man doing God’s work in crumby personal situations.

The other side of that coin looks like David and Moses or Elijah and Abraham. These men weren’t known for fighting with God.  Sure at times they were upset with their situation and had open conversations with Their Father about those situations.  A genuine relationship focused on respect and honor to The King is encouraged.  Do you see that?  I am going to repeat this point because it is important and can vastly change one’s life: our forefather’s being upset at their situation and having an honest conversation with Abba Father about it is way different than fighting against His plan.  To the untrained eye both conversations might look like the same thing.  Truth is, they are as opposite as obedience and disobedience.  The Father putting these conversations in The Word shows that a genuine relationship is indeed hard; however, do not let that fool you.  These men were wealthy and responsible with their wealth while they ran with God. <for I am strangers and sojourners with you>

Look at David!  He wasn’t just “being paranoid.”  The government was actually trying to kill him.  In many cases killing David was the government’s main objective.  Look at how the tables turned for David and the great respect he always showed for leadership, even when they made his life difficult.

Image result for wealthYoung man or woman, you have an obligation to yourself, your land, your nation. Learn how to handle wealth in a non-selfish way.  You have an obligation to stop hating the power wealth, respect and honor will potentially bring you.  Wealth and power are scary, and brother or sister, it is normal to be a little scared. At first. <Can any of you add a single cubit to His height by worrying?>

The perfect love that is blossoming in you drives out all fear. Your Father, The Lord, wants to teach you how to handle wealth properly for the greater good of the world and for His kingdom if that is the path He is laying before you.  Put yourself in a position to be blessed: Read your Bible and do what it says!  Wealth or no wealth, you will find the storehouses of heaven opened to you.

The reasons you have chosen to kick against the world’s economic plan for you are noble.  It shows great foresight, amazing moral standards and is few and far between, but to continue kicking against responsibility is no longer honorable.  Mount up, take strength and do not let anyone take the truth from you.  Keep walking with Your Father and let Him teach you, courageous child of The Most High God, Yeshua Ha-Mashiak


Author: T. J. Griffin

For: Gleaning The Scriptures

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