Have you had a recent “Faith is Like Moment?” What is a “Faith is Like Moment?” Hear a “Faith is Like” moment I had:

Faith is like walking a dog through the suburbs without a leash.

How is faith like walking a dog leashless?  Have you ever had a good Dad, or a good boss? When they have to chasten us they end up looking like a virulent and unloving leader, when in fact the good boss or dad is a fantastic and loving leader, who was just circumstantially made to look bad.   It seems that the unfaithful have a view of God that paints Him as being angry and abusive.  Truth is, He is… towards our bad qualities.

When I was walking my dog leash-less a while ago, we were in a hurry and had to keep a good canter to accomplish a goal. Every time we got close to an intersection and my dog was not near to me I had to put on my “man voice” and sternly warn him to catch up so we could cross the intersection together instead of my dog crossing an intersection alone, chasing me, after tearing himself from whatever corner he was sniffing.  I did not want him chasing me down and running across an intersection by himself, but because he is an obedient pup he gets to go on walks with the freedom of no leash.

There was a person about half a block behind me, walking at my pace.  To the person following me I maybe sounded like an angry, aggressive and unloving dog owner.  He probably thought things like “He should have that pup on a leash”  and “Listen to the way he yells at his dog!”  and “That guy deserves to be tarred and feathered, he has no business in decent society.”  Ok, maybe those were not his exact thoughts, could be that I was being paranoid.  Nevertheless.

When my dog came near to me after I called him I would praise him, quietly.  Why quietly? My dog was was right there next to me. The person pacing me did not ever hear the praise. No need to yell a praise, it would have been weird and might have even scared my dog.  If he was 30 yards away and caught a frisbee, then I would yell a praise.

Yeshua is my owner and I am His leash-less dog.  I care that people see My Father as unloving but I know He loves me and when they are ready to love Him, they will see that He is in fact loving me too. Because I experience both sides of a relationship with The Creator, I know this.  He keeps me on the right path using both chastening and praising.



If you can tell us what your “Faith is Like Moment” is, describing it in a few sentences, that would be appreciated!  Thanks for visiting.

Be patient, you will have it and when it happens, post your “Faith is Like” moment in the comments on this article.  This post isn’t going anywhere and we cannot wait to hear about your “Faith is Like Moment!”  This article will be here and waiting for you.  Do not worry no one here is going to judge you, as a “Faith is Like Moment” is equivocal.

Prairie Girl’s “Faith is Like Moment”

To me, faith is like watching a person performing an amazing derring-do, like walking a tightrope, only to have the camera pan out to see that they’re actually only a foot off the ground and were safe all along.

As I grow in learning what it means that God has covered all the things I thought it was my job to worry about, I find I can embark on hopes and dreams without the fears that use to hold me back. I’m safe to be me in the world, and it turns out I was always safe.

Belle Unruh

Faith is like knowing my husband will always come home to me every day. It never occurs to me that he won’t.

Wisdom Drops

To me, faith is like “knowing that something is going to happen or get done and l really do not know how it is going to happen; l am just waiting on it to happen any day, at any time; more less like take me by surprise because l know it is going to happen, but l just do not know when.”

 Nancy Ruegg

Each of these faith analogies above offer insight into its mystic qualities. I cannot do better than Martin Luther King, Jr: “Faith is like taking the first step even if you don’t see the whole staircase.”


Jessica May Moore

Faith is like being blind all of your life. Suddenly the veil falls from your eyes and you are amazed at what you see.

Faith is like you were deaf all of your life and God opens your ears to His voice and you are amazed at all the things He has to say to you.

Faith is like you can not smell all of your life and suddenly you smell lilacs.

Faith is like you can’t feel a thing all of your life and suddenly He touches you and from that moment on you are never the same.


Faith is like jumping into a swimming pool for the first time each summer. I see others in there having fun. I stick my toe in the water and it feels too cold. Someone yells to me, “It’ll be fine once you jump in.” I always hesitate and struggle, then I just jump and it turns out to be great!

Faith is walking through any door in Alice and Wonderland fearlessly (unlike Alice) because God is your Heavenly Father and is bigger than anything on the other side of the door and loves me very much. 🙂❤



Faith is trusting God in your circumstances whatever it may be knowing that his plans are always good for you. Believing in the unseen!




Faith is like taking a breath – the air we breathe provides us with life, we cannot see it (except for exhaling on a cold day), but we are completely reliant on it to survive. When breath stops so does life. Faith is remarkably similar – it is the life-blood of your spiritual life and existence, it cannot be seen but the fruits can be witnessed, and when it is lost death almost certainly follows it.



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