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Last week we learned the point of The Israelite’s 40 years in the desert.  While wandering in the desert The Lord made it known to His children that in order to get to the goal, they had to put all their trust in Him and leave behind everything they were taught in previous years, no matter how powerful the circumstances that caused those previous “false lessons” to be learned.

One of the ways that Abba (The Lord) showed His children that He was trustworthy was through providing for their needs.  Through providing daily food for His children, Abba was both:

  1. Bringing the wandering Israelites to faith and strengthening those who already believed.
  2. Investing in His Sons future ministry.


Let us look closely at a conversation that The Lord had prepared His Son for, so many years ago.  This conversation is transcribed in John 6 starting at about verse 25:

  1. Jesus had just feed the 5,000 with bread and fishes (previous to v. 25).
  2. His followers went searching for Him, and when they found Him He told them: <“You seek me, not because you saw the miracles, but because you did eat of the loaves and were filled.”>
  3. When they heard this they asked The Master <“What shall we do that we might work the works of God?”>
  4. He answered them <“This is the work of God, that you believe on Him whom He hath sent.”>  He said this to prepare those listening for what He was about to say.
  5. This is where the crowd speaks an answer that sets Jesus up to tell his followers Who He truly is.  They ask, <“What sign will you show us then that we may see and believe thee?  Our Fathers ate mana in the desert, as it is written he gave them bread from heaven to eat.”>
  6. Jesus tells the people <“I am The Bread of Life“>

One of the final things Jesus said after revealing to His followers that He is “The Bread of Life” was a dividing sword that rooted out those who did not yet believe, leaving Him with a much smaller, but stronger group to help Him in His mission:

<“For I came down from heaven“>


  • You see, when the Israelites were being provided mana from heaven God was directly feeding them.  Usually the way they got fed was from God causing it to rain, and God sustaining the lives of the plants and clean animals until they were ready to be eaten (ie indirect).
  • When God provided Jesus to the people it was a living metaphor in that God was providing Himself directly to His people.  Usually the way God brought them a spiritual message was through a man or woman who would speak for God but that was not God (ie indirect).  

The scriptures that the people had been reading all their lives said in many different ways, and in many different events throughout their families history that at some point God would send them A Savior.  Most were not ready for that Savior to be God Himself.  How do we know this?  Because whenever He told people that He was God, people would get offended and upset, unless they had already began having a relationship with Him.  Those who were intimately involved in His works already recognized Him when He showed up; While others who just knew about Him or were very intellectually in tune with His scriptures, but not intimately involved in His work hated Him because they did not understand Him.