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Hey guys, thanks for tuning in.  I have not posted in a while.  This post is short and sweet, but worth reading. Why?  We all sometimes doubt God’s sovereignty, His power, His existence even. After He showed me what you are about to read, I was comforted in knowing that He truly is The All Mighty.


Why God over Ganesha, or Buddha, or Allah?  There are hundreds of gods to choose from.  What is it that makes Jesus so special?  One of the reasons is that He is the only God, as draconian as His ways may seem, who will suffer through the worst of all suffering.  Does Ganesha suffer?  No, Ganesha only gets worshiped;  Thus, gods like Ganesha are merely manifestations of man’s evil heart: I can take care of you, so worship me.  They are simply maelstrom’s of thought that have gained traction from one generation to another.


Now, Buddha and Muhammad’s Allah, are a little more complicated than that.  Buddha and Muhammad did sacrifice things in life in order to achieve greatness; However, one of these two openly admitted fault and pointed Image result for Allahto Jesus before they died: Siddhartha Buddha, whereas Muhammad took a great deal of the Bible and added to it, twisted some of it and left a bit of it unadulterated: The Koran.  That pretty much covers all the religions: Monotheistic, polytheistic, and spiritual systems decent people toiled in to help people live.

Now, there are three planes of existence: Heaven, Earth, and The Lake of Fire. This is where we find that out of all gods, God truly is God.  Most figment gods (like Ganesha) live in heaven only (according to their followers).  The two described in the ladder paragraph are believed to be existing both in heaven and have existed on earth or through folks on earth.  Here is where Our God is different:  When Our God manifested Himself on earth it was not to be worshiped or to “figure out” how to live, it was to live by the ways He already gave us, and to serve us.

  1. Jesus is the only God that exists or has existed in all 3 planes.
    1. <Now the saying, “He ascended” — what does it mean but that He also descended first into the lower parts of the earth?>
    2. <He was put to death in the flesh but made alive by the Spirit, in which He also went and made proclamation to the spirits in prison…>
    3. <As for You,
      because of the blood of Your covenant,
      I will release Your prisoners
      from the waterless cistern.
      Return to a stronghold,
      you prisoners who have hope…> 
  2. Jesus is the only God who has lived to serve us, not to be served.

The Word tells us that after death, and before resurrection, Jesus went to the center of the earth for three agonizing days.  He truly paid the full penalty for sin.

God is a good God, a fantastic leader, and because He is also acquainted with Hell, He knows how to keep us out of it.  Don’t put your life in the hands of anyone besides The Way.