All of the prophets from Moses to Zachariah had a message that involved bits and pieces, fragments of information on The Human Form of God and the life He would live, the things He would do, the way He would be.  John The Baptist, in his ministry said that The One that all the scriptures were talking about is on the way.  These men (Yeshua and John) were family, and were intimately connected, working together to ensure God’s will happened.

Jesus’ ministry and John’s ministry are very closely related.  How beautiful it is that God orchestrated the life of John to fit Jesus’ agenda.

John was very confident in his ministry.  He boldly and authoritatively spoke to the masses with courage: telling people that (a) Jesus is coming so (b) now is the time to repent.  John spoke to the Sadducees and High Priests in a way that could have gotten him in a lot of trouble;  Yet, his honest words towards them were from a place of love, helping them also to recognize their need for A Savior.  If they were not acting in such a way that should have resulted in scolding, he wouldn’t have scolded them.

In contrast, John took his place as having no authority when Yeshua arrived.  John The Baptizer, who was just boldly scolding the most powerful Jews around, was now completely humble and submissive.

So many people had the faith to sacrifice their lives to save us.   They all served Him in that way and He is an incredible gift that every person should live for.