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In Jerusalem, there was a public pool at Bethesda.  At this pool many of the cities crippled and maimed spent their time.  The people at that pool had no idea why they spent so much time there; The pool was just where they happened to be during a great portion of their days.

Every once in a while one of the people there would jump up healed!Image result for Seraphim Many people spent their lives at Bethesda but alas, would never find healing.

Some of the people at the pool didn’t know why somebody there would find healing from time-to-time, but there must have been a few who did.   The above is a short fan fiction piece on one of the many possible scenarios surrounding the historical origins of the place “Bethesda” from The Holy Bible. This is where we turn from a story that came out of my, the author’s, mind and asking you, my brilliant and prayerful reader, to ponder this question:

What was the buzz around Bethesda in the days of Jesus?  Was it wholly and totally known that the pool was a place of healing?  Was it wholly known that an angel from God was the messenger of that healing?  Was it a little more silent?  Did only a few quiet people sitting at the pool know that God sent healing when they saw the troubling of the waters?  OR …  was it a complete mystery:  Only a fluke that sick people spent a lot of time there and a fluke that whoever got into the pool after an angel came and went became healed from either very obvious infirmities or more subtle, mental and spiritual, or emotional scars?