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In Genesis we learn about woman’s weaknesses, and man’s weaknesses.  Women have a tenancy to get tricked into doing things they knew, just a few seconds ago, are not good.  Men tend to falter and sit back, doing nothing, when the time is right for them to crack the whip and drive the peddler’s out of God’s house.

Adam was not off in some far corner of the Garden while Satan was tinkering with Eve’s mind.  Adam and Eve were shoulder to shoulder while Eve was being tricked into eating the fruit.  That is how it reads: They were together.

Evil unfolded in a two step process for Adam. While evil had his woman by the mind, blossoming a maelstrom of death that caused her judgement to be clouded enough to cause her to take a bite out of the fruit that was not for her, he said nothing.  She was beguiled.  She was under the influence of Satan when it happened to her.  She did not know that what she was doing was wrong.

Adam had his first chance to deliver on being courageous for God and his wife right before Eve took a bite of the fruit.  Delivering on courage would have looked like this: “Eve! What are you doing!  That is not right, honey, do not under any circumstance eat that fruit.”  While saying this Adam could have been fishing the snake out of the tree with a stick.  Then, smashing the snake repeatedly with his heel would have been quite appropriate.  Later, smacking the fruit out of Eve’s hand and calling out to God, “Father, Father, I am in trouble, please help.  Please!”  Something along those lines would have been preferable to the reality of what happened.

From that point, if Eve decided to take a bite anyway, after being warned, she would have been in the wrong, and since Adam warned her, he would have been in the right.  You cannot force anybody to do right, but you can warn them and continue to support their good qualities {Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful.}  That does not say do not warn sinners.  Just do not stubbornly stand in their way is all.

Adam’s second chance to deliver was on faith and sacrifice and would have been after his wife had eaten the fruit.  When she turned to him, the silent sinner at this point, and commanded him to take a bite: “Take, eat.”  Adam chose His wife, and cowardice over God.  The fall.  A simple no, or even just “the look,” while turning and walking away to tell God what had happened would have changed everything.


Now we have Abraham.  Abraham is always being made the butt of jokes by most pastors in order to play the “I am on your wife’s side” card while standing behind the podium.  It is a tactic that works, but most pastors lack understanding because their judgement is being clouded by the love of money or some other evil thing.  They mean well, but our front line soldiers (pastors) are constantly being hit hardest when it comes to Satan beguiling people.

Abraham might as well have chained and shackled His wife, put her on a cart made out of gold and wheeled her into Pharaoh’s courts according to the way church makes the story sound.  That is not what happened at all, brothers, sisters and beloved pastors.

Abraham acted in faith.  Not to mention, he never lied.  The Good Book encourages us to withhold information from the enemy, which is exactly what Abraham did.  How dare sny of us encourage the blood bought family to spill the beans before the very people who would have them suffer for the sake of evil and selfishness.  Shame shame.

Abraham simply told Pharaoh that his wife was his sister and instructed Sarai to agree.  This, almost certainly, was an act that God not only condoned, but insisted on.  Abraham didn’t shackle, gag, and hand her over to the wolves.  Pharaoh stole Abraham’s wife from him.  Pharaoh took her.  Abraham DID NOT “hand her over.”

I know this is contrary to what most of us have been taught, but just hold on for a moment and I promise you the truth will increase your understanding of God and aid in your relationship to/with Him.  Let’s ask why.  Why would God insist on such a thing?  God did not want Abraham to fight against Pharaoh through fleshly means.  God had helped Abraham to fight in that way before.  Not this time though.  This time, Elohim needed Abraham to be obedient in order for God to show Pharaoh, a powerful occultist, that God is more powerful than even sorcery and magik.  Think about it.  Pharaoh lived in the shroud of heavy occultism.  Pharaoh was at the center of many layers of secrecy and power.  This was brought to light only thousands of years after the fall of Egypt.  There weer human sacrifices, and sorcerers and witches and warlocks that performed powerful magikal incantations.  It was going to take a lot more than just a few righteous words to prove to a man like Pharaoh how powerful God truly is, without showing Pharaoh God’s face and destroying him in the process.  Through Abraham’s obedient nature, God showered Pharaoh in His wrath so that Pharaoh would understand God was God, not him.

Abraham was blessed richly for His obedience to God, and Sarai was blessed richly for her obedience to Abraham.  They both learned that the most important things in life are to always have everything you have on the table for God to use as he sees fit.

In the end, every on of you preachers gets up there and plays that card, you are spitting in the face of Abraham, Your Savior’s greatest grandfather, a friend of YHVH and you are leading your flock astray, ever so slightly.  Tell Him you are willing to suffer any repercussions, dishonor, or hardship to be a true servant to Him.  Without that, you will not know grace, and you will continue to live under mercy while the rest of us carry you around as you refuse to mature.  The third commandment is not just for people who use the name of Jesus in times of stress.  It is for people who use His name vainly.  That commandment’s bulls eye is squarely on the back of anyone who uses My Father’s name for their own fleshly wants and desires.