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God’s Covenant with Abraham – A promise made to one man to multiply and bless his seed.

God’s Covenant with Moses and the Israelites – A promise made to Moses and the Israelites.

New Covenant – Not with one man or one man’s multiplied family, but a promise made to the entire world.

You see the exponential growth here?  God started with a relationship with one man.  Abba then multiplied that relationship a few generations later to that man’s great great grandchildren and their children.  Then, something like 40 generations from Abraham, Abba revealed to the whole world what had been available to them all along if only one believes what is already inside of them.

What then is this New Covenant all about?

The New Covenant has two promises that are written in scripture.  The Covenant:

  • Is for anyone who chooses life
  • Affects everybody

The New Covenant is not only a promise to the obedient, but it also changes the way the world operates as a whole.  The Holy Spirit is poured out unto all flesh, causing the world to operate differently than before.  It might be safe to assume that this is why society is not as barbaric as it once was.