God’s plan

(1) “Get Satan to kill Me.”  This death will solve the problem started when I created a world where the potential for sin exists.

(2) When I die I will take responsibility for the fall that started all of this, and soak up all the sin it created.

(3) Once all the sin is in Me, I will bring it to the Lake of Fire, where I will continue to preach the gospel, even there.

(4) Anyone who trusts Me in their minds and with their actions will be forgiven for past sins.  I will encourage them to live perfectly, and forgive them when they fall short if they are continuing to show that in their minds and with their actions that they love me instead of the world.   The blood will be for those folks.  Everybody else has little clue as to what they are talking about.

(5) Paradise with everyone who has earned it.  Yes, that is right.  If you believe in me with your minds and your actions you will be hated and ridiculed and the work will be tough.  I say again: heaven is earned.  Every mentor and patriarch I put into The Bible for you did My works, they worked hard to earn My approval.

There is a reason you have to earn a living, earn every meal, earn a car, earn your grades, and earn everything in life:  It is because I put that nature into people: The need to earn what is had.  {You will reap what you sow.} in other words,  You will get what you have worked to earn.  Life with God is no different.  The only way that heaven differs from any other earned thing is that you earn heaven by denying yourself and walking for Me instead.  No thing you can do that earns My approval comes from you.  It comes from me, but you still have to do it.  If you do not, I will find somebody else who will, and you will be left in the dark.

(6) Those who have proven too slick to suffer for My sake will suffer for their own sake, for eternity with the rest of the selfish people who chose the maelstrom of living that is the world.