Have you had a recent “Faith is Like?”  What is a “Faith is Like Moment?  Be patient, do not force it, and when it happens, post your “Faith is Like” moment in the comments on this article.  This post isn’t going anywhere and we cannot wait to hear your “Faith is Like Moment!”  This article is right here and waiting for you to tell us about your moment with God   Do not worry, no one here is going to judge you, as a “Faith is Like Moment” is equivocal.

Hear a “Faith is Like” moment I had!

Faith is like walking a dog through the suburbs without a leash.

How is faith like this?  Have you ever had a good Dad, or a good boss who is good to you most of the time, but then when he or she must scold you the circumstances are always such that the scolding ends up being a public thing that makes him look like a Virulent and unloving leader, when in fact He is a fantastic and loving leader, who was just circumstantially made to look bad.   It seems that the unfaithful have a view of God that paints Him as being angry and abussive.

When I was walking my dog leash-less today, every time I got close to an intersection and my dog was not near to me I had to put on my “man voice” and sternly warn him to catch up so we could cross the intersection together, instead of my dog crossing an intersection alone.

To the person following me a few paces back I sounded like an angry, aggressive and unloving dog owner.

When my dog came near to me (he is extremely obedient) I would praise him.  The person pacing me did not ever hear that.  God is my owner and I am His leash-less dog.  I do not care that people see My Father as unloving, I know that He loves me because I experience both sides of a relationship with The Creator.  He keeps me on the right path using both chastening and praising.



If you can tell us what your “Faith is Like Moment” is, describing it in a few sentences, that would be appreciated!  Thanks for visiting.