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We can never know if a person’s actions are coming from a righteous place.  We all know that the pharisees were evil.  We know this now, but did they know it back then?  Jesus spent a great deal of time explaining to people that they should not be like the pharisees, and that the pharisees were evil.  I do not think He would have spent so much time teaching this if people already were fully aware of the pharisee’s “dead dry bones”

This applies to today as well.  Many of the church leaders today are being fooled into thinking that they are holy.  How can this be?  How can such tender and loving people be fooled into thinking that they are holy?  Because nobody can judge the heart.  Satan has adjusted the way he does things over the last few thousand years.

The Word tells us that {The heart is deceitful above all things, who can know it?}

Look at this:

  • The three wise men were seeking Jesus
  • Jesus’ parents were seeking Jesus when He taught in the temple as a boy
  • Thousands of people left their daily grind and followed Jesus when He was in ministry
  • The believing ill were healed after seeking Jesus
  • The disciples left their jobs, families and their whole lives to follow Yeshua
  • Today there are a few people who truly seek Jesus and are finding God, the keys to life, and an abundance of it.
  • The pharisees were seeking Jesus with all they had
  • Timothy, James, and Paul used the majority of their resources to follow Jesus.

Just like on sesame street all of these things have something in common, but one of these things just does not belong here.  Every above example is serving the purpose of finding Jesus.  Some of the folks in these examples might have more self serving reasons than others, but the one that truly does not belong is the pharisees, you got it!  They not only are the most self serving, but their intention was to kill Jesus.  You know how that goes, they saw the power of God, were threatened by it and needed to wrestle it into submission, call it out, destroy it, make it their own so that they could serve the people! Right!?  Ha ha, no no no, their intention was to serve themselves at every turn, even when they appeared to be serving others.  You see, the pharisees were so far gone, that they must have at some level been aware of their evil intentions.

The problem in our generation is that Satan has tricked most of our preachers in such a way that they are not aware that what they are doing is actually hindering god’s vine (the various denominations) from being grafted to the True Vine (not a church, but God Himself).  Most of us are being deceived into acting in self serving ways through seemingly innocent acts of service.  The Pharisees, though, they were not deceived.  They knew they were bad people.  Especially after Jesus explained it to them.  Nicodemus recognized this and came to Him.  If Nicodemus was acting genuinely (not as a spy) then He is to be treated with utmost respect.  He risked EVERYTHING to do what was right.


This is the main point of this message: the tree was the same for each group of people.  If you caught any of them in the street and asked them what they were doing they would have said the same thing “I am looking for Jesus.”  The root and the fruit are both very different for the Pharisees.  The root for most of the other groups are a need for help.  The fruit for most others is/was thankfulness and gratitude.  Not for those bad boys the Pharisees.  Their root was a need to stay in power.  The fruit, once finding Jesus was mind games and nasty tricks.  Did anybody else, except for those in control play mind games and do nasty tricks to Jesus?

Let’s Get Real For A Moment

Why do you do what you do?   Why do you want what you want?  Your wants and intentions (your heart) controls what you do.  Where do you get these wants and desires?  Even if your wants and intentions are serving your church, ask yourself “How many times have I ran people out of the church based on what I judged to be good or bad?”  I want to ask you a serious and difficult question, please.  Could Satan be using you to keep your church from moving closer to the kingdom of God?  Tough question I know.  Do not avoid it.  Instead, face it head on in prayer and you will be pleasantly surprised with what happens next.

If God has sent a servant to your church, and you were part of the pack that ran that servant out, you will be held responsible for that.  The shame you are trying to avoid right now will become unbearable.  It will cause you to hide and to run away from Your Father, just as it is now.  {The heart is deceitful above all things, who can know it?}

There is Some One who can know the heart.  He can know your heart.  He can adjust it and make it nearer to His own.  He is much more likely to do this if you ask Him to.  Yeshua (Jesus) is capable of shaping your intentions and wants and needs to meet goals that will leave you with a great inheritance in heaven.  Make it a daily practice to give Jesus your heart.

Then when you must stand before The King of Kings to answer for your daily habits and the ripples you left behind based on your habits, you will be able to come before Him with fear and trembling, but boldly.  You will stand before Him knowing for certain that your actions did not come from you, but that they came from Him.  You will stand before Him because you will have proven to be a part of Him instead of a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  Faith without works is dead.  If your works are not His works, even if performed within the setting of a church, you are dead brothers and sisters.  Shalom and go with Him.