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In Genesis 2:1 we learn that when God created a week, He placed a gift at the end of the week.  On the seventh day, God rested, and He sanctified and blessed that day for us.  He made a day where the very nature of the day is to help us rest.

That is why it is important to practice not just a day of rest, but to line up our day of rest with “the day of rest.”

Can We Trust This?  What about The New Covenant?

Now that we understand why we rest on a specific day, here is proof that He loves us:  in Exodus 20:8 He commands us to practice the day of rest.  Why is this love?  It took from Genesis 2 until Exodus 8 for it to go from an optional gift to grasp to a necessary gift to grasp.  We never have to ask, “Does God actually want me to take part in this blessing?” because there is no question: His intentions are clear when He makes a day for rest and then commands us to utilize it.

God does not build a hot tub to be looked at, but to be utilized.  If you miss the hot tub and end up in the snow next to it, that is your own fault.

But Sunday Is So Popular

Constantine’s Edict of Milan and the events following the Battle of the Milvian Bridge (4th century) caused some serious misconceptions about Christianity to grasp the world we live in today.  Sunday is just the start of it, no pun intended (It is a pun because Sunday is the first day of the week.  The start of the week. . . Oh man.  I crack myself up).

Prior to The Battle of the Milvian Bridge, it is written in history that Constantine had a dream, as told by Eusubius his bishop friend and mentor, where Constantine was told to use the symbols from the Greek alphabet Chi and Rho in order to win in battle.  He placed these symbols, transposed, on the shields of his warriors who won at the bridge of Milvian against Maxentius.  This battle made him much more powerful than he was previous to the battle.

The nature of the world that we live in is this:  The Lord sows seed, and then Satan tries to steal, kill, and or destroy the seed.  If you have had a God moment, you can bet your assets that Satan will be there shortly if you are not on your guard and in Yeshua (Jesus’ Hebrew Name).  God made Constantine a promise, and right before He was about to make good on that promise, Satan comes in and tries to tamper with the credit: A second vision occurred, not while Constantine was sleeping, but in broad daylight where he and his entire army (Chi Rho on their shields as per God’s advice), on the way to the battle saw a lighted cross in the sky with an inscription under it: “by this symbol conquer”.

WHOA WHOA WHOA.  Hold the bacon.  Constantine was instructed to use a symbol to win in battle.  Now, while on the way to a battle he sees another vision telling him to use a new sign.  In the confusion, Constantine pressed on and won.  I believe the first sign is from God, and the second sign was from Satan.  Here is why: The scriptures tell us to use the name of Our Savior when we are in trouble.   The scriptures tell us to make no graven images.  God would have instructed a man to use the first two letters of the name “Savior.”  Satan would have instructed a man to be disobedient.

Prior to Constantine’s battle, which he won as his first vision promised, he was a Mithraith (sun worhsipper).  Sun worshipers had a holy day: the first day of the week.  Post-victory it seemed Constantine was taking Christianity seriously.  He converted, and declared that everyone that worked in his army and within his governing body must become christian as well.

Now we have a bunch of obdurate pagans running around forced to say that they are Christian.  That maelstrom must not have been much fun for the true Christians, and I bet the Pagans weren’t happy about it either. On the bright side, all the money and property that Constantine’s dad, the previous Roman emperor, confiscated years earlier was given back to the true Christians.  Plus, it was made legally known that all Christians may practice their religion as they saw fit (Edict of Milan, 313 AD).  It was about 8 years after this Edict of Milan that a law was passed stating that the national and lawful day of rest is Sunday.

With the help of the Catholics, this law was enforced, not only by the government, but by the church.  Now we have sun worshippers, whose special day is the first day, forced to be shoulder to shoulder with God worshippers who were encouraged to break covenant from Saturday and worship with the Pagans.  I do not have any idea how this lasted, but Satan made it work somehow.  He won that battle.

At that point and now, we have exactly what God had basically ordered the disobedient to do: practicing the commands of men as if they are scriptural doctrine.

They worship me in vain, teaching as doctrine the commandments of men is what the scripture goes like in Matthew 15:9.


Why is this important if you are a Christian?  Because you have a choice:

Obedience to God


Obedience to Man.