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The Bible tells of new covenant and old covenant ways.  It gives us many historical accounts of the ways in which Our Father God guided those chosen and of faith.  In the old covenant, from what I have read, it seems it was all about doing what God said.  He would speak directly to someone and that person would tell His people.  In these latter days The Spirit is quieted on the flesh and we have the Bible.  It gives us Jesus.  In all this moving forward of time remember:  Jesus was the Lamb Who Was Slain from the foundation of the world.  He was manifest to us, but has always been there as He is now, in the beginning, back then, now, and in the future. (Revelation 13:8 and 1 Peter 1:20)

God’s children relied on people, in the old covenant, who were deeply connected with God to do very specific things in order to “remind” them of sin, shame, guilt.  I don’t know what the purpose of “reminding them” is. (Hebrews 10:3)  To bring them into closer communion with Him?  To fulfill some spiritual needs to structure properly the time of the crucifixion?  To bring the new covenant believers to understand how things could have been?  Who knows.

Leviticus 4:6  is God telling Moses to tell the priests how exactly they are to perform a ritual that brings sanctification to the people.  Leviticus 4:6 is some really specific stuff and there is even more specifics in there if you read the verses around it. I have found that the old covenant involved a lot of doing.  The root or the why (the heart) may not have always been there: Do this, because God said so.

Today, Our Savior saves us.  He did back then too, it was just different carnally.  In the new covenant sometimes God causes un-Godly people’s actions to reflect a Godly root; And, sometimes the Holy Spirit puts a motivation in us to do what is pleasing in the sight of G-d.  This same motivation is shared throughout the world by all believers, new and old.  Believing is what we can trust will guide us to have the right motivations. Believe what?  Believe that Jesus died to save us from our sins. (among many other things) What does that mean?  It means this:  When Jesus conquered sin and death he took on our sins.  He drank sin into Himself.

Sin creates guilt and shame.  Some very powerful feelings that act as a rudder in our lives because we tend to defend ourselves.  Why do we have to defend ourselves?  Because shame hurts and we want to make sure people don’t poke us where we are tender.  Defending our tender spots leads us away from God because it is selfish to be steering a conversation around based upon our sins.  Instead, Jesus teaches us to steer conversation in such a way that glorifies Him.

In tending to our needs, we stray from God’s people, from Him, and ultimately from goodness.  This puts us in a world surrounded by others who also tend to their own needs, and to others needs only if it will ultimately suit them. It makes us hide from His people because we feel naked.  It enslaves us without us even knowing we are enslaved.  That is a facet of “the shackles and chains of sin”.

Because we have a free will we can choose to run from G-d and continue in sin, literally living in it; or we can admit we were wrong and agree with our conscience to live in such a way that attempts to live for something else completely, by trusting in Jesus.  The Good, The Awesome News: You don’t have to feel shame anymore, no matter how much shame you deal with, if you give your life to Jesus.  I know this is true because my life is shame free (for the most part) and I was an awful sinner and am currently not perfect.

Those things (shame, guilt,sin) channeled/channel from the world (from any believer at any given time) to Jesus at the crucifixion:  Isaiah 2:2 <and all nations will stream to it.>  The crucifixion brings shame away from us so that we can concentrate on worshiping Jesus, fellowshipping with other believers and connecting with The Lord.  He wants that and therefore is willing to facilitate it for those who have invited Him to have them.

Thank You Jesus for your life.  The miracles you performed brought so many to believe in You.  Thank You so much for Your believers.  Thank You for Your guiding hand, for life, and for it more abundantly.  You are awesome and I appreciate You in me.