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   When Jesus was put before Pontius Pilot, he recognized His authority on earth. Pilot was innervate at the crowd’s decision to release Barabbas.  In Jesus’ most excruciating hour, Pilot wanted to ensure the onlookers knew that they were killing a man with great power, so he wrote and posted this man is: King of the Jews above his cross.  Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey.

In 1 Samuel we learn about Saul being anointed king. This happened to him while he and his father’s servant were looking for his dad’s donkeys. He was not physically on these donkeys. None-the-less Saul was brought to Samuel by way of donkeys.



We learn that it is only The Lord who has and divvies out courage. In 1 Samuel 14 we find Jonathan and his armor bearer sneaking away from the ranks of Israel, down the valley, and to the other mountain top where a bevy of Philistines were at their garrison. Young Jonathan and his armor bearer commence to whoop some royal booty as they slaughter 20 or more Philistines in a half acre. As a young man vs. many well-armed Philistines, courage must have been what drove the boys to this slaughter.

Goliath came against the “ranks of Israel”. Jonathan was in those ranks, yet he lacked the courage and confidence to go up against the Philistine, when he was bubbling over with it against a bunch of those Philistines just before. Everyone in Israel lacked courage until young David showed up, ready to fight Israel’s battle. He did and won, taking him one step closer to God’s true purpose for His life: from valiant shepherd to valiant king.


Just like there is a parallel in the way Jesus was accepted as king on earth by Pilot and Saul was made king by Samuel, there are many more parallels. Another way these two men’s lives are filial to one another is this: Jesus is our righteous covering, a sacrifice that allows us to work outside of the scope of sin and within the scope of glory and holiness.

When Samuel needed to work against king Saul’s wishes and with the wishes of The Holy God Jesus Samuel needed a cover up story. In 1 Samuel 16 God had Samuel covered:

“And Samuel said “how can I go? If Saul hears It, he will kill me.”

But The Lord said, “Take a heifer with you, and say, “I have come to sacrifice to The Lord. Then invite Jesse to the sacrifice, and I will show you what you shall do; You shall anoint for Me the one I name you.”

First sign to Saul that David was king:

Goliath called to the armies of Israel to form a battle in 1 Samuel 17. The Philistine army wanted to make Israel their slaves. Without a king it is easier to control a people. Goliath was not calling on just any man. He chose his words carefully. He wanted to fight Saul. He called the man out by name recognizing him as king. He did not say bring to me your king, however that was his strategy.

“Why have you come out to line up for battle? Am I not a Philistine, and you the servants of Saul? Choose a man for yourselves, and let him come down to me.”

   David had already been anointed as king by God through Samuel. Goliath got exactly the true king of Israel in deeds, words, and action. It was God, through David that fought Goliath that day.