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There are two truths that Christians argue with each other over in regards to good works.

  • The truth that works and faith are two parts in the same body.
  • The truth that we cannot work our own way to salvation (in other words good works won’t save you).

Blessed be God, even The Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ who comforts us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort them who are in any trouble with the comfort therewith we ourselves are comforted of God.

We are comforters and the comforted.  The enemy is skilled at using this sort of thing to create a faction in God’s people.  The average Christian will lief jump into an argument defending what God has brought to remembrance even though what they are arguing against is actually a brick with common mortar in the same building of faith that they are standing on.  It’s the defining of terms (and man’s natural tendency towards discussion lol) that gets in the way of this particular truth: “good” or good.  Same word, two different meanings.

Jesus is using a carnal world to explain to us spiritual things. It is the precision of spiritual matters that can cause the carnal mind to see contradiction rather than life and peace in The Word.


The “Dynamai” (or work) that James is referencing in James 2 is the work from God that we will need under our belt in order to stand before Him shameless.  Much like a young man standing in front of a Father.  If the father tells him to clean his room and the young one doesn’t, that is bad.  If the young one does as his father asked him then when Dad finally gets home, it is all joy and celebration.  The whole family gets to have movie night in the clean room. Good fellowship. Just like all other spiritual things in scripture it also makes sense in real life too.   If the young one mowed the yard instead of cleaning the room, that messes with the plan that the young one’s father had.  In order to have movie night, the room must be clean.  Since the lawn was mowed, what are we going to do now?  I am not a dad yet so I have ideas only for this but no applicable knowledge.  Good fellowship is still necessary is what I would say.  Let me explain using the scripture God used when teaching me.

The definition of good works carnally is as far as the east is from the west in comparison to “good” works spiritually. When Jesus was called “good” teacher in Mark 10: 18 He replied “Why do you call me good? Only One is “good” and that is The Father.” When The Father pricks a person’s heart to do His work that idea is “good”. When a person does manifest that idea, to God it is “good”. When a person continually does “good” works in God’s sight that person is a “good” servant.  How do we know what thoughts come from God?  Jesus calls us friends because he shares his plans with us.

In James 2 it says {“What good is it, my brothers, if someone says he has faith but does not have works?”}  It is no good is the answer.


Have you ever asked yourself why it doesn’t say “good works” there? It only says works (whether in English, Greek or Hebrew).


Greek Rabbit Trail Commencing:


“Me Dynamai” (may doo-na-my) is the Greek for “not have works”.  God encouraged the writer to write “me” instead of “ov”.  This is because “me” is just a negatory, or even just the implication of a negation.  “ov” is an absolute denial.  Then we have the word Dynamai.


“Dynamai” is defined as


  • Being capable
  • Possessing ability or strength
  • Having the ability do something because of one’s own strength, lawful permission, favorable circumstances, or a state of mind.


It might have been better translated does not have ability; However, I think God did a perfect job at the translation of His Word with the where, how many, and how the publishing’s are circulated.  He did it in such a way that still gives people after His heart joyful and fulfilling things to do.


Greek Rabbit Trail End.



It does not say “good works” in James (here: {“What good is it, my brothers, if someone says he has faith but does not have works?”})  because we are looking at the world from the future with Jesus, post destruction of all evil and there we are looking into the past. The past being the days of B.C and A.D after the fall in Genesis.  From the future’s reference point a person who never acted on God’s will literally has no works. We have learned that all things that are not of God are completely destroyed in the fire leaving us with only works that have come from Yaweh.  This “Me Dynamai” (the person possesses no works) instead of “Ov Dynamai” (the person and their works never existed at all. Ever)


The Word tells us that he who knows Jesus’ commands and keeps them, the same it is that loves Him.  In being obedient to the commands that come from a relationship with Him and the commands that we find in The Bible we find out Who Christ is.  This leads right to the heart of where I am not seeing how it is false that God is capable of having an extraordinarily complicated plan for each of us individually, that is well-thought out because of the sinful habits and dis-obedience we each are prone to lean into.  The goal of the plan is the exact same for each of us: Making us a sanctuary that houses His son.  A sanctuary that is capable of expressing genuine love to the world.  As an added bonus when we do a work it also fits into the puzzle that is Heaven and The New Jerusalem.  Getting us to sanctuary status takes a lot of energy, love, sacrifice and work on His part, I must suppose, because each of us are born with different characteristics and on top of that each of our circumstances are different.  Further, Satan is constantly giving us desires that de-rail the work The Father has set for us loved ones.  Satan does this for hateful people easily.  But for those who are truly sacrificing and giving it their all to help others and love God satan has to call in special forces; Alas, Yod Heh Vav Heh or Heh Vav Heh Yod and His grace wins.  I guess I have no business doing anything but thinking that name.

Christians: let scripture triumph over experience.  Paul tells us that the law guided us until Jesus entered. Once Jesus is in, our works are justified: {So then, the law was our guardian until Christ came in order that we might be justified by faith.}  The law is our guide until Christ steps in.  Once Christ steps in we do His works.  His works go against the works of the world we live in making loving Jesus difficult and honorable.  This causes us to be able to stand in front of God.  If when Christ commands us to do something and we fail to be obedient it causes shame.  Much like a young person who didn’t do what Dad said to do.  Now if they did do what Dad said to do, when Dad finally comes home there is no shame and only joyful fellowship and celebration.

When The Father commands a loved one, it is part of a plan that will cause that person to be a perfect vessel in that exact circumstance, to hold Jesus and destroy the world.  At the same time this contingent work will prepare a population that is ready to live a new way that is universally pure truth.  Satan will “me” longer exist once the world is destroyed.  Jesus’ work causes that person to be filial to Christ, and Satan does not want that either.  God is a part of the high council of a christian’s life advisors as the Highest Trusted Advisor or close to it.  You have put off the former way of life, the one corrupted by deceitful desires.  You are being renewed in the spirit of your minds; You have put on the new self, the one created according to the likeness of God in all righteousness and purity of the truth.


Here is another scenario: maybe He has everything set up in such a way that the goal is much like Dad saying keep the house clean.  He then leaves all the steps in between to us, however he is happy to step in and micromanage if necessary.  Further He knows how to do each and every thing to keep the house clean perfectly and He is always sitting back waiting for us to say “Hey Dad, how can I do this better?”


Jesus is pleased that you are more like Him.  He made us and knows each of us intimately.  Is He precisely adjusting our hearts and minds every step of the way and conquering even in the face of our own disobedience and errors?  That is what I have learned.


You are a better person than me in many, many ways.

Blessings and the highest of favor.