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   For those of you out there with good dads and moms growing up, you remember that when you were told to do something, if you didn’t complete the task you would want nothing more than to stay away from your parents. On the flip side when you did something not just well, but really well you couldn’t wait to show them what you did. Imagine being young again and Dad telling you to clean your room and instead of cleaning your room you did the dishes. When he got home to find your room a mess and the dishes done you would have been in for it, right? It’s the same idea in being a servant of God.

   When Jesus comes some peoples,{They called to the mountains and the rocks, “fall on us and hide us from the face of Him who sits on the throne and from the wrath of The Lamb!”}  Basically, all the excuses one had been standing on will no longer be available at that time; Like after making excuses all day and when in front of Dad and/or Mom we learn that we really deserve punishment. Hear this: The only way any of us can truly say “I believe” to Jesus is to have His works. Actions speak loudly to Our Savior.

   Faith is showing God you trust in Him through good works. Are you fighting against good works, foolish man? The Bible warns against fighting good works : {Faith by itself if it does not have works is} what? Alive and with Christ? No, it {is dead.}

{For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead.}

Be equipped with the knowledge of what is truly good. The Word tells us that {to him who knows to do good and does not do it, to him it is sin.}   Couple this with the time when Jesus said {only one is good and that is The Father}.

The implications of these two scriptures are as follows: Biblically good actually is directly connected to Him Who Created The Universe. Doing good in The Father’s eyes is an intimate connection between you and Him;  Only He can do good or cause you to do good.


  • It does not say “to him who sees something good to do and does not do it.” It does say “to him who knows to do good.”
  • As a believer you know what He expects because the Father speaks to you.
  • Don’t let good works derail your good works.

If one is doing the wrong good thing then they are not faithful in Jesus and it isn’t good at all. It’s vanity.

   We need reminding of this from time to time.  We cannot go out and decide for ourselves or let the world decide what good thing we will do today.  That decision comes from God.  Then He allows us to decide to ignore it or obey it.   The shame the unfaithful have will cause them to beg for the mountains to fall on them.  This will hide them from Him. 

   It is God’s works that manifest themselves through us that will cause us to be shameless in His presence when He comes to save us.  

   When we work for God it involves sacrifice, enmity from the world, and lots of good old fashioned integrity. Working in this way causes a surety that we are doing good in this life. The kind of surety that causes a proud young man or woman to light up when their good parents show up.  You do earn your spot in heaven.  You earn it by hearing, obeying, waiting, hearing, obeying, waiting, hearing obeying, all the while studying, fellowshipping and praying.  You earn your way into heaven by working on what God tells you.  That is what Biblical good works are.  Strive for His good pleasure. He has faith in you.  Do good work for Him.