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Hi all,

I am so blessed that you are reading this today.  I have a short message, like an envelope to you from God.  I will only be preparing “the envelope”.  The rest of the message will be given to you by God in your own personal time with Him.  He who has a mind that focuses on scripture let him focus.


In The book of Mark in chapter 4 we learn that Jesus and the disciples are on “many boats” crossing the Sea of Galilee.  They sail through a squall.  The Bible doesn’t call it a “windstorm”,  rather, it calls it a “great windstorm”.  The Bible, we know, tends to under exaggerate accounts as opposed to over exaggerating them.  This storm was so great the boat “already was filling to the brim” and the disciples feared for their lives.

When the sea is under the effects of a great windstorm it can get pretty heated.  My guess is that they were in a small, open-air, handcrafted fishing boat.  The point we fail to see is that the boat was being tossed violently.  Where was Jesus?  stumbling around helping keep the boat afloat?  No.  Praying to His Father?  No!  Flying above them encouraging the disciples to have more faith? Haha,  No.  Jesus, in the midst of all this tumult was asleep on a pillow! Impossible.

This physical storm was foreshadowing an even greater spiritual storm.

Just like Adam being put to sleep before God took a rib from him to make Eve, God had kept Jesus asleep.  I believe that God placed His son under a strong sleep in order to tell Him something. Stay with me here, please.  Following the event of Jesus’ sleeping on a boat through a great windstorm is a time when He met a man who was filled with many demons.  So many demons that they called themselves “legion” for they were many.  Similar to the man filled with a legion of demons, Jesus would soon find the temple of His body being filled with the sins of the world.  Do you see the parallel?   If no, read on.

These two events in the life of Jesus are very connected.  We find later that Jesus and His disciples are in the garden.  In Mark Ch. 14 Jesus is telling His disciples “All of you will be made to stumble because of Me this night for it is written:  “I will strike the Shepherd and the sheep will be made to scatter””.

After hearing these words the disciples swore to stay with Jesus no matter what.  Shortly after, Jesus gave it a fighting chance.  He went into the garden at Gethsemane to pray, searching for some loop hole to get out of what seemed imminent.

Before going to pray He left them together in the garden and He took Peter, James, John and Jesus explained to His disciples that His “soul is exceedingly sorrowful, even to death” and He asked them to pray while He went to pray.

They were sleeping during His storm.

“Simon, are you sleeping?  Could you not watch one hour?” Jesus knew the spiritual tumult was great.  He knew this spelled danger for His disciples:

“Watch and pray lest you enter into temptation…” He told them.  He came back and found them asleep a second time.  Then a third time and He said (in determination to save us sinners)

” Are you still sleeping . . . Rise, let us be going.  See, My betrayer is at hand.”  This is one of the last things He said to them as a group before He metaphorically covered the bomb with His body, only to return having conquered death.  The simple way to highlight this parallel is that:

Jesus slept in the boat during a storm that was literally not humanly possible to sleep through.

The disciples slept through a spiritual storm of magnificent proportions in the garden.

In applying this: whether the storm is spiritual or not, in each case we learn that calling on God and accepting His will, is the answer to weathering, and defeating whatever enemy, storm,  or mountain arises in our path.

Be richly blessed!


If you are interested in a short video that explains this parallel between Mark 4 and 14 here is a link to it:  Gethsemane & The Sea it is a little slow, but the information is available.