“The mindset of the flesh is death, but the mindset of the spirit is life and peace.”


Admonishing (advising and implementing slight corrections in the name of Jesus) is a difficult thing to do.  There are many things in the way.  One of them is the weight of the words Satanic and demonic and other words that describe anything that is not of God.

If I were to see a character flaw in a person and then described that habit as being from Satan, or being of demonic influence or if I even were to say it is evil that persons reaction of hurt and defense would usually come with some serious walls and offensive mental action.

Because of this I was trying to come up with some way to get around the weight associated with those words while still being honest.  Maybe Idolatry would work.  The end goal would be revealing to a person in a loving way that they are not at fault for the root of the evil action or habit;However, they are responsible if they choose to follow in that path when it is revealed to them that they could be living in a more Godly way.


If something is Satanic it’s not always rape and murder;  It’s not always some drugged up hippie pick pocketing tourists and then cowering in the corner while shooting heroine; Or some Tahitian native buying and selling people into slavery.  The problem, carnally, with the word Satan and demon and the like is that any God-fearing man or woman when they hear that word they are sent into a lightning fast mentality that is as extreme as the above examples.

When at church we want to be able to lovingly tell some one that: “When you encourage your husband, Suzanne, that you want to do X it is of Satan” and them receive it knowing we are not labeling them with the awful list above.  We are just telling them that it is now time that they face the fact that the correction, no matter how big or small, needs to be brought to Jesus in prayer and dealt with in a way that is obedient to God.   (X could be threatening divorce subtly and constantly, it could be what you eat for dinner, it could be playing on your phone instead of doing something else God is pressing you to do.)    In the example from Suzanne’s case we need to understand that God has pressed on both their hearts how to do something.  It is unspoken,  It is a nuance that doesn’t seem to really matter, but in being disobedient the desire is rooted in Satan and has no place among the children of God.


Now when Jesus speaks into the ear of Suzanne and says says “Hey Suzanne, what your doing is from Satan”, she may get all upset being like:  “me washing my car is of Satan!  You have no business in my life, get out!”  and then Jesus would say something like “ok Im on the way out, but remember that I asked and motivated you to be in your house washing the windows right now, please, come wash the windows with me.”

So why is it that God has wired our minds to go to the extreme evils and not the subtle evils when we here “Satan” or “demonic” spoken by anyone, especially a believer.


It’s for this reason.  The end result for carnal actions no matter how extreme or subtle end spiritually in the same place.  Dis-obedience is for Hell whether its washing a car or raping or pulling a Charles Manson.  Obedience is for heaven whether it’s strictly and sternly loving your children, or washing a car when God asks, or telling everyone in a church ” you are worshiping The city you live in, boats, cars, football, and yourselves GET OUT…. AND GET OUT NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!”

We are wired to see those awful words as being awful because they, at the end of the world, illicit the exact same response from The Father.  Why?  Because for our sake He is preparing a place for us to be with Him.  When we get to the gates of heaven there will be a filter there.  That filter will not allow any real substance of evil into heaven.  Every time you hold on to an evil habit you are making it that much more difficult for yourself when The Lord looks at you and says “depart from me you workers of iniquity, you never knew me”.

The workers of iniquity that have been forming your evil habits day by day WILL flee, and if you are not ready to let go of them YOU WILL go with them.  you have the choice to give your life to God, who has the power to make you repent, and begin a process of letting go now (which lasts a lifetime) so that When He says “depart from me you workers of iniquity” there will still be some of you left there in front of Him worthy of growing and learning and living in heaven.  Please Repent.