You know a friend of mine pointed out to me the other day that its a good idea to reel through Bible stories like they are a movie, or a play.  I like to do that from the perspective of individuals within the story so that I can glean out every bit of spiritually useful morsels as possible.

My buddy pointed out that we can look at the story from God’s perspective.  This made me realize that most of the stories read from a fully omniscient point of view.  There is no way that the authors could have known all that was known in the books without God, Our Father and Majestic Creator.  All scripture is given by inspiration of God.  It really is.

A great example of this is in regards to King David and His escapades.  I’m sure He didn’t write the books about his (or His considering he was His) life; However, we can determine that while David was fleeing from enemies there were many times when God created a circumstance that kept David from harm.  David had no way of knowing, at the time, that his protection came from God.  David simply did as he knew was right in spite of what the earth was trying to get him to do.  His reward is great and His name is honored throughout history by the power of Our Lord and Savior’s Father, Our God: The Lord of Hosts.