Lord, my Lord Your hands are filled with wonder

Your mind cultivates the words of life.  My God, Jesus Christ is sensitive to love yet all powerful.

My heart trembles, momentarily, when He shows me His unending power.  God thank you for making our hearts and our minds potential soil for your words of truth.

Those truths sprout and blossom as we are given opportunity to grow to Him.


Jesus Christ prayed in the garden of Gethsemene telling God that he did not want to go through with the task.  Telling Him that he would rather not take on the sins of the world and then suffer the repercussions as such.

Abraham did not want to drag his first and only son up the mountain and slay him.

David being a man after God’s own heart and the future king of Israel was probably very interested to see how God would make light of the situation presented to us in Ch. 29 of 1 Samuel.

David and His men had been living with Achish king of Gath for several months if not years and Achish trusted David.  He found no evil in him.  He trusted him enough that when it came time to war against Saul he ordered that David rally his men and fight alongside Achish.  David against the very Hebrews he was to be king over.

A true king treats the people of his kingdom like his very children.  selflessly sacrificing his own time and efforts, even unto death, for the overall good of his people.  And now David, the man after God’s own heart, was safely living in territory that was the enemy to the Hebrews.  The Hebrews were not necessarily his enemy but wanted to kill him just the same.  Yet, they would eventually be his men.

What could David had of thought prior to deciding to bring his men together against his own kingdom?  Did David want to go into battle?

Was David excited to see how God would use this situation to continue to shape him?

Why is it that these three parallels are similar in every way except this:  David and Abraham were faced with the challenge of destroying the lives of others whereas Jesus was up against destroying His own life?