Prayer:  Lord our hearts are filled with motivations that come from a root of selflessness, that come from Christ.  In humility we ask that you guide us in that root and bring our actions to be a fruit of that spiritual tree within us.  We thank you for being a God who is involved in our lives.  We thank you for creating, and we look forward to the beauty, the challenges, and the victories you will have in us over the coming weeks.  Bless us and hold us and shine your glory from within us Father.

Gleaning: In Ch. 26 of 1 Samuel we find David being hunted by Saul.  At this point Saul has already admitted a few times that David is a better man than him and that he is destined to become king of God’s people.  David has had the chance to kill Saul once and spared him.  Now David has found that Saul is at it again.   The Lord puts the whole army into a deep slumber so David and Abishai can sneak into camp and show Saul that David had another chance to kill him and didn’t.  Abishai has every intention of killing king Saul.  David, in obedience to The Lord does not want to kill him, only to show him he could have.  However, by bringing Abishai with him he is able to call out to Abner, Saul’s guard, and  say “Are you not a man? And who is like you in Israel?  Why then have you not guarded your lord the king?  For one of the people came in to kill your lord the king.  This thing that you have done is not good.  As The Lord lives you deserve to die, because you have not guarded your master The Lord’s anointed…”

David had gone into the camp, taken a jug of water and a spear that was beside Saul’s head and hi tailed it out of there.  from outside the camp he called out to Abner and said those things.  Then Saul speaks telling David how blessed he is and what a good man he is and asks him to return to him.  David realizes that eventually Saul is going to kill him. So after Saul admits again that David will prevail over him and is a better man than he is they both go on their way.  David ends up living with the Philistines for a while in attempt to avoid any issues with the king.

I bet that Saul knew that God wanted for him to step down as king and hand his crown to David.  God gave Saul the chance on many occasions to see what he should do yet Saul repeatedly acted in disobedience to God.  Whereas David was being an obedient servant of The Lord.