Prayer: Lord let us praise you!  fill our hearts with a joyful and trembling song.  Then lift our hearts to you.  As they are in heaven fill them, heap them with the treasures of the kingdom.  As seeds of life brought to life by your hand, by your mind, they will blossom and grow.  Life lessons we will see and humbly admit fault so that we can move forward as vessels that are labeled God’s love.  Your plants in us will worship you and give life to those around us who seek it.  You are a great God, Our God oh God, let our souls shout this prayer in such a way that it reaches your ears.  Our Father, who loves us eternally, happy fathers day.

Post:  Samuel in the beginning of chapter 25 dies.  The idea that prayers are powerful is what fueled the Samuel on the sidelines 1, 2, 3, and 4.  We know that God has anointed Samuel as a prophet and raised him from His youth to see what it means to be a good prophet and a bad prophet.  Samuel’s prayer life in conjunction with what was going on in the life of the Israelites is only speculation.  God has shown me that everything that I presumed based on the history of Israel while Samuel was around is not fact.  It is only an example of A train of thought.