Prayer:  The Lord is our rock and our shield.  it is in Him that we may have our salvation.

Post: David is a man after God’s own heart, and Samuel is one of His prophets.  Samuel has been chosen since birth and God has shaped him into who He wants him to be:  praying rightly, thinking rightly, doing rightly.  We can assume he was not perfect, however because God never says a bad thing about Samuel in The Bible we can guess that he is acting through righteousness most of the time.

Samuel, after seeing the evils that Saul did repeatedly may have been praying for God to raise up a worthy king of Israel.  One who loves Him and follows His commands. For Samuel, Saul might have been an example of jealousy and selfishness, things you do not want in a king.  God may have used that to help direct Samuel’s prayers for David.  In pursuit of David, Saul was being used to test and structure a man of God.

David displayed leadership, humility, control, but most of all he showed a love for and trust in God through all of the trials he and his men endured.

This Samuel’s assumed prayer life comes from outlining the events from 1 Samuel 11 – 24  Here is a link for listening to the historical account.  (Link not loaded yet)