Prayer: Thank you Christ Jesus for being an example of what it means to live for God.  Please help us to have as strong a relationship with You as You had with Our Father.

Gleaning:  Hey there reader,  I am blessed that you are here and am grateful you are here.  When is the last time that you prayed for something and God answered it?  Right away.  That is so wonderful when that happens.  It tells us that when we pray in The Spirit God will answer.  How wonderful to know we are praying right, when our prayers are answered!  If your prayers have not been answered do not be discouraged and serve The Lord with all your heart.  And do not turn aside; for then you would go after empty things that cannot profit or deliver.  For they are nothing.

Let us imagine Samuel as a young boy ministering to The Lord and living with Eli and his sons.  God has chosen Samuel to be a great prophet and in the time that he was alive the revelation of The Lord was not widespread.  Now how could this be?  Godly festivals and feast days, sabbaths, regular sacrifices and daily talking of The Lord was a part of regular life.  It seems the people knew of God but were not tapped into the mind of Christ, thinking of one accord as we believers have been blessed by The Father to think and live within.

Samuel is tapped into the revelation of The Lord,  the mind of Our Father, He was able to see the world through the eyes of God.  The eyes that see things for what they truly are.  What a blessing.  This young man was praying all the time I can assume and starting to learn of how corrupt the world really is, even within the temple and amongst holy men that the people looked to for guidance from God.  How scary.  But God strengthens His people and so Samuel was given the strength and courage and wisdom he needed to be Gods steward.   And God ensured that none of His words fell to the ground.

We can imagine that Samuel was praying for the people of Israel to see the truth.  To know the power of God, and asking that God see more praise and understanding.  There must have been many misconceptions of the character of God considering that there was no widespread revelation.

Samuel gets to see the power of prayer first hand as the account of the beginning of first Samuel plays out in front of Him. God shows Him that the flesh is nothing and it is the spirit that counts.  Samuel begins to learn the true nature of the universe and Our Father who created it.