If any one from today were able to go back in time we would find that the culture of the day was consumed by the idea of God.  The Bible calls most of the people from that time unrighteous. Godless.  We would see it differently.  Our carnal eyes would see people who spend their days with God on their lips constantly.

Talking about God and using Him to serve us for protection, for wealth, for anything selfish in order to build ourselves up amongst the people around us are spiritually very drastically different than living a life worthy of His presence.

The difference is heaven or hell:   Unfortunately this verse is telling us that MANY will have been deceived into serving themselves through the knowledge of good and evil.  Because <Then I will tell them plainly, I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’>

We are to be servants to one another.  That doesn’t mean go tell your enemies to serve you.  It means YOU go serve everyone. Choose to Love.  Love no matter what.  It is easy to Love those who bless you and bear fruit for you and make your day.  That’s a natural reaction.  It is God’s work to show love to the hateful.  Only God can do the right thing through us, we are incapable of bearing that root of unselfish living.

It is God’s work to be sensitive to God’s needs.  He is so grateful to those who have spent their days being sensitive to His feelings, His wants, His needs.  God is all powerful and He created us in such a way that it be necessary that we do things for Him.  Check this out:

1 Peter 3:15 But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts

Whoa,  hold the horses.  Your telling me that we can sanctify God?  Now we need to figure out a deeper meaning to the word sanctify.  One that surpasses it’s surface meaning “to set apart”  and goes deeper than that.  Why?  So that we can actively sanctify God in our hearts.

It is important that we truly whole heartedly give our lives to God so that we may not be deceived in our time spent for Him.

Whether it is today or yesterday.  Whether we have God on our lips or not, only He knows what our intentions are, we do not even know that depth in ourselves, and thus we are in desperate need of Him.  As He loves the world around us through us allow others to feel the purity of love and truth and wisely choose to change for Him.