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Prayer:  Christ Jesus we are so grateful that we are a part of your fold.  We are thankful for your patient endurance of the trials on earth and Your reliance on Your Father in order to duplicate His will for us here on earth.  We want to follow you and cry out for the strength to.


In CH. 9 of 1 Samuel, we find Saul son of Kish looking for His Dad’s donkeys.  Saul isn’t on a hunt for a man to make him king of Israel.  He is looking for his Dad’s Donkeys.

Days Prior to Saul going out on the hunt for the donkeys, Samuel does the will of God by telling the Israelites that He will make a king to rule over them.  Just like all the other nations.  He tells all the Israelites to “go back home” and to “wait”.  Samuel’s word and honor is resting on waiting for God to act.

Moving forward, Samuel hears God tell him “About this time tomorrow you will see the man I want you to anoint king over Israel.”  Samuel is in Zuph at this time and Saul is on the way to Him in order to find those stinkin’ donkeys.  What he does not know is that he is really on the way to find Samuel.  Check this out.

From Saul’s Perspective:  He and his servant have been on the hunt for long enough now that they are thinking about giving up for fear that Saul’s dad will stop worrying about the donkeys and start worrying about them.  The servant tells Saul that there is a seer (a prophet) in that land and that he would be able to tell them where to find the donkeys.  They begin asking around for where the seer is and are lead to him.  They finally reach him and ask him where the seer lives and Samuel tells them “I am the seer.  Don’t worry about the donkeys for that matter has been taken care of” (the donkeys were being used only to ride Saul into Samuel so he could be anointed).  Samuel the prophet told Saul and his servant “You will stay here with me tonight and eat.”

From Samuel’s perspective:  He had faith that God would provide.  God then strengthened that faith days later by telling him that the man would be seen the following day.  That faith was set in stone when God said “There he is, there is the fella I was telling you about,”  as Saul was delivered right to Samuel.  ( Similar steps in faith )


Here are some parallels between Saul becoming king and Jesus becoming king (or being recognized as king).  Jesus has always been a king, after the resurrection and the spreading of the word by the apostles, Yeshua was recognized by the world as king (or at least as an option).  Conversely, in Saul’s case God placed a new heart into him making Saul a new man, the man that God would have be king over His inheritance.  (I love that God refers to The House of Jacob (the Israelites) as His inheritance)

  • Jesus sat upon a donkey on the way into the city to be crucified.
  • We might say that Saul also was driven into the hands of Samuel by a donkey.

In both of these cases, Israel’s king was manifested by way of a colt bringing them to where they needed to be to show the world that they are indeed king.