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Jabez asks God for three things.  Before his prayer, The Bible reads that Jabez was more honorable than his brothers.  This may have come in sequence prior to his prayer since his honorable status could be what blessed him in such a way that God motivates him to stick with Ya.  He asks for five things:

  • Bless me
  • enlarge my territory
  • Let Your hand be with me
  • Keep me free from harm
  • free from pain

Let us hone in on one of those requests that shows how much of the kingdom of God that Jabez had been blessed with remembering < for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.> Luke 17 ; 21.

We as believers come to “remember” more and more of the kingdom of God as we take steps of faith with Our Father.  The remebrence of Jabez was great as he asks that the Lord let His hand be with him.

The laws of life usurp the laws of death.  And we are under one and/or the other according to Romans 8:6.  The laws of life will last forever and the tricky laws of death can only have authority over us as we choose things of the world over God. Jabez asking God to Let His hand be with him is like asking for a patron of the house to let some one knocking at the door in.  Or to let the water come down the mountain.  Or to let something fall where it may.  It signifies a certain momentum a certain force behind it.  We can see that God is always there, knocking and patiently waiting for His loved ones to sacrifice, give up, kill their pride and start loving Him back.

God is always trying to love us.  And He has created this life with sets of laws that teach us in a sort of amicable way that God is what we should choose.  As we act in such a way that shows God (not others) that we want to love Him, we begin to heap blessings and own an overflowing cup.