Pinks and blues, deep dark orange and purples reach out from the even.  The sun has yet to show and the light’s ambassadors are making it’s coming known.  Waves of color grow.  They hover over the distant earth to the place where Aaron sits.  Distant to the sunrise in peace and cool dusk.  The cold hard splintering towers of builder’s scaffolding tell tales of great ideas blossoming from the recess’s of a mind.  From the depth of that mind to spoken orders and written plans.  From written plans to solid reality.

The creeping things are stirring.  The desert fox saunters it’s way across his view, keenly alert.  Today will be another blistering day.  His cool, dry shelter, his blanket of darkness is being breached, invaded.  The pinks darken to red and overcome the purples.  Oranges settle up with yellows while the night sky reluctantly allows itself a canvas for the gentle rolling wave: Reaching, reaching, reaching.

The light begins to race towards him in giant beams.  It shimmers, it sparkles as it dances through and is broken into many by the dust looming in the air.  Throbbing through the city of Egypt is the bouncing song of the Cicada .  Stirring any creatures who have not yet found their footing; Time to hunt and feed is scarce as the heat is a thief in the day.  Aaron thinks about his brother.  Where is he?  Who is he with?  How does he spend his days?  Is it better than this?  He knows that Moses is alive.  God wouldn’t have spared him from the Egyptians and then had him raised in royalty for nothing.  Yet, stranger things have happened.  The Lord is good Aaron thinks and the day nigh and waxing.

He throws his serape over his head and his momentum forward in a stance that says today will be good,  or I will make it good.  With his energy high in his body he delicately dances his way down the scaffolding.  He says a prayer to Jehova asking for guidance as he yields himself to The Spirit.  He is a part of the largest building endeavor the world has ever seen.  His gut excitedly tells him so.