I am speaking on my own accord and not all of these things and ideas come from Our Savior, although I think that they may.

Free will is not as complicated as we may be taught it is.  It boils down to one question and the option of two answers.  It looks like a tree with the trunk being the question.  It then branches out, so many options to choose from but, each of those options only comes from one of two sources.  God or evil.

Our brain’s are like vessels in that we don’t manufacture thoughts, we only hold them.  Is a mason jar so proud to think that it is the creator of the substance it holds?

So, we can choose to say yes to God or no to God, thats all free will comes down to.  All the complications in life stem from a moment to moment invasion upon our minds and lives.  Yes to God or no to God, and the unfortunate truth is that most of us are decided as to who God really is.  The flesh is Satan’s domain and only God can usurp his authority, we simply do not have the power to do that without God.

This brings us to another point:  The devil isn’t all rape and murder and sex trafficking.  He is also walking an old ladies groceries across the street, tithing in huge amounts, cleaning your neighbors house, volunteering at a soup kitchen, being a pastor, and even arguing for the word of God.  Let it be known in our hearts that all of those things aren’t only the devils, they are just sometimes the devils

It’s like this.  I see a pretty girl across the street.  I  then see an old woman on my side of the road with groceries.  When I decide to help the old woman, what are my motives?  Why am I taking those groceries across the street?   The root of my actions is not pure, it is because I want to have sex with that girl and I am therefore serving lust and would have been serving Satan.  We are not equipped with the ability to see another’s intentions.  We are not capable of judging if some body’s actions stem from Christ.

We are in no position to judge.  good or bad, we just aren’t equipped with eyes to see why another person is doing what they are doing.

We might volunteer at the soup kitchen with the Lions club in order to serve and lift up the name of the Lions club and, in doing so, lose sight of God in our good deeds.

We might be a pastor because we like the feeling of reverence and respect and love helping people.   It looks like we are serving Christ, but really we are feeding a feeling that Satan has used to keep us from turning inward, thus leading to handing our life to Him.  It looks like all we do Is God’s, but the truth is that there are many pastor’s who will spend an eternity in Hell because they are serving themselves.  Deep within, they know this because God has been calling them for decades and they knowingly suppress His kingdom within them.

We may really enjoy arguing and know that If we have a wonderful memorization of the word of God we can argue about it all day and gather respect and control from family and friends because we will always seem right.  Again using God’s word to serve ourselves.  Satanic.

It’s, such a weighted term: Satanic,  its not as bad as it sounds.  It could be kidnapping, or it might just be getting into an argument with a friend over saved by faith or works without faith is dead.

Free Will is a choice.  It is the choice that we have to go with or without God.  all of everything slowly stems from each choice we make with or without God.  There is a monkey wrench though.  Mercy.  God’s mercy saves so many of us from so much suffering.  Why?  because it’s tough out there, and He loves all of His children, except Esau.  haha.  really though, We all about dat grace, bout dat grace, no devil.